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M Aiman A Oct 2018
I couldn't compare
The way your light brown eyes
Light the whole totality in me
As if nothing the light couldnt touch
It's filling up the darkness in me

And stop giving me the smile
That stops the ticking clocks
No matter how i beg to be in your forever
As i couldn't resist the tempation to live and let die in your embrace

I wouldn't want to trade
Your chilly touch
With a burning ember
Or any comfort for change
Let the frostbites seal me in your arms so i can stay and please, just stay

Its the way you move
And the way you talk
That takes me on a joy ride on my mortality

This is how your beauty is immortalized
When it is no longer in existence
Or when it is forgotten
By me or by you
At the end of the day
It is not how the moonlight
touches your enthral scars
Your best beauty is
How it brings out the best of me
Within you
Fast times at, high times in; listen
and hear my beloved city sing.
Hypnotized {by/the} gods,
Our worlds' so pretty.

We are alive,
We're young,
We make mistakes,
We'll have our fun.

You can't **** a memory
and we're mesmerizing,
I can never forget this,
It was immortalizing.

Am I mortal?
"Yes I am," yet I pray
in fast cars, as God suffers
from vertigo; gravity and stars.

"All that talk of greatness?
Light coming off my sails?
What a joke." What a dream!
Something to fall asleep to{, for/in}.

Fast times, high times
and my beloved city.

A bottle in my hand and
the lights are so pretty.
Quotes and references:
Line Thirteen refers to Nathan Young from Misfits
Line Fourteen from Am I Evil by Diamond Head
Lines Seventeen, Eighteen and Twenty by Jim Hawkins (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in Treasure Planet
You are you
You are  the unusual; like a noontide dew
You're birth of this fertile soil
Who else should you be but you?
Be yourself,
let everyone in trying to be you, toil
Don't try to become anyone but you
Be the main character, let everyone be a foil
You're greater than you think
Why have you chosen to join the queue?
Don't be to yourself a turmoil
Of your kind, if there're any, they're but few

You're you
That is truer than true
You are an exceptional aesthetic
There's no one alive who is youer than you
You are an extraordinary piece of the greatest artist
You're one of a kind
There's no one like you.


“Today you are You,
That is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is Youer
than You.”
Khai-Jern Oct 2018
I’m watching you from the top, as I’m
Sitting down on the floor, where I
Did most of my talks, in the
Past turbulent months, I think

From the way you stretch, and the
Funny way you flinch, to the
Way you act after meeting
New friends – they call it creeping

I’m immortalizing you, as I’m
Writing all about you, while I
Sit way across the room, but I
Can’t help but look, though rue

Oh, all our idiosyncrasies, though I
let mine fuel my eloquence, though I
Don’t know you super well, but I
Think that you might be the same
As me like the
caterpillars in my garden, who are
urging to thrive and bloom

I write about you, till the
Evening sun has to cut through, and I
Can’t catch a clue, I can’t see anymore
As the
Sun dies to let the
Moon breathe
In the night
I bought my first typewriter today
an old Sears Citation,
and I feel proud of myself
because I've taken a solemn step
in my journey to becoming an actual writer.

The keys click with every hit,
I delight in the ink impressing the page,
and I sense God is setting the scene
for when I write my first novel,
and leave the world changed in my wake.

I will take it by the handle
and carry it with through-out this world,
immortalizing people, places, things
anything I've ever seen or felt
will become part of my masterpiece.

Oh if I could imitate my heroes
Hemingway, Yeats, or Bukowski
I'd type away at the keys until
the bones in my fingers broke apart,
then I'd heal and do it all over again.

When I first saw this tool,
I thought it was too good to be true.
How could my dream be so close?
I spent almost every cent I had,
so one day you would remember my name.
Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass
syncopation Jul 10
There are days I wish
My feet could firmly plant into the grounds of time
And furnish roots into its fertile soil of blessings eternally mine

And close my eyes and will away its current and its tide
That propels my physical body forward while my soul stays rooted inside

Closing the mind, turning it to stone
While basking in an abyss of yesteryears and days forgone

Until the day you open your eyes and see the blinding truth
There’s no winning time for it will always rob your youth

You may have fooled yourself briefly resisting time’s wordly charms  
But immortalizing moments past will only do you harm

For when you awake from your stupor filled slumber
You will awake to days outnumbered

But by then it’s too late
Are you ready to step out on to your plank of fate?

— The End —