Through the sea of flames
I pursue to fulfill this
shadow quest of mine,

governing my ark
recklessly against the winds
of mauling doubts, toward you.

Diána Bósa May 16

This heart of stone hides
a dream of a god whose voice
once was lost against

the terrific wind.
It became mutilated
then swallowed by the

cacophony of
silence. So, answerless he
slumbers now, yet still

ajar for long to
speak with a mortal one who
would dare to call thy true name.

Diána Bósa May 12

With you, I gladly
dance the sleepwalkers' waltz, yet
still, while on my way

to descend, picking
up the thread by following
Ariadne's line,

like vigilant ones,
I would rather desire to
be on the watch by your side.

Diána Bósa May 6

So, I just sit here,
waiting for you to defeat
the oblivion

and again, at last,
remember where you left me  
like a forgotten

toy from your childhood,
and like every toy I too
need magic to come

alive again; that
kind of magic from the sweet
little human of

mine, the one who, at
once, placed an incandescent
piece from his soul into me.

Diána Bósa Apr 24

Embraced by this shape-shifter word,
to relive the birth of sounds,
your voice is the ever anacrusis.

Diána Bósa Apr 22

It's a far cry from
those days that'd cry out for a
cry off in full cry.

Diána Bósa Apr 20

So, now on I believe that
God created humankind,
according to His likeness;
when I look at you.

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