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Helene Josephine Feb 2019
For just a moment
a sigh of relief
falling asleep

I knew you'd leave

Soon waking up
in a place where
I can’t breathe

I can't breathe.
Helene Josephine Jan 2019
Remind me
why sharing
our pain was
too toxic
When hurting
without you
is lethal
Helene Josephine Oct 2017
Just wondering
what kind of adventure hides
in those brown glowing eyes

A whole different world
that could be anything but mine
Past, present and emerging
from his ear-to-ear smile

Now he's somewhere in the skies
and I'm somehow falling deep

If this was in the dreaming
could we ever meet?
His gaze just swept away
the stolen lands beneath my feet
Helene Josephine Apr 2017
Remember those nights when
we got drunk from that green liquid
and went to your place E.T.-style
and the sky was so big
the moon was so bright
you made me herbal tea with mint
and had that shark bite on your back
I just don't want to forget that
Helene Josephine Nov 2015
Lad nu blot dit øje sig lukke
Ingensinde må du lade dig såre
Da som han ej gjorde sig dig fortjent
Thi han fortjener ej heller din tåre
Helene Josephine Nov 2015
I'm lost
when his hands are out of reach
and all is
inaccessible now he leaves

I've lost
everything I imagined us to be
and all is
inaccessible in my dreams

He's gone
and still I reach for something
that's just as
inaccessible as it seems
Helene Josephine Sep 2015
Let me walk from the edge of your smile
to travel across the border dividing
talk and the taste of your lower lip

Let me hike the soft landscape of your mouth
to explore the silent gap between
your sweet words and filthy thoughts

Let me step inside the inescapable gates
just to slip on your smooth tongue
and slide into that ***** mind of yours
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