Delicate, slender, beautiful.
Cheek bones,
That encase a beautiful face,
A glowing smile highlights those bones,
With a tint of pink.
Collar bones,
Which lead to big beautiful *******,
That are ****, and hold a head up high.
**** little bones, peering right through the skin
Showcasing every small gasp,
Every small breath.
Hip bones,
A product of a flat stomach,
Sharp and beautiful,
Something he can grab tenderly.
Knobby knees,
That have a gap between them,
A gap for someone to fit in.
And long spindly fingers,
Cold to the touch.
I want to see them,
I want to touch them,
Caress them with a tenderness never shown to me,
Then perhaps, when I can touch the fragility of my bones, under my skin
Will I be happy with my body, with myself
No longer will I be the girl needing to lose weight,
I will be beautiful, wanted, cared about
Perhaps, even people will see how fragile I truly am,
Perhaps someone will look after me, finally.
Kai Schultz Dec 2018
It used to be a simple,
Simply complexed
Thing I was obsessed with seeing
But not trying
A thing that
With time
Evolved into a monster
From the screen to someone close to me
It crept it's way
into my home
into my soul
And ate me alive,
And soon enough
Ana was the only friend I had
Goddess Ana
While the girl I sat next to in class
She threw up
after eating too much
Goddess Mia
We were good friends.
I gave all my meals to her, she ate both hers and mine
Then went to throw up.
It was good.
But my friend died.
And I started to realise
Maybe this is wrong.
But it feels so right.
Hello, Ana.
You're going to be the death of me.
Geronimo Dec 2018
the more I eat the more I hate
my body someone please relate
i read about your nice quick fix
i'll stick to every classic trick
my throat tastes like acid re-flux
so why didn't the toothbrush work?
you look at me and see my eyes?
but look again you'll see my thighs,
look again my soul is fat,
my words are binging,
my mind is flat.
A brand new verb I'll save away
just like my tears they ***** away
i whisper signs among my friends,
they don't eat we just pretend
nicotine and gum and ice,
we'll cover up your thoughts- how nice
an image for your catalog,
a story in your monologue,
mono street light, mono please.
the girl fell over, hear her plea
Geronimo Dec 2018
Toxicity runs down the sink drain tonight
I look at the mirror as if my eyes could bite
My throat tries to forget the things that I told it
My mind bends quiet 'round the counter I'm holding

My stomach feels clean but my hands- they feel *****
My knees hit the floor and mama don't worry
Because sooner or later I'll lose this long fight
Just let the mistakes be flushed out tonight

My body resisted, the first war that I won
I feel control over myself- like the moon o'er the sun.
My legs crave for more so they won't let me leave
This is my toothbrush sob-love reality.
Geronimo Dec 2018
Bent over the toilet
My knees feel at home
My hair is tied back
The reflection's not whole
I remember the feeling
So that later I might
Recall the ghost kneeling
And resist the worst fight

Part of
this routine
I learn the right tricks
A promise to myself
Because emptiness sticks
Red knuckles- not angry
Tears stream- I'm not sad
A love for my body
I feel alive through a bag

The bath is my timer
20 minutes- not long
I punish myself
with the heat- I am strong
A warrior bends
I'm drowing in sin
But my skin is bright red
And I live with this pain
Much love toward anyone that feels too weak to give it up
Kimi ZS Dec 2018
- -
the shutters are kept a jar closed this morning. i will only see out of one eye. my own blue light vibrates, hollows out my greying stomach leaving space to think - - you should’ve reached out but i can’t get my hand past the edge of my bed, so i use my hands instead to harden my molten tongue and soften my clenched cheeks. a sour gap between chin - - belly. rolling a mushy blade of grass between my fingers - - stretching a water bottle - - kicking the end of my bed - - do you feel empty? she said. I said  - - like unthreaded needles? like tupperwear unfilled?  - - is that empty? you felt like silk disrupted with the crease on your forces and i tried to collect the other day but you weren’t even there it was some other guy i only see you when i buy bags of must i miss the hugs you gave from ear to floor but now you’re cheating on me with yourself and now i’m a zippo without fluid and you’re the first *** packet without a number and without a warning and i'm without - -
one line poem broken by - -
about someone i want to love
Bunny Rubinstein Dec 2018
Look at yourself

Squeeze any fat you have

A pinch

A handful

How much is too much?

What really is fat or skinny?

Victoria's Secret "Love My Body" campaign shows seven svelte models while Dove's "Real Beauty campaign features an array of 'Real Women' with curves in all the right places 

Both campaigns exclude most body types and show major problems with society

One shows plus sized is okay is only okay if you're plus in the right places

The other proves skinny is king

These are the standards we set for little ones to abide by

With a small bust plus wasn't an option

So I turned skeletons into goddesses 

Prayed the would teach me how not to need

Worshiped hipbones over pizza

A tiny waist over lunch

Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness

Yet todays media forms computers in the minds of children to count calories as thought food were merely numbers

I learned how to purge from a pro Ana website when I was nine

Stuck a toothbrush down my throat and forced up dinner

Turned to laxatives at 12

Learned ill was okay if skinny was the side effect

Today I look at myself

Squeeze any fat I have

A handful

A pinch

How much is too much
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