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If you think of me,
you shall find me.
But when your eyes rain,
know that it brings me pain.
For your tears may curse the land and leave it barren.

As you think of me, so am I.
Think me gone, gone I shall be.
So think not of me gone;
know that I live.
I only left the body.
I left once to live forever.
For I am not the body, but the soul.

There is a thin line between both lanes.
I shall await you where the line ends.

Jibril, Abdulmalik ©2019
I thought of love,
then I lost myself.
For I found it
beyond my knowingness.

Again, in my lost self,
I thought of love
and love found me.
Then it became of me,
as I, of it.
Now, love is me and I am love.

Teach man an alphabet
and he may think
he already knows scriptures
Teach him scriptures
and he may think
he already knows the secret of the universe
Show him the secret of the universe
and he may think himself equal to God
Show him the way how
and he may depart from you
and differ in route.

— Jibril Abdulmalik ©2019
When I begin writing a poem,
the tears, blood and sweat of  the innocent become my ink
and the bones become my pen.

When I begin writing a poem,
the voiceless become my thoughts and I become the words of the voiceless.

When I begin writing a poem,
I only stop when I find no more pen,
for the bones are gone to the soil ben
And when there's no more ink,
for the tears, blood and sweat are dried up when there's no more heat

When I begin writing a poem,
beyond myself do I think,
till every line makes a sense
and the message is clear and felt.

By Jibril Abdulmalik ©2019
I forgot myself in your smile.
Never stop smiling,
that I might find myself.

I forgot hate in loving you
Lock the doors,
that I might not find what I've forgotten.

I forgot my learning
trying to know you,
now I've become learned.

I forgot my ways
trying to know your ways
Show me all your ways,
that i might find my ways.

I forgot my speech in your voice
Do not stop talking,
that I might find what to say.

I forgot my thoughts in thoughts of you
And in that, have I written what I found
trying to find my thoughts.

Life's most precious gift:
To live, we have to just breathe
But there're thoughts beyond thoughts,
Trapped in a realm, yearning to be freed:
If we hold this breathe seize,
We shall seize to live, but leave
But sometimes, to actually live, we have to leave

There's a thin line between sanity and insanity
Erased by our unsay
There's a thin line between Illusion and reality
Erased by our don'ts

This place of gracious enticement
Where we watch us being killed
A place filled with men of slightest thoughts
Amused by this illusional amusement
A place where nothing is real
Full of dos and don'ts, yet no one is free

Though we all came with says and dos
We've not by ourselves chosen to be free
We've trapped all those for the sake of our creed

Why then not hold this breathe seize to actually live
For stance where our thoughts could not reach
For life in a place we've never seen
A place where we're actually free
Why don't we leave to actually live?

Through your eyes,
I see what lies in your heart
Through your silence,
I hear your voice
Through your voice,
I hear your silence
I do not know if all these through  are true
But I know what to believe,
and that is only what is from you.

When I stare or listen,
my thoughts do same
And I'm left speechless.
So what do I say
when my thoughts stare or listen?
What do I say
when I cannot think?

You are trapped within my thoughts for aye
I'm in love with you,
not your body
For you are not the body,
but the soul.

My dearest
My beloved
Rose of flowers
Peacock of birds
Diamond of gemstones
Sirius of stars
You are all of those and I am the lover.

I am the kite
and you are the string
You are my star
and you are the blink
I am the sky
and you are the ring
I am the flight
and you are the wings
I am the lover
and you are the beloved

Do not go far to listen to the praises of my heart
Listen to your heart
— the praises come from there —
I am there.

Do not go far by your actions to call me to yourself
Come closer
I am not far from you
By your voice, I shall hear.

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