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I sit, awaiting the apocalypse,
Knowing Its already Here -
I sit, awaiting a sign from Above,
In the form of the wind blowing
Or a smile from a child passing by -
I stand up, knowing my time has come
And I march down to the office
Of the biggest suit-wearers in town
And I tell them why I think they're the Devil
Disguised in masks of well-intentioned men
And all they do is kick me out the door,
Without a single "Hello" or "Goodbye",
Indeed I was right - they are the Devil -
The lawmakers, man-made war declarers
Suffering because they've got too much greed,
Still thinking it's more money that they need -
Indeed their fruit contains rotting seed,
But only Time will tell
Whether they'll drop the bombs or not,
On their own people
From metallic birds above,
Not the Holy place,
Just a faceless face -
Video-controlled drones flying flying flying
Crazy-eyed maniacs
Miles away
Safe in their cushioned bunkers of first-world luxury,
And they say its okay
They say this is their day,
And thus they drop their bombs
On their own people,
Miles away -
So far away that they won't be forced to see the blood,
And they'll never hear the children cry -
And I'm here,
Wondering why,
Wondering how,
We, as a species, ever became so ****** insane -
And I realize in the silence of my own questioning
That I'm not one of them -
For I am my own man,
I am my own soul,
I am a child of God,
Jah Jah,
And I know I've got a right to be here,
And nobody is going to take that right away from me,
Except the Universe that made me -
For these bodies are just recycled dirt,
But these souls are eternal beyond worth,
And nobody will take that away,
Especially not the whiskey-drinkin' cigar-smokin'
Legal pimps of legislature,
Declared messiahs by illiterate masses,
In the same sand dunes that they come from -
But there's a fox amongst the chickens -
The Devil, so they say -
And that fox is running wild, rabid with fear and hunger,
Ignorant of the beauty of Life -
Unaware of Eternity,
Of God,
Of the One Love that brings Everything Together,
And again, I don't know why or how,
It just is what it is,
And I'm blessed to know I'm not one of Them -
Because I once was,
And they're still me,
But I've woken up,
And I have learned to see -
We're always free,
No matter the hour or town or name,
We're always free,
And we shall always remain free,
For we're all creations of the Universe -
Almighty in the Eyes of the Infinite,
And we're free to do as we please -
But if I may beg of thee,
Be wise and listen to the wind,
Choose yer path according to the Sun,
And not of Man,
And though I know beggars can't be choosers,
But I can still pray,
And thus I shall -
I will continue to pray until this body of mine fades back into Time,
Because we're always free,
We're Always Free,
We're Always Free.
The clouds - machine made
Appearing In Infinity
From somewhere
Behind the curtain of Horizon -
The clouds,
They carry knowledge
But the monkeys can't decipher the code
And so
The clouds drift on
From nowhere to everywhere in between
Just waiting
For a mind to pay attention
To the pattern of Creation
Existing simultaneously with the Mind
And once said Mind deciphers said Code
All shall be known -
But the secret is beyond preexisting language
And so the Chosen Mind is trapped
In futile attempts
To share what has been seen
But the monkeys don't care
Because they never question the patterns
And so the Chosen Mind must wander
In hopes of meeting others
Who have also deciphered the Code
And together they sit silently
All of Life exists to die
To Create new Life
To continue the pattern of the Clouds
For no greater reason than "Why Not?"
Bennie said "We all have to die"
Jade said "Nobody ever dies"
Yahnie said "Death is but a dream"
Bennie said "In dreams we find death"
Jade asked "But do the dead ever dream?"
Yahnie said "Only if they forgot to live while they were alive"
Bennie said "We all have to die"
Jade said "We all live forever"
Yahnie said "I believe in believing"
Bennie asked "What is there to believe in?"
Jade said "The mystery of Forever"
Yahnie said "The words of the prophets"
Bennie said "I'm my only prophet"
Jade said "Now you understand"
Yahnie asked "What are we talking about?"
Bennie said "Death, 'cause we all have to die"
Jade said "Life, 'cause we all have to live"
Yahnie said "I think I've been caught dreaming too much again".

Deep blue, deep blue - morning by the ocean -
The same ocean as my ancestors,
And their ancestors,
And their ancestors -
The same ocean as the dinosaurs -
And so I can't help smiling,
Feeling a part of a long long long lineage of ocean dwellers and dreamers -
Folks who fell in love with the romantic tinges of Ocean's Eternity -
Wrapped up neatly in coming/going tides,
In and out, in and out
Without ever stopping
Because eternity stops for no one -
And so I smile, knowing that my body will one day join
The millions of my ancestors and their ancestors
Deep deep deep in that blue rushing infinity called "sea" -
And freedom crashes upon skin
Washing away dirt and cleansing the mind for a new day -
Part of the old day -
Day of the same eternity -
And there I smile -
In the deep blue,
Because there's always more beyond the horizon -
Another land, another shore -
And I always yearn for more
Because the sky is my witness
And the ocean is my woman
And the three of us melt together into the circus of Life
Where we each pretend to be separate for a little while -
But in the deep blue silence of night,
We secretly whisper our memory of unity
Under the safe-hold haven of moonlight and stars,
Keeping warm under the blanket of infinite space -
And I smile knowing I'm never alone,
Even when the tide leaves me
To rejoin that deep deep Blue.
I’ve got a longing
For California -
The western shore,
The sunset coast -
Hoping I’ll see you again,
Sometime soon -
But that’s wishful thinking
I’m just singing the blues -
I just hope you will remember
The times that we shared
Before our eyes got cleaned
Before we ever cared,
So I’ll keep on looking
Everywhere that I go
Searching for your face
Searching for my soul,
From California
To South American Isles
India and the Middle East
New Caledonian Paradises,
I’ve got nothing but sky
To keep my Self company
So alone I will fly
Forever as a nobody
In the alleys of Rome
And down Morocco way
To the Himalayan heights
Pressing hashish every day
I’ve watched the clouds sway
And metallic birds mutiply
I’ve written letters to God
But I’m still waiting on a reply
So I seek your deep wise eyes
To get lost in for a lifetime or two
But your body is nowhere in sight
And I don’t know my next move -
I write my mind down for the sake of peace
Though instead it brings me sorrow,
To reach into that vast sea of emotion
And dig up yesterday’s sorry hope for tomorrow -
A world in harmony
In order with Nature’s Law
It’s all that we could talk about
It’s all that we ever saw
So tell me please, if you can
Just how did we ever fall from that grace?
And will we ever get there again?
Or is that a long and lost and buried place?
From where I stand, time ain’t real
But try telling that to a Court of Man,
They’d tell me that I’m crazy
And truly, perhaps I am,
But you, you know I’m not
And for that I owe you my Love
Eternally and infinitely,
From the ground below and the space above -
I’m wandering this lonely earth,
Hoping for some connection
But what I get when I truly look
Is nothing short of a perceptual correction -
These bodies are just for show,
And that I know you know,
And so,
Everywhere I go,
There you are,
We’re the dust of a star,
With sight and mind and heart and eyes,
And with this gift of life that I hold,
I see You everywhere I turn,
And I see there is no place to go -
My longing for the western coast
Fades like the sunsets of long ago
And drifts quietly back
Into the endless river from which it came -
California will wait for me
Like I know you will too
And if I don’t catch you in this world
The next one is coming all too soon,
And there we’ll start all over,
Getting one step closer each life,
To the point of Eden
To the point where ego falls -
And all along the way,
We shall dance and laugh and sing
Because we’re everywhere
And because we’re everything -

The wind tells me you said “Hello”

May the ripples in the water let you know
I too say “Hello”
Vanishing transparent
Between walls, silent
Orchestrated fate by falling backwards
Through and through, breakthrough
Up onto Heaven’s plane
And into Forever’s game
You were born
And you must also die
So live free
Live silent
Live loud
Between cities, wandering, wondering
Does everything happen all at the same time everywhere all the time?
Well, I don’t know. Probably. I’d assume so. Perhaps.
Like shadows growing thinner, longer, in heat long setting sun
Aching desire for starlight, magnetic love radiation bug
Nuclear hellos in the freshly fallen snow, not yet cold, not yet the season
So in the desert, you and me, my friend -
We Are, and everything forever smiles widely in aching desire for starlight
Let us melt into the swirling mess of time,
And weep for our ancestral bloodshed,
Blurred with history’s selective memory
We bow our heads sternly with eyes half-open
Waiting, praying, knowing, watching
The world spins around, and the cards of the endless day are dealt
With flightless angels pawing for glory
And gods out on unemployment,
Burning cold for starlight, to be a star of the light
We remember being here before
A million times before
And we smile slowly, bleeding ourselves of mental poison
Scanning the near-future for escape routes
This town is going down fast, sinking, yes, and I want out
And so we leave. We strike it up somewhere new. By a river somewhere green.
Where life is free. Where life is silent. Where life is loud.
And we break away from yesterday’s mold of who we were,
And we take off from the nest flying high,
Through colors into the church of sunrise and out from under the moon’s gravity,
Smile, for tomorrow will never catch up to our dreaming,
And we’ll never leave the infinity of today behind for tomorrow’s promised gems.
No, today is fine by me. Flight beyond impossible - grander than grand
And more beautiful than a frozen rose in the desert, aching desire for starlight.
From Saturn, I Remember May And June -
Scribbling thoughts in sand -
Orbiting Eternity, the atoms in my hand
Spin around, without my effort,
Never forgetting to breathe.
Holding a picture of an angel,
For comfort,
And a concrete reminder of the past,
For today would be nothing without yesterday,
Nor tomorrow without today -
So I remember my family,
My friends, pets, and aquaintences -
Each face engrained into my subconscious -
The uniquness of each atom,
In comparison and relation to the awesome size of The Whole,
Is simply incredible.
As no two snowflakes are alike,
A friend once told me,
"If you want to see God,
look in the ******* mirror".
But there are no mirrors when you're floating in space.
So I hold onto my picture the best I can
And remember the beauty of Home's ancient familiarity,
As I write endless dribble
Into the internet abyss
From Saturn's Welcome Center,
I send you all my love, the best I can.
My only hope is that you feel IT,
The same as I still feel You.
I'll see you on the other side of Pluto -
Please save me some wine.
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