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Bardo Jul 2020
O! Bake me a cake of your lovely
   sweet ****
And I'll eat it, savouring every bite
How I'd love to collapse my face right
   into it....

Now some men they like to smell the
Others, they like the Roses
But me! I like my nose wedged up my
   Baby's bottom
So I can smell her deep sea breezes.

That throne upon which she sits
The sheer arrogance magnificence of

O! I've been up her hills
And down her valleys
But I ain't ever seen anything
Like her two cheeky Charlies.

O! I love their lazy swagger
Would love them served to me on a

Her wonderful pert and Queenly
Her splendid imperious behind.

So you can keep your views on
   Donald Trump
And fundamentalist religion
Me! All I want are thoughts of you
And your beautiful curvaceous
A girlfriend of mine send me a lovely photo of her bottom, trying to entice me LOL.
TD Jun 2020
There are real victims
and then
there are the actors.

Hollywood must be
a barren wasteland
at the moment.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Robby Dec 2019
I am the lamb
Lead me to the post you prepared
Tie me there tightly

Take your knife from its sheath
Plunge it deep in my neck
Drain me until there is no more

Love me while I perish
TD Nov 2019
cold the crow sighs
his black eyes
squinting in the light
the scarecrow squawks

his talon's---straw feet
strands brushing tottering colors
nestled in haphazard piles

and below in icy chill
I sigh
my nose buried in time
whose fallen minutes lay

haphazardly in a pile
of autumn handkerchiefs
and ribboned breaths..

leaf(v)ing much to be desired
Ruhee Aug 2019
Hey cheeky Teddy Bear!
Did they call you fat?
No, You aren't baby,
You have a wonderful warmth,
The earth looks beautiful
Through your warmth that hugs
Souls with Love and feelings..

Little Doughnut you aren't fat,
You are curvy
& Chummy Chum.

Sweet little potato
Smile a loads
Yes! You are
A Chum chum Plumy Doll.

Fathima Ruhee
TD May 2019
Were I an inking virtuoso
a veritable genius with the quill
I’m sure the applause would be thunderous
and I—
would be dead.
TD Feb 2019
I once fell in like with the moon.
He was made of cheese I think.
I bit into his tempting silhouette
and discovered he hadn’t aged a day.

He lacked a little spice
so I decided then
I prefer some salt-of-the- earth instead.
I’ve never looked up since..

and I’ve avoided a lot of stubbed toes!
Pagan Paul Oct 2018
Fig leaves suit you,
but I can't wait 'til Autumn ;)

© Pagan Paul (2018)
Adam'n'Eve - cockney rhyming slang for 'believe'
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