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O friend! A friend, truly, are you
To have noticed my iron legs,
And not the rotten part; the host of flies.
How pleasant was the fragrance
Which you thought to be that of buoyance?

O friend! A friend, truly, are you
To have noticed my tears in the rain.
Ah! You did not see at all,
For my tears was the rain.

O friend! A friend, truly, are you
To neglect my presence before came the sun:
When I was trying to kindle my candle,
But comprehend my presence when the sun rose.

O friend! Was it the scars on my shadow you saw
Or the shadows of my scar?
Whichever, both were mine.
Or did you not see at all?
A friend, truly, are you then.

By Abdulmalik Jibril
They said every sun that set will surely raise,
And in-between is but time.
What if I rest and never raise,
But you awoke to the sunshine,
Will you bring me the sun where I lie?
Will you hug yourself to comfort me with your smile?

If tomorrow comes, o friend
And you awoke before I do,
Will you wake me up
And give me from your meal?
Will you be my friend still
Or you will unveil what I feel to be real?
If it rains on your farm before mine,
Dear friend, do not forget
That we first watered the soil with our sweat
And through the thick and thin of life,
We dared nature with a smile.

Tell me, o friend. Tell me.
If things never get right and fine,
Will you still be by my side?

By Abdulmalik Jibril
Mayhap, if we endure,
And choose to go
A little further
With peace and pure,
By just a step or even more,
Beyond the darkness
Of the darkest of nights
Or maybe not,
After the darkness,
We would find light,
Scared of darkness.

Maybe or maybe not,
Behind the light
The one behind the light,
Or maybe beyond that,
Rests darkness,
Awaiting the night.

Behind everything or everyone you see, is something or someone you do not see.
"It is not what you look at that matters, but what you see."

I forgot myself in your smile.
Never stop smiling,
that I might find myself.

I forgot hate in loving you
Lock the doors,
that I might not find what I've forgotten.

I forgot my learning
trying to know you,
now I've become learned.

I forgot my ways
trying to know your ways
Show me all your ways,
that i might find my ways.

I forgot my speech in your voice
Do not stop talking,
that I might find what to say.

I forgot my thoughts in thoughts of you
And in that, have I written what I found
trying to find my thoughts.

Through your eyes,
I see what lies in your heart
Through your silence,
I hear your voice
Through your voice,
I hear your silence
I do not know if all these through  are true
But I know what to believe,
and that is only what is from you.

When I stare or listen,
my thoughts do same
And I'm left speechless.
So what do I say
when my thoughts stare or listen?
What do I say
when I cannot think?

You are trapped within my thoughts for aye
I'm in love with you,
not your body
For you are not the body,
but the soul.

Do not go far to listen to the praises of my heart
Listen to your heart
— the praises come from there —
I am there.

Do not go far by your actions to call me to yourself
Come closer
I am not far from you
By your voice, I shall hear.

Do not try to be beautiful
You are beauty itself
Why try to be what you already are?

Set not your body on fire.
It will surely burn to ash
Ignite your soul.
Light up your path,
That others may follow
For you are not this body,
but that soul.

Embellish your heart and soul
Love not your body with all your soul,
but your soul with all your body
For you are not this body,
but that soul.

Cast not your glance on the beauty of the stars
Seek your soul.
It is your true self.
It is the beauty of the galaxy

Look beyond the pale,
Look not for gold,
but yourself.
You are most valuable to your possessor.
For you are not this body, but that soul.

You are you
You are  the unusual; like a noontide dew
You're birth of this fertile soil
Who else should you be but you?
Be yourself,
let everyone in trying to be you, toil
Don't try to become anyone but you
Be the main character, let everyone be a foil
You're greater than you think
Why have you chosen to join the queue?
Don't be to yourself a turmoil
Of your kind, if there're any, they're but few

You're you
That is truer than true
You are an exceptional aesthetic
There's no one alive who is youer than you
You are an extraordinary piece of the greatest artist
You're one of a kind
There's no one like you.


“Today you are You,
That is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is Youer
than You.”

— The End —