Stacks of letters
saying "no"

rejection can be
such a blow

most every writer
has some

even Dr. Seuss
though he had a chum

that's how the book
expressed it

when they said
who would have
guessed it

he'd pleaded
to so many

said maybe
ten or twenty

supposed to make
for less regrets

bid you continue
in your


then they drop the boom
bring you back your gloom

they go on to say
in these very terms

he bumped into a "chum"
who worked
for a publishing firm
I have a book on how to get children's books published. I thought this passage was so ironic. They were trying to say "even Dr. Seuss" had been rejected X number of times (wasn't all that many). When they went on to tell about his "chum" it seemed they were saying "even Dr. Seuss had to KNOW somebody." LOL
I don’t want to watch Jurassic Park.

I do not want to in the dark.
I would not like to with a shark.
I don’t want to with - or without - popcorn.
Though I know I risk your outraged scorn!

Fifty times we’ve watched this same damn thing.
How do you now not find this totes boring?

What I wouldn’t give to bring back Frozen!
At least you limited that to a dozen.

Or Trolls was cute - let’s get out Trolls!
<Did you just say - that’s not how you rolls?!?>

The Lorax, Moana, Shaun the Sheep - or Wall-E?
Shrek or Up or any Toy Story?
Ice Age - Or maybe Horton Hears a Who?
Surfs Up - or even Despicable Me 2?

I totally get it, kid - I’m not inhuman.
I even dig it when that dinosaur eats Newman.
But think of all choices that are not this one!
Something new or different could be more fun!

So what do you say...let’s collaborate
And come up with something we both won’t hate.
Compromise is a great lesson for you to learn...

What’s that you say?
Grrr you’re right...I DID say it’s YOUR turn.
A couple days late for Seuss day... but still had to share.  Also I’m a total hypocrite e as I remember watching Wayne’s World almost every day in college one year! :)
Kadie Dean Feb 19
Be yourself
There is no one else
Be who you are
and say what you feel,
because those who mind don't matter,
and those who matter don't mind
And I don’t mind

I guess I Shouldn’t
cry because it's over,
But  smile because it happened
It might overcome the sadness,
But i never quite escape the nostalgia…

How do you live,
With these broken memories in your head,
And happy feelings in your heart?

No one ever listens
How do I move on with the weight of my past on my back,
The comfort so welcoming
I always cry
Over the things that don’t matter

Hiding the hurt,
hiding the pain,

Hiding the tears that fell like rain…
So long ago, and yet,
Time is weird in my head
Nostalgic feelings
Taylah Sep 2017
One Person
Two Person
White Person
Black Person

Asian Person
Indian Person
Old Person
New Person

This one has no food to eat,
This one has a war to beat.
Say! What a lot of people there are.

Some are dead,
Some have no bed,
Some even have no roof over their head.

But why are they
Separated from each other?
I wouldn’t know,
Go ask another.

Some are thin,
Some are tall,
Some are fat,
And some can even be quite small.

From there to here, from here to there.
Trump wants to create walls,
So, we can’t travel anywhere.

To get water,
Some have to travel,
Barefoot, on sharp gravel.
For miles and miles
They have to travel.

White, Black, White, Black.
White, Black, White, Black.
All distinguished from the colour of their back.

Some have two friends,
Some have one,
Some have ten friends,
Some have none.

Where do we come from?
A long, long way.
From a war place,
Come here to be safe.

We see them come,
We see them go.
Some come legally,
Some come by boat.

Some are tall,
And some are short.
We’re all different,
But we’re all human.
Yet, we’re singled out,
Just because we’re men or women.

Is it okay to scream and shout?
Lesbian, Straight, Bi or Gay.
Is it good to call someone out?
Did you think it was okay?

Black, White, Old, New,
Gay, Straight, Man, Woman,
Asian, Indian, American, African,
Don’t you realise we’re all human?

It’s not a reason to be rude,
Just because I am different to you.
Inspired/ Based off Dr Seuss' One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.
Imagine just how life might be
Without the old apostrophe
That humble punctuator we
Should deem to not be necess’ry

Of course, in all sincerity
We’d go on with what’s custom’ry
Just using them, so flippantly
From Ho Chi Minh to gay Paree

A punctuation KGB
Would roam the streets incessantly
And persecute those, foolishly
Who slip one in ’twixt N and T

For every single time that we
Should use that little stroke, you see
Shall cost us, it will not be free
We’ll pay a high apostrofee

As months do pass, eventually
The use of an apostrophe
Becomes rare as a butterflee
Forgotten most entirely

With passing years, we’d eagerly
Write words in their entirety
Remarking, “is it not so twee
That words are not perfunctory?”

Our compromised efficiency
Would bother neither you nor me
And so arrives the time that we
Will make the world apostrofree.
Andrew Jun 2017
Paralyzed by the flight
Without electronics
I feel sad to leave you
But no histrionics

One thing I know
As we become friends
You need something certain
You need to know how it ends

Not in the big picture
Nor in the small
In the everyday nonsense
That flummoxes us all

I'm super efficient
And competent as well
I don't think you know this
Our circumstances weren't swell

I do what I say
I say what I do
I speak mostly the truth
Kind of like you

I thought there was wifi
But then there was none
There weren't even films
On a flight, that's not fun

Speaking of liking
Speaking of love
You are one great person
The one I'm thinking of

Being who he wasn't
Could become who he wanted to be
I'm lost in our affair
And not sure who is me

I think it's the best
We met in the end
After 40+years of our lives
To find a best friend

How it goes forward?
I know it's not easy
We'll be so far apart
Distance becomes cheesy

I love you a lot
And that's no lie
You are the best my Super
Let's be friends until we die
Notes on a love affair that could never work.
Dream Fisher May 2017
"Stop writing" says one-half of my mind
"Just quit it's a useless skill, just biding your time."
While the other half tells me to get back on my grind
Not using what you have is like the sighted walking blind
I'm the head case that got thrown into chaotic box
With a fox in socks, but I've got a lot of time on my hands
With all these rusty old clocks, just ask Mr. Knox.
He'd say I'm still off my rocker,
Been a poet since skeletons started stalking,
Been writing since the doors got so jammed, they stopped locking.

So judge me, we aren't seeing through the same eyes
On streets where eventually it all dies
I've been my own therapist, philosopher, psychologist.
All I've got is the skin on my back, I gave away my clothes
No one knows where this rabbit hole goes
I bring shame to even hatters being this mad
You'll need a lizard with a ladder to climb to the mindset I've had
Welcoming all into my Wonderland.

I'd grab the devil by the horns
Just to say I rode that bull
Never born legends, but molded to heroes
Life chisels  children to men in seconds
Beckoning demons, only time will tell your battle
With beetles in bottles or a half-million headed hydra
The sword is yours, own that fight, own the right
To go out into that good night
Allen Faust Sep 2016
Imagine a world you create all your own, right down to the sinew, blood, and the bone.

Now how would you rule this whole world anew, populated by no one apart from you?

Would you make others to not feel amiss, feel the warmth of a hug or the gift of a kiss?

Or remain all alone, to avoid all the hurt. To grow bitter and cold finding hate to exert?

Now me, I don't know, but I know I'd prefer to live life beside others just as they were.
Poem, comments are appreciated!
Leah Hodgkiss Jan 2016
I am nick chopper
I am a man made of tin
I cut off my limbs
and remade them again
I am nick chopper
I am a man made of tin
I fell for this girl
and committed a sin
I romanced with the devil
she’s nothing to hide
she whispered sweet nothings
and heightened my pride
I am nick chopper
I am a man made of tin
I fell for this girl
she’s stitched in my skin
but the devil didn't like that
she didn't like where I’d been
she enchanted my axe
made me cut off my limbs
I remade them again
but it wasn't the same
my heart swelled differently
neglecting to feel pain
this girl no longer danced
to the tune my heart beat
and ever since then
love's an immeasurable feat
I hope and I pray
for maybe someday
but you can't rewire
any heart made to hire
no you simply can't rewire
any heart made to hire
I am nick chopper
I am a man made of tin
I cut off my limbs
and caved to my sins
Brian Fahey Jul 2015
There once was a pond off the Astrillian shore,
Where a billion clams lay underwater, they snored,
Day after day, tides change to tides,
Yet the life of a clam is still quite a bore.

Until one day an otter, all spryly and nimble,
A prince from the infamous pool down the thimble,
Crossed the old straight with his men through mud and through wimble.

Valiantly striding his conquest was simple,
Representing his people in search of a love life to kindle.
He was quirky, and boisterous, and hard to ignore,

Splashing and thrashing about the good peoples shore,
A good lookin' pup, he swam round in circles,
Converting the Astrillian Algaeans to Murkles.

The clams weren't slow to catch on to the show,
For clams are very attentive you know,
And soon by council & seminar they mouth-fulled their garbles,

"Who yonder this monkey that endlessly wharbles?"
"Are you daft kind sirs?" asks one clam as she snarbles,
"It seems you old men have lost all your marbles,

That is the otter, his highness all the way from Port Schwarble!
He only plays cowbell, throws barbells, and a million such marvels,
It's an Astrillian holiday as far as I yarble, hmm"

She stops,
It's indeed very clear she's been pinned as kalopsious,

"My dear" one clammy clam-clam firmly speaks,
"I see your 'kidz-bop' as they say has given you gleecks,
Your highness, is an otter, we'll be extinct within weeks"

The elders agree and farble on lke sheep,
"The end is near!" the little ones squeak,

But none brave as Mandy,
This little clam candy,
Would even think that moving was handy,

Why, confronting a prince sounds totally dandy,
So she pipped and she chupped,
Getting the elders all sandy.

As she made her way up to her prince, who was also quite randy.
Approaching her man of a million wonders,
She squeaked a fine hello over his rambunctious thunder.

He stopped and observed,
"What is this, hors' doeurves?"
He plucked her and licked her, obviously deterred,

When she snarbled and blushed ignoring the blunder,
"My name is Mandy the First, from the land of down under,

She smiled as he turned to his squire,
"A fine maiden to invite to the royal dinner," laughing they snired.
"I caught wind of your plans to marry" she twinkled,
"I just thought that I'd say that I'm young and I'm single,"

And with a wink she gave off her lady like signal.
The squire scoffed at the lady so simple,
"May I remind you ma'am, this is the prince from the pool down the thimble.
He's come all this way through mud and through wimble,
In search of a maiden to love and ne'er let dwindle,
Yet this peasant clam reminds me of a fire in my belly, so long ago kindled,"

He snirped, Mandy quirped as the prince caressed her dimple,
"You'll not lay your paws on her or her people,
This girl is totally braver than you and our sheeple!
It is decided that I'll be bringing her all the way to the steeple."

The squire grumbled a pox on both sides,
"You princox, we haven't eaten since Ides,
If you really cared so much for your lady,
Then let us first feast on her friends and their babies,
For what is a wedding if we're all riddled with hunger and rabies?"

"Nay squire, for you are a bigger one,
Your princoxious gluttony far exceeds the range of the Astrillian Sun"
"Ooooooooohh!!" his guards hollered and bothered, oh but he wasn't done,

"If you really care for your stomach all the sudden,
Then come at me brother, make me your wet monkey mutton.
See if I care for your metabolic process, you square,
For nothing could separate me from my princess so fair."

And so they charged and they barged and splashed all about her,
As his guards cheered them on into brotherly slaughter,
Witnessing the madness, Mandy would rather be chowder.

As she quietly wept for her hunk of an otter,
She noticed the elders behind her surface the water.
"What do you want?!" snobbing she totally snared,

The elders snooted and bitterly declared,

"We warned you," they flarbed,
"Their kind is brutish and dull," they spat from afar,
"The feud between peoples is older than tar"

Mandy flushed beet red and crying she clacked,
"Your ignorance prevails clams, for that is your only knack,
This man loves me and I love him right back,
In fact he's saving us all from becoming a snack.
And if he succeeds I'll never see you again,

I'll never work your sand-bars, or attend colleges of mermen.
I'll never sing songs or clean up your dens,
And you'll all just be grumpy old clams forever, and then,
When I am queen I will not be so mean.

I will unite all the clamsfolk with our predators keen,
We shall not be afraid and they shall not come to prey,
And who knows maybe we'll all get along someday,"

And with that, the squire cried "Uncle!"
And the prince let go of his sleeper-hold struggle,

"Now will you praise your lady you poor jester thuggle?"
"I do, I do your highness, til death I shall juggle."
And so the otters and clams conjoined the whole island,

With only some leftover haters to beguile,
And within seven days time
People gave up on fear,

Threw out their hunger,
And then it became clear,
With only time left to ponder,

As the big day came near,
At the cathedral they concluded that love lasts much longer,
That really,

Whether one be a clam or an otter,
It is only together that we shall become stronger.
senior year creative writing poem.
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