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Upon awakening earlier today
(May 26th, 2020)
felt utterly fatigued without fail
tormenting dreams found yours truly
jangled, harried and
frenzied across broadscale
valiant effort to remain awake
exerted to no avail.

Exhaustion pounded noggin
on par seeking Holy Grail akin
to punishing, pounding,
and piercing clangorous din
unstoppable even after hypothetically

downing entire bottle of Excedrin
recourse I would never resort,
cuz even overdosing once
would be one time to often
nobody except grim reaper would grin.

Stone cold dead would definitely,
(albeit permanently) obliterate
intolerably anguished fraught
mine agitated groggily horrid mental state
suicidal temptation untenable solution
to quiet and annihilate

these every now and again
catastrophic dreams severely dislocate
entire body, mind, and spirit triage
cuz surviving kith and kin plus spouse
would never exonerate
me mortal soul forever cursed mate.

Impossible mission to shrug off
unpleasant wakeful spate exerts
severely debilitating stranglehold
when peaceful night sleep severely
compromised as aforementioned and told
invariably entire day foregone as
hopelessness, purposelessness, uselessness...
wracks corporeal entity (me),

where I wanna fold
these lovely bones into fetal position mold
or hanker to grip hold
of torturous fifty shades of gray matter
wildly renting asunder
as futile lesson to scold
monstrous, odious, rapacious,
and villainous unbearable chokehold.

Reading and writing' and rithmetic
taught to the tune of the hickory stick
academic arduousness long since did abate
oppressive during early school days
considerably more inviting of late
experiencing tormenting
mailer (male er) daemons
catastrophic, dynamic,
enigmatic ferocious ghouls

peppering, pillaging, polluting
pulverizing my pate
possibly linkedin as adverse side effect
the downside prescription medication to sedate
and calm panic attack depressed riddled noggin,
which pharmacological Selective
serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)
are most commonly prescribed antidepressants.

Prozac prescribed as antidote
to curb moody blues lessening sadness I emote
and/or stemming prolonged bouts of sinking feeling
analogous to going down within sinking boat,
and more often than not typical day
less fraught as if cerebral cortex smote
with agonizing turmoil, now that's all I wrote.
After lounging in bed until
late morning/early afternoon
we (the missus and I) felt restless
as garden variety buffoon
or think chrysalis itching

to escape encased within cocoon
nevertheless, she mustered hubby
long since retired dragoon
late morning/early after light
clothing he must post haste festoon
he protested against testing

comfort zone merely donning galloon
his self conscious morphology
declaimed repeating honeymoon
embarrassing circumstance,
when caricature artist accentuated

pitiful spindle shanks published
front page see national lampoon
most recent issue or possibly
toothpick legs ought be printed June
a boot six days hence excluding

counting Memorial Day 2020
whereby barenaked ladies
(spouse included) unwittingly ironically,
farcically, and comically forced
skinny dipping under full moon

after newly bride & groom
pledged troth unwittingly nudist beach
entered momentarily devoid
of swimmers, who suddenly at noon
witnessed madding crowd
momentarily oblivious to laughingstock,

one after another burst out guffawing
(at my expense) at picayune
sorry/lame excuse for male
adult **** sapiens peculiar physique
courtesy anorexia nervosa

(when thirteen years old), I caused ruin
permanently stunting psychological
and physical characteristics,
for better part of existence
(mein kampf) uttered lamentable tune.

Absolute zero self worth (the
big goose egg) matter of fact will
state being earnest and frank
going on walk thru Schwenksville
thought person in every
passing vehicle (quite brisk traffic) rill

lee mocked appearance when
espying long haired pencil neck
geek fortunately blessed with
few gray strands deliberately colored via quill
to ad some convincing heft
to boyish good looks, though mill
stone metaphor linkedin with

living little approaching over hill
soon petering into becoming old
and senile, nope never got fill
of teenage romance, I started
dating during early twenties
deterrents to integrate among

including sounding think duckbill
nasal honking, and even hot spell
temps spiking high eighties/
low nineties dressed head
to foot ready for big chill,
especially cuz dehydration less likely.
Officially called Decoration Day
proclaimed on 5 May 1868 by General John Logan
first observed on 30 May 1868
Waterloo N.Y. officially declared the birthplace
by President Lyndon Johnson in May 1966.

though two score and ten plus years since
Appomattox, a psychological balm
helped stitch frayed nation to calm
served as silent psalm
since bombardment at Fort Sumter qualm.

National holiday most adept
at uniting Civil War fallen soldiers
when fiercely armed as brother in arms crept
against opposing forces, which took
by surprise “enemies” or found inept

ill prepared troops with surprise mortal
blow which ambushed attackers leapt
mowing down valiant soldiers, thus
becoming slain grooms who eternally slept
sorrowful lamentable hymns from
widowed brides tears wept.

Cease fire that day
terminating internecine flay
o’er mounds of earth whence
bones o boys donned blue or gray
a day of remembrance for those
who died in our nation's service lay

celebrated this last Monday every May
one must know tis not about division nay
boot about reconciliation
and sacrifice brave heroes did pay,
the price of their lives for granted
freedoms enjoyed as american lee-way.

Forsooth, now we cherish too, the Poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led,
It seems to signal to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies.
Anomalous earthling inhabited
mancave quarantined
cocooned gamesomely
knowingly protected travesty
impossible mission sidestepping,
thwarting, zapping
eventuality, inevitability,

opportunity utilitarian death
crowning glory fêted within
netherlands immortality
granted courtesy biological
proliferation offspring re
vitalizing, restoring,
requenching spent human lives.

Self sequestration commenced
instant (karma) fertilization set
narration mein kampf within
womb mommy dearest,
she within prime ovulation age
begat me in utero un-
aware how existential crisis
(mine) linkedin metaphor

whereat sanctity housing
yours truly during embryonic
/fetal development + vital
placental lifeline keyed into
present day self (christened
Matthew Scott Harris) still
analogously tethers (as
iterated above) outward adult.

He considers metamorphosis
child to adult incomplete
early during carefree preschool
boyhood heavenly bliss
short lived spunky spontaneity
squelched after first grade
February 28th, 1968 marked
turning point pronouncing
significant psychological

cleavage figuratively pitched
emotional, mental, and
spiritual withdrawal symptomatic
psyche quashed, torqued,
and wrenched full blown cycle
logical gearshift hijacked,
though undoubtedly propensity
inherent since... birth
genetic/chromosomal aberration.

Especially when fatherhood
food me gifted with beauty
full daughter diagnosed at
tender age developmental delay
within asperger's syndrome
thankfully Shana Punim, (a
person's face endearment
appellation - chiefly in Jewish
use) eligible recipient

to receive early onset supportive
services, which initial diagnosis
undertaken within her
first birthday, thus staunching
immense struggles later.
Supportive services incorporated
battery audiological, cognitive,
emotive... tests to help pinpoint diagnosis.
She underwent cost free

(needs based) therapy - most
times resistant and noncooperative
(nonresponsive) to
engage whole heartedly,
but bonding with facilitators
wrought budding relationship
with concomitant trust.
Participation with therapists
and class/campmates (the

latter structured summer programs
pertinent as she evinced
able bodied/minded
to benefit with stepped up
socialization (interpersonal
interaction - or lack thereof)
immediately apparent as preschooler,
but got bolstered
thru confidence building activities.

All thru k-12th grade
our cherished progeny
benefitted being streamlined with
classwork (and take home)
assignments custom tailored,
plus after school
remedial programs boosted flagging
shortcomings allowing,
enabling, and providing laudable

transformations, whereby
she began (to assert herself in
making major decisions),
now at age twenty one (born
February 4th, 1999) lives
with few housemates in Bend,
Oregon while matriculating
at nearby Community College.
Suffering permanent anatomical
disfigurement, nonetheless
maintaining marital bliss
at steep price despite more or less
musculoskeletal dislocation,
I eagerly, readily willingly confess.

Ideal for someone whose height
trends toward above average
unless you don't object tilting
head back in an effort to gauge
keeping noggin cocked
at ninety degree angle tempering rage.

Yours truly gifted with absolute zero
vertical advantage, hence
mine neck craned back imposing
unpleasant strain forcing gent's
head apropos regarding yours truly
futile attempt present instance.

Carotid arteries perfectly positioned
awaiting Jack Ripper's (imposter) knife
thus mine noodle (property
Matthew Scott) induced physical strife
discomfort courtesy directly
linkedin viz the ole hen pecking wife.

Without complaint, I dutifully accepted
challenge to affix curtain
(essentially meant to keep
shower water splashing bathroom floor)
unbeknownst that threading
a camel thru eye of needle sewing pin

Would be a cinch, but such
blessed lesson acquired thru hindsight
initial task assigned me appeared
straight forward until I saw light
bulbs blind me myopic orbs,
thus in addition to afore stated plight...

Husband material (me) sorely
tested to the max, no matter chore
hardly commenced, which
spurred mental note to refrain pointing
at cumulative mold accretion
heavily visible and unsightly eye sore.

Arch disadvantage, yours truly
not being impressive or particularly tall
and thought not to retrieve sturdy
furniture to boost reach heavenly pole
which plastic hooks suspended
plastic shower curtain over long haul.

Upon figuring out how drape like
appurtenance got held in place crick
would necessitate chiropractor
to realign permanently bent poise kick
started when initially troubleshooting
deceptively easy task, no quick

assignment, though obviously
fashioning plastic hook thru pre cut slot
became clear at expense unintentionally
breaking off "J" portion not
possible to avoid subsequently
uselessly rendered hook even if robot
programmed to complete mission,
yet all told poetically smarts I got.

Please accept lame attempt (minus
obvious sensibility) to comprehend
anybody who reads previous literary
endeavors considered virtual friend
unconditionally accepts trademark

swiftly tailored harried style I extend
utilizing all manner of quirkiness,
which moost likely spells mein legend
after I pass from temporal plain,
a posthumous johnny come lately bend

ding formalities of English language
writing, yet wondering what strictures
disallow experimenting with poetic genre,
though methinks literature intend
did (art in general) to eternally evolve

without deliberate intention to offend
any die hard who might call upon
men in white suits and briskly recommend
to the funny farm, where life made
more beautiful perchance receiving stipend.
Raindrops percolate Perkiomen Valley watershed
pleasant reprieve versus quite warm temperatures
yesterday found yours truly averse attempting re:
ding outside, the secluded alcove visible looking
thru single bedroom window here, once upon time

former Schwenksville Elementary School, now re:
purposed Highland Manor apartment alphanumeric
unit B44, 2day precipitation lightly palpitating terra
firma quenching thirsty flora and fauna donning viz
age fifty plus shades of lush green meteorological

regular phenomena offsets prospect where drought
would deprive biota requisite liquid nourishment
speculation June, July, and August promise triple
digits essentially forcing creature comfort ala air
conditioning as climate control to weather extreme

hot temperatures linkedin with global warming, a
grim prospect lately tempered courtesy coronavirus
COVID-19 inexplicably temporarily giving respite
the Earth atmosphere purportedly less toxic since
countless manifold modes of industrial production

lockdown subjected since employees in quarantine
to thwart contagion infecting adjacent areas, thus
impacting transportation hub, no substantial traffic
most rerouted thru information superhighway data
bits and bytes sent to and fro, hither and yon, until

"green light" signalled for businesses to reorient
themselves to alternate paradigm, hoop fully more
eco friendly less dependent upon fossil fuels, where
greenhouse gases deplete ozone layer compromising
delicate balance offset severely trending toward by

Yoda - star wars pitched battles witnessing galactic
empires armed 2 teeth with supersonic weapons mass
destruction spelling demise of human civilization
think brinkmanship whereby within eyeblink en-
tire realm encompassing eastern, western, northern

southern, brethren and cistern multifarious legacies
snuffed out without a trace extinguishing gamut of
living things great and small, perchance world wide
web overtaken with radiation resistant critters, an
unrecognizable changing of the guard when no pry

mates abled (Cain not) wrest control against giant
size carnivorous entities deliciously feast carrion
until nothing but lovely bleached (bomb shelled)
bones scattered across the pock marked terrestrial
landscape - mush room 4 opportunistic organisms.
(alternately titled: dost newt expend
precious tears toward pitiful poet!)

Intense passion to read
doth foster divine enlightenment...

Also simultaneously, albeit instantaneously
triggering brutal mind-numbing self awareness
starkly underscoring how existence (mine)
devoid scant trace
positive life enhancing events,
more so quality being alive

analogous - think vicious feedback loop
underscoring how yours truly
passionately enjoys multifarious authors
buzzfeed curiosity crafting riveting saga
fueling said avidity to glean
material fostering cerebral satiation.

No matter whetted appetite
temporarily alleviated regarding
feasting imagination proffered
thru well crafted saga
actuality, reality, totality
essentially self quarantined
sabotaged, sequestered, squandered
within wide webbed

wonderful world of books
merely minimally testing his mettle
ironically endowing me to scrutinize
smidgen differentiation which prevails
distinguishing counting himself,
not unlike grateful dead,
where umpteen counting crows carrion.

Impossible mission to staunch
or stem the tide
sustaining feasting upon written word
diametrically opposing inner sentiments
scathe such bare bones
participation amidst gamut
of experiential opportunities.

Much more convenient
to savor dramaturgy
(where death defying deeds -
some perhaps done dirt cheap)
allow, enable, and provide
route to revel vicariously
submerging body, mind, and spirit

constituting adventures documenting
personal authored exploits,
and/or creating realistic
i.e. believable characters.
Thus days, weeks, months...
elapse finding me cocooned

(particularly advantageous
to cite coronavirus - COVID-19
as honest to dog
legitimate response if queried
what keeps me hermetically sealed
I can trot out series of unfortunate events
mandating each individual

to maintain isolation
(such passive withdrawal story of mein kampf,
thus no hardship to avoid madding crowd)
palpable, tenable, viable... justification
self evident, which status satisfactory
til death do me part.

Ever since... perchance in utero
this fella trends toward
astute, hirsute, prostrate...
stance (figuratively of course)
whiling away hours, days, months...
engrossed decrypting, insulating, procuring...
twenty six lettered symbols

linkedin to person, place or thing
ephemerally gravitating wholeheartedly
engrossing trials and tribulations
affecting wordsmith, which alter ego
represented courtesy dynamic
events spilling across page turner
leaving swirl of emotions
in their wake.
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