Sum this all up: mind
zeroing in on that you
can't be zeroed out.

Diána Bósa Sep 15

There must be an algorithm for the Fate
in the A.I. of existence
and I am aware that
you want to encrypt it.
I wish I could have all the answers
you desperately seek.
But I don't.
Yet still, I can be your skeleton key
in this closed space
to open the doors
toward the unbeknown.
Because for learning by doing -
as Aristotle said at once -,
we could read ourselves into
the rules of staying
beneath the wrinkles of Time.

We can be constant variables.

Diána Bósa Sep 10

In the chamber of the song,
your voice set the silence afire.
So, let me be there,
sealed by your lips of the blaze
beneath the core of the flames,
standing in the mist
of the sweet breath of yours;
let me be your song.

Diána Bósa Sep 6

At times,
I do feel like
those women in history
who were waiting
for their men
to return
from the battle front,
except for the fact,
that I don't need to learn
how to shot with a gun
or struggle with a knife
while you are at war
with yourself.

Diána Bósa Aug 17

Estranged from the familiar
you made me by unmaking me
for getting tired too soon
of fostering
like I was
an unwanted child,
yet still you are the one
who have become unparented;
an Orphan King
in a Borrowed Land,
halfway to a
hallway of
all ways.

Diána Bósa Aug 5

Imprison the blaze
for unlearning
the ghost of our light
to bow down before
an interim simulacrum
of the sham.

You said,
that the colours are so hurting;
that this soundless shapelessness
comforts you.

I cannot extricate you.
Cannot unleash
from the unbreachable
for I learned that
this stasis is your only home.

Diána Bósa Jul 17

You find me within
the interim for I will
be recognized as

the final. Though the
distance is my shelter, I
am near at hand;

on my way just to
get in yours. Reflect me; see
what is hiding your beneath.

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