Unseen talon sharp claws...
dig deep into mine
psyche soft underbelly
piercing bedrock of
     core (****) being
     akin to butter knife
slicing thru peanut
butter and jelly

unable to preserve
an iota of calm,
which eruption of cataclysmic
agitation analogous to a bomb
going off inside my head,
     where a mishmash
of frenzied discombobulated
brainstorming angst doth glom,

whereat the "little boy"
inside this man
called for his mom,
who when this aging
     "baby boomer" chap
     just a kid and experienced
devastating, jarring,
and paralyzing tom

malt chew hiss in dom
mitt able inexplicable fear,
though NO obvious
danger threatened, NOR
warning signaled "BEWARE,"
nonetheless adrenaline
coursed from head
to toe as if clear

and present harm
lurked quite near,
inducing a host of
     physiological fallout symptoms
darkly freighting this
sole son with nightmarish scare,
whereat no escape,
nor exit no matter

how fast a sprinting tear
found me running
mile a minute only
to end up nowhere,
     except smackdab right
in the same place
in relation to despair,
which translates to mean...

     yours truly could not
run and hide,
as quickly made clear
to me then, and now,
though at present
scores years older, the balm
courtesy of prescription
medication popped inside

mouth from palm
olive smoothed hands,
as if this teetotaler
betook himself prom
men aiding albeit
with tumblerful of liquor
getting feigning noggin all a jam
aware that nothing amiss,

would be evident,
sans lower gastrointestinal exam,
nonetheless diet
     restricted to graham
crackers and broth
distilled from ham
hock, once again thwarting
vegetarian ambitions ****!
WD-40 resistant, cranky
     mental gears no longer appraised,
honored, nor prized
as a precision crafted tool
never adequately utilized,

     when eyes stared blankly
     taking up space and
     time (sigh hence) during
during twelve years
of public school

passively mute as a general rule
ambivalent, whether I sank or swam
     during physical education
     time in the pool
evincing being in

somnambulant state giving
top notch 40 ache curs and a mule
a run for his/her money,
plus also outwitting
any motley fool

nonetheless garnering huzzahs
if challenged to silent duel
despite implacable blackened
barbs didst unspool
assaulting me though
vicious and cruel

fast forward to
Matthew Scott Harris
at this present age
once feigned numbskull,
     now deeply rutted,

     pockmarked, cratered, asper
     useful as fist size asteroid,
     which post mortem will
not surprisingly, definitively,
and conclusively gauge

imagine dissecting my
     fifty plus shades
     of gray matter
revealing analogously glommed
together one severely
gunked up bacteriophage,

where once upon a time,
     when a newborn babe
     feeling warmth mother's chest,
she long since
passed away forced guest

to attend masquerade
hosted by grim reaper,
a most nefarious,
obnoxious, and pernicious pest
intricately, handsomely, genetically
her cremated remains

     freed to the four corners
of the globe quest
inert particles integrated
within biosphere, she remains
perpetually in motion,

and never at rest
within infinite void
nonetheless...the spirit
     of (the late) Harriet Harris

passed the electric
acid kool aid test,
and thus continues
to sprinkle the world
wide web with zest.
Wrapped up in the Christmas holiday spirit,
I surmise doth allow
nationally collective obliviousness
     to steer ship of state
     (these United States)
to suffer retaliatory browbeat
ting activates, detonates, generates
     je nais sais quois maliciousness

     upon North American consciousness
from wickedly vehement uproarious tirades
the "FAKE" president doth crow,
whereby every word uttered
     by the misfit mealy mouthed madman
in the Oval Office directly
impacts Lady Liberty, sans dow
wager even when the brash,

     defensive, haughty...commander
in chief doth raised by alternately
by one or both colored eyebrow,
which nonverbal hostile
     body language triggers
     concomitant domino fallout
     to devastating effect,
     whereby analogous nee

     palpable invisible reverberations
trigger thee threat
of global mortal Kombat flow
war moves the dial on
the Doomsday Clock to foreshadow
the stark realization of glow
bull thermonuclear conflict to ***
var ominously over planet Earth,

which scenario haint Noah Joe
king matter, cuz
more'n juiced **** sapiens know
wingly, would be decimated,
     where from Noel fierce
riding hobby horse, could
weather thee irrevocable low
down, once bombs away loosed,

and poised to strike
every fibrous marrow
with an irreversible tendon cee,
yet some hardy
species might narrow
lee escape radioactive fallout,
     and blithely usurp meaning overthrow
this most menacing creature,

whose opposable thumb didst pro
pell the nasty, short tempered,
and mean minded
to upset status quo
and shred of a fatalistic,
graphic, and horrific roadshow
no Wizard of Oz (zee us born)
     negating, obliterating, and pulverizing

     the uninhabitable landscape
     with burnt offerings
much more frightful than scarecrow,
which worst case scenario,
could explode today or tomorrow
leaving no trace of unlovely bones

     merely mass cremated powder,
hence forsaked salvation
from... say Beto
O'Rourke, whose actively
democratic gumption joisted paradigm
grim fate recklessly
(hypothetically) did veto.
Oh flibbertigibbet
****, heil (Stuart Little) let mice
self down dagnabbit,
no matter this lactose intolerant,

conscientious, consumer and avowed kit
and caboodle - ***** vegetarian,
who lacked true grit,
cuz he craved a ham, rabbit

and cheese sandwich that hit
the bunny phone
spot (courtesy pit
tickle yule lee
     of The Daily Bread

Community Food Pantry sit
chew waited at 3938 Ridge Pike
    Collegeville, Pennsylvania 19426)
aye red deli admit
to fear with some darkly knit

shadow of a doubt reddit
lee, about being a boot
being smidgen afrit
of some powerful jinn crit
ture, demon, nor banshee

     making mincemeat out of me
     (Matthew Scott Harris),
whom now wants
to make quick exit
(and if fye sprouted

wings, would flit)
cuz, yours truly did coe vit
an insatiable app pit
tight carnivorous consumption
     where a craving awoke

like an addict hood needs a hit
ma tastebuds writhed with a bit
of minor seizure to let
me dentures bite to edit
mas exclusion of meat, and savor

     mouth watering satisfaction
as if masticating an illicit
substance, and all the while
     my awareness sans unethical
treatment of animals

went out figurative window
a disc credit
tummy sympathy for
     hogtied eggs eck rubble mitt
treatment steer

     ring agri business
to the mighty dollar,
     where die hard
slaughter houses will never quit!
Trod thru three
score orbitz with air
tight (hermetically sealed)
lid on his emotions bare
reft of evincing

concern and/or care
ring forever guarded against
incursions upon fragile as chinaware
psyche foregoing giving
healthy breathing room

never to dare
risk challenging discomfort zones
     skirting, hemming, and hawing
     deliberately averting, shying,
     sidestepping away against

welcoming awkward adolescent
     romantic experience, thus
never playfully trying to ensnare
and/or allowing, enabling,
     and providing gamesome

     opportunities providing willingness
     tubby triangulated ascending
ark hay yick teenagehood,
when deux dozen, foursquare,
nor eighteen candlebox birthdays,

nonetheless hungrily glare
ring with salivating
envy peers that hare
tuff **** did gather
     their rose buds...despite,

     or perhaps because raging
     testosterone overtook coy
     demure lassie tude surrendering,
whence young womanly
     primal urges let machismo insnare

whereat discovering prickly
     "beau" vine love on par
with being a millionaire
despite tiffs that,
     tested one's mettle quickly

     learning the vital lesson
     to turn/beat cutting
edge sword into plowshare
setting the figurative stage,
when feathering one's

nest to prepare
for legal covenant,
     (a death do me part
     binding resolution) endeavoring
     to sustain a lifelong
commitment however difficult and rare.
courtesy global warming
temperatures humid,
hot and hazy air
on par with temperature of Zaire
extreme heat advisory
issued for North Pole, where

Santa Claus and the missus
must needs be critically aware
to chuck (and/or shuck)
heavy outfit, and ride
buck ***** bare
plus hydrate regularly

(as well quench
thirst of reindeer)
which magically sprout
dorsal fins doubling up
as aqua wear
powering sleigh, qua

state of the art air
row dynamically built
water borne chair
re: yet (chariot) care
fully, expertly, and favorably
designed to surf (ohm my dear)

amp pull size current
without the least bit of fear
of course gift stack
     of gift wrapped surprises
with waterproof papier
mache material just
     in case venerably beaded
tight as a tin drum Corvair
like sea worthy craft
doth not (thank yours truly)
unwittingly capsize nowhere
in sight of, not near

the birthplace Edvard Grieg
renown for Peer
Gynt, or far from the hall
of the mountain king,
thus Saint Nick
nonetheless cheer

ring his dis spear
reddit head lee leer
re, querulous,
and pessimistic hare
reed, but (to para
     sympathetic whims
     of this writer)
on a wing and prayer
finds, no harm done
   to the animals during
     making of this SPCA approved
video script, whereby;

     Dasher, Dancer, Prancer,
     *****, Comet, Cupid,
     Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolf tear
ring (at the flutter
     shy speed of light), thru
     treacherous waters (mainly

     so this poet can
     add a bit of
drama) exhibit flair
to outflank Poseidon (adventure),
and in nick of

time whip mere
rack yule esse lee to deliver
     seasons greetings
i.e. Christmas good cheer!
     and ye kin hear
the muffled (dollar us -
dolorous) sound ache
king plaintive very loosely
     analogous to duck cry

of mourning, didst awake
ken to the somber news
     solemnly shared by
me - Doctor Quackenbush,
sans strapping beefcake
quaking counterpart, thee

     lifetime beau he mien
(rhapsodic) paramour got betake
hen to "Heaven's Gate,"
after getting bitten
by a blacksnake,
which squished, slithered, and

     shimmied secretly stole
     said tasty morsel without brake
king (her/his) stride,
     and dug poisonous
     (scorpion like) fangs
geese hilly as

one would slice cake,
which revelatory brief
     anecdote mentioned cuz,
this medical professional caretake
person, (whose doppelganger
     quadruples, i.e. moonlights

     as an expert 1. cheesecake
maker, 2. fisherman known
     far and wide (across four
compass points of the globe)
as one awesome clambake
expert, 3. seismograph specialist

predicting, where and
when an earthquake
will strike, and 4. hide
bound blithe tanner preparing
     leather made goods,
     particularly handsome wallets

     (sewn from snake skin),
     the most popular item
     (possibly because, one crisp Benjamin
     Franklin legally tendered
     secreted within a pouch),
thus upon cutting open

(preparation for crafting bill folds)
this one well fed squamate,
lo and behold
revealed poor soul mate,
which family member
Anatidae resembled friedcake.
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