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Angel Friend
He is an Angel Friend.
Old, Wise, and Designed to have a huge heart

A hard working soul that never quits or did such weaken to bend.
Upon his birth..
Designed for brilliance - the bigger, brighter, and more
significant  of life purposes..

A legacy forged
At his birth
An energy made itself A great and bright start
Elderly ages equals wisdom and a fatherly care
Energy in a heart forged from gold - such strength shared and Naturally    grown
Such vines to sprout and bond
Connections created and they never detach
Away from the one's who have shared such energies, in return.
A beautiful artistic creation
Created through heart's truer matches..
Selfless gifts
Formed from the kindred spirits - like the silk worm's
Carefully generated stitches of silk
From their gratefulness and directed sharing of portions of their life's force

These fibers are  woven into  unmeasurable
Dime Worthy estimated or appraised "trinkets"
of breathtaking Tapestry Blankets or  "clothe windows.."
Joined forever as one, from one starting love's warmth to another,
train on "crazy rails in need of redirection.."
Such souls see and hand over irreplaceable rider tickets

Clothe pieces of spirits joined as one - as  tapestries .
Quilted  generations bonded by their loving and sharing connections in Golden Spirited   worth .
Heirlooms handed down between life's generations
New births of fresh spirits
Climbing the ladders of time
as cherished timeless gifts
Given to those whom he cares for
Bonded to even those outside a "family" pool
until the very last breath.
Spending not a dime.
He shall toil until his spirit leaves the Earth
Then such energies stay with those whom he cared for
All timeless and unmeasurable ticks of the clock
or sands of the hourglass
Light shines upon the extension of the cared one's family births

Therefor , he has always been earning a defined role
"The eternal force of caring.."
"The warrior's toll."
In edition to the medals of honor
Golden Wearable awards, given unto him, by the Creator.
Titled  as the "Creator's Golden Heart" and "Love's earned Crown."

As written in the Latin Life's Wisdom Scrolls" as:

per "Creator aurei cordis" et "coronam meruit amor est scriptor
per "Creator aurei cordis" et "coronam meruit amor est scriptor
Dedicated to a wonderful friend and supporter Mace Rubinstein. Your spirit is Immortal. To James Sutrina, a true friend and God-Brother. To all who support me, unbiased and unselfishly. Last, to all who have gone unnoticed and misunderstood in this life, who had the heart as detailed in this poetic illustration.
AuEcologica Mar 24
Is it so that life chants melodies of death while death hums lullabies of life—
Tributes of the kindred, of devotion, of love.
Sweetest of longing, of belonging to be one; life sends death gifts; death returns the favour.
Wouldn’t it be so? Life gives birth to a souvenir; it evolves; it grows; it transforms. At the very end of the journey however it started, ended and all the parts in-between—the gift is received.
It is treasured as one of a kind, kindred, as one of life as one of death, kindred.
Wouldn’t it be so? Death partakes in it, value it beyond means to which we could fathom that the only thing death could send back is the essence; the soul; the spirit of what life gave.
It is treasured as one of a kind, kindred, as one of death as one of life, kindred.
Katie V-W Jan 15
The centre of me aches.

My circle is full,
There's no space for you
But yet you push
Encroaching on my depths.
The need for warm drinks on chilly nights.
The arm on a shoulder after a weep.
The ache from a belly laugh so hard you cried.
                              A space I didn’t know needed filling.

I’ve lost you before I had you.
You’re not mine to keep.

The centre of me aches.

My circle is full,
And yet you’re there,
Temporal Fugue Nov 2018
You can feel it
well, at least I can
it doesn't really matter
a woman or
a man

In sync
or just a feeling
string theory in mortal play
you and me a story
no words or lines
we can, or cannot say

So prose as you will
my responses quilled and quipped
like souls in tune on honeymoon
spirit's bared
and stripped
You know what I mean! ;D
Khai-Jern Oct 2018
I’m watching you from the top, as I’m
Sitting down on the floor, where I
Did most of my talks, in the
Past turbulent months, I think

From the way you stretch, and the
Funny way you flinch, to the
Way you act after meeting
New friends – they call it creeping

I’m immortalizing you, as I’m
Writing all about you, while I
Sit way across the room, but I
Can’t help but look, though rue

Oh, all our idiosyncrasies, though I
let mine fuel my eloquence, though I
Don’t know you super well, but I
Think that you might be the same
As me like the
caterpillars in my garden, who are
urging to thrive and bloom

I write about you, till the
Evening sun has to cut through, and I
Can’t catch a clue, I can’t see anymore
As the
Sun dies to let the
Moon breathe
In the night
Mr Uncanny Oct 2018
It was said once that all humans look to form a connection
This connection can be in physical or spiritual
Sometimes the connection we make can be severed fairly quickly
While others become meaningful and everlasting

We look in search for someone to understand us
Sometimes that someone is a stranger that you have never met
Is this normal?
Is this strange?
Is it weird that for some reason that connection just feels right?

The world may never know
Sometimes we ask ourselves
If we were to pass each other on the street
Would we even engage in conversation?
Would we even acknowledge?

Out there is a kindred spirit calling out to us
Just as your spirit maybe calling out to them
They call at the strangest in time to have a relationship
Just to be able to have that key element in relationship, to relate

We are always in search for someone to lean on
Even if we are not ready to let someone in
It is the idea that we have the opportunity to open up
Little by little, time after time

Simple communications
Reaching out to touch someone
Verbally, visually, or spiritually
The simple fact is we all long for a connection

Every time we attempt to connect
It is a fearful experience
What is more fearful?
Is when we cannot understand the connection?

Why am I so comfortable?
What is going on between us?
Where is this going?
And mostly what does it all mean?

Honestly right now those questions do not matter
Only the here and now does
The connection between us
The wondering if they are thinking about you
Like you are thinking of them

Wondering how is their day going?
And when will we talk next?
What are we going to share today?
How can I keep calm, when I am so afraid?

Many questions arise from the interaction
But the reality and reaction is that
We have found a kindred spirit
Who we also call our friend

It may be possible we may never met
This does not mean we won't be there for each other
It may be unclear on what will happen
But it would be a great journey
To maybe one day meet my friend
Chris Neilson Sep 2018
What’s on the poetry menu today?
I’ll have the creative vision to start
a verbose main course of word play
and to finish a tasty couplet ****

Making time for the perfect rhyme
striving for a matching metaphor
writing more than a passing pastime
we’re the judge, jury and editor

Take us to a literary plateau
overseeing a writer’s collective
absorb the vibe to us bestow
feel empathy and others perspective

To share the love give us the power
to our kindred in words accessible
leave poetry snobs in their ivory tower
Hello Poetry is a group irrepressible
Don't we just know it?!
a collective pat on the back to us all
great work everyone!
SheOfNeverland Jun 2017
Here I am
Looking at you watching me
As I see the world
Through your words
And I taste your truth
While we speak of youth,
Sitting on the pavement
Staring at the sun,
As if no one ever said
It wasn't safe.
Pondering the things we've done
Mistakes we've
Sown and grown
Into a lesson,
Talking of gods and queens
Our hopes and dreams.
I spilled my soul
Onto the concrete
As you stared in wonder
While I tapped my feet
To the beat of your heart.
Chris Neilson May 2017
When my gaze first met your eyes
we shared a moment of instant empathy
of a life long struggle for survival
then I thought a lot about you

When my ears first heard your voice
I absorbed the wisdom of your words
a kindred bond and like minded humour
then I spoke a lot about you

When my arms first embraced your warmth
our nascent friendship turned to platonic love
a rare find in this hurtful world
then I felt a lot about you

When I was told you'd died suddenly
the shock sickened me to the core
your memory visits me several times daily
now I light a candle for you
A dear friend who is still dreadfully missed.
Lady Ravenhill Mar 2017
My soul is getting restless
Wishing to sail away
Far from mortal misery
the earthy fear and woes
but waiting here as human
with no way to call to home
Searching every corner hoping
that hiding somewhere deeply
It will find the a map, the gateway too,
a way across the sea of stars
to sail back to its celestial home
with you
the galaxy will be ours.
©LadyofRavenhill 3.13.17
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