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Ari May 22
I feel like a feather
Floating atop vast ocean waters
Far from land
Just waiting for the waves to drown me

That anxiety alone could suffocate me

Ari Feb 21
There are
Far too many words
Far too many syllables
I never said to you.

There are
Far too many moments
Far too many memories
I never made with you.

There are
Far too many letters
Far to many notes
I never sent to you.

There are
Far too many tears
Far too many sleepless nights
Ever since you left.

I miss you.

Ari Dec 2018
I often wonder
Who I’ll be
When the day comes
For us to meet.

I hope I’m brave
Kind and true
And hope my soul
Brings joy to you.

Ari Nov 2018
My brother,
Please come back.
I need you so.


Morning dew that feeds the grass
Tell me how long does it last
Seven hundred days have passed
And still the void remains so vast

Drops like tears run down the blades
And band together in cascades
Then journey deep beneath the shade
Where my dear brother has been laid

In memory of my big brother Travis
Ari Oct 2018
My brother died 12 days ago.
I held him until his last heartbeat passed.
I watched my mothers heart break
And fathers world shatter.

I was there.
I watched his lips turn blue.
I felt the heat leave his body
And sobbed into his hospital gown.

My brother died 12 days ago.
I was the one to make the phone calls.
I’m the one who broke the news
To our family and friends.

I was there.
I walked down those halls.
I left my shattered soul
Sewn into the cracked tiles of that hospital.

My brother died 12 days ago.
I swear he took my heart with him.
He left my mind here to listen
To the countless “my condolences”.

I was there.
I saw the 300 people who loved him.
I met some of the countless souls
He guided through life storms.

My brother died 12 days ago.
I am still crying when no ones looking.
I buried my brother in the earth he loved
But his light and love lives in me now.

Ari Oct 2018
These are my people
And these mats are our home.
We connected through the passion
Embedded in our bones.

Everyday we’re here
We’re renewed on our mats.
Theres sweat, tears, and blood on our Gis,
On our rash guards and spats.

We strive to train hard
And always remember
This family we’ve created
We’ll never surrender.

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