Tummy full of worms and mind full of death
A wriggling roiling pain and painfully bad breath
I am not your babe nor a pristine lass
But I’m certainly the skinniest in this ****** up class
(Not personal not indicative of any struggle, just a thought I had while trying to sleep)
In the mirror I am grown.  Fully, and wholly, a human being.
Looking inwards I am small. 12 years old, marveling at the person I’ve become, and the person I somehow was and still am.
Separate, side by side, I exist on multiple planes, in many directions, through all dimensions, different but constant.
The same.
I think my 12 year old self would be glad I was brave enough to dye my hair and pierce my flesh. I know that sounds weird, but she was so timid, always wanting to stand out, but afraid. I still am afraid, but I’m bolder now.
CastorPolydeuces Nov 2017
Windy blues and tortured greys, my nights are leaking into days, and over mountains cold and dreary, my bones are shaking, dry and weary.
I pray you hold your flesh close by, lest it catch the wind and fly.
CastorPolydeuces Sep 2017
I open my eyes to glowing stars
I close them to racing cars
Lights, lights in the dark
Finally put my glowy stars on the ceiling
CastorPolydeuces Aug 2017
a drum beat thrums beneath my skin, steady,
tense and straining.
a widow dances deep within screaming of
death and rot.
with rhythmic steps and flashes of black
blood thickens...
expiration date determined, i eagerly await
my turn.
CastorPolydeuces Jul 2017
Your mood is mellow meek mild
until its not
You don't explode ignite enrage,
you simmer
You seep and poison and spread
CastorPolydeuces Jul 2017
A broken heart and seering pain bring words carved of gold and dripping in honey. To attain true art one must either die for it or lose a soul, as the cost of worthless beauty is everything and nothing at all. I hope you know I died for you.
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