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Angelina Jan 12
Take a glance at the marine sky giving birth
To the commencement of day
And tell me there isn’t a point in seeing its worth
Painting a canvas of endless serenity
Whilst enveloping an array of secrets
Focusing its task of provoking curiosity
Within who we are and who we are yet to be
Why don’t you observe the slight interruption
Of what seems to be
A gap entertained between lingering layers
A bridge between yesterday’s and tomorrow’s scheme
If this is not a light advocating for returning prosperity
I don’t know what is
AuEcologica Dec 2018
Building bridges rather than walls,
the kingdom doors remain open for all.
Queen and king are alike;
they invite to dance rather than to fight.
Let colour pour, let warmth be warm,
open the bloodstream and let it in.
Let yourself dream, let yourself soar;
let yourself both lose and win.

Victory is not always to taste a victory;
it is also to taste defeat—it is to build a bridge
rather than a wall.

It is to let the kingdom be open to change,
Let the realm never fear it—
taste utter defeat, laugh, live; learn.

In the end, the castle walls are yours to lower down.
The crescent moon has been sighted
Lantern of hope has been ignited.
Doors of mercy have been opened
And the devils have been chained.

It is the month,
Where clusters of sin await repentance
And good deeds worth are multiplied.

The month
In which we abstain from food
From dawn till dusk;
Empty stomachs
But tongue heavy from thikr.

A month
Enlightened with Allah's vast mercy
And extreme prosperity,
Tasting rewards
And bathing in immense blessing.

So choose to
Break mouldy habits
Reform the fabrics.
Reboot your entity
And Recharge your faith.

Choose to strengthen the backbone of your lives;
The pillars of Islam.
Recite the book that has been bonded with threads of faith
and encrusted with pristine words of Allah.

Choose to unshackle yourself
from the blackening shackles;
Untangle from messy mirage of the world
entwined with your wrist
And braid it into ladders to heaven.

Choose to join congregation at prayers
To pray to Allah seeking his affinity
Asking for forgiveness and pray for agility.

Choose to handle tough times with sincerity
And dig faith in one another.
For strength and forgiveness
can be found under his love
And this can be the month
That can bring you a step closer to Allah.
Allesha Eman Jan 2018
I’d look upon the hollow sky
Watching the birds fly by
Feeling like a lone wolf on a crowded street
dreaming of the traveler’s breeze
Letting the heat touch my covered skin
With all my mind sunk in the blue sea
I’ll be somewhere the birds would be
When winter strikes my hollowed heart
I’ll find places with dreamers like me
Looking upon the hallow sky
Drowning in crowded places
Made for people with hopeless dreams
And I’ll walk through the rain
Ripping through the man made seams
And find my place  in the hallow sky
Where I could fly in a traveler’s dream
Alone no more, just being me.
Blessed New Year
A light shines through the opening
to the changes which time's doors open and bring.
The sun warms the ice
As do our hopeful hearts melt away last year's fear.
We stand tall and proud and wipe our slate clean.
Once a year we can dare to venture to new grounds
that make up planned resolutions
which we place into action
We have limitless futures and venture,closer, to our promised lands.
Free of despair and evil.
Free to shine as one's self and grow
Old or young we all share one thing in common...
Dreams that we will never let die
We fight to win their worth
And so ,with such, growth and warmth
We see our Human hearts glow.
Seema Nov 2017
...who has seen heaven?
who has seen ****?
could you tell me where is gate eleven?
i forgot my way, as i fell...

...this place looks good
it's neither heaven nor ****
with plenty of delicious food
could anyone just tell?... is where i seem to be
my senses alert me to stay
as beautiful waters surround me
this is another heaven, i must say...

"who am i?"
an angel of prosperity
observing from miles
lost concentration, fell on reality... wings, i fold
as i walk on this heavenly ground
i might just stay here,
until i am found...*

Fictional write.
Yusof Asnan Aug 2017
Unappreciated; Disregarded,
But never found alone,
As that is her nature,
To be surrounded with friends.
Closeness; Togetherness.

Green she is,
Health; Prosperity,
Is what she stands for,
Seen in the brightest day,
Felt in even the darkest night.

Always down to earth,
For that; I adore you.

Little grass,
Don't stop growing,
Meeting you as a child,
And more when I fell down,
Still when I seek tranquility.

When at the risk of withering;
Or the surge of a flood;
Even of the blazing fire,
A thousand might harm,
Thousand more might belittle you.

I will shield you.
And that; I owe you.

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