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I can't see myself the way you see me
But maybe that's the way it's meant to be.
Once upon a time,
I was just a lad
with a book in my hand.
It told tales of a faraway land
Nearly lost to the sands.
For 1,001 nights, I wished I could visit
Such a magical place.
But when I grew older,
I realized something.
You should have seen my face
When I realized I never had to wish
I could be there.
I already was there every time I read.
And i'm glad that's a magic so great, it gets to be shared all over the world
I must confess I have never read the book. But Aladdin was in my head while I read a prompt to write about taking a grand adventure
I can't lie. I can't pretend.
I'm not ready to dive
into the fire again.
After all the heartbreak
The world has shown
I'd rather have medusa
Turn my heart to stone.
It's funny.
If there was one thing
people could agree on,
It's that we didn't have enough time.
But now that we have all the time
In the world, we're slowly
losing our minds
Did you know someone's proud of you?
That someone finds you beautiful inside and out?
Did you know someone loves you for who you are?
That you don't have to feel ashamed of your scars?
Did you know that you're enough? That you're strong?
Even through the computer, I can see you crying, saying "you're wrong."
But I'm telling you these things because they're true. Even if they're not true now, they will be.
Now say it with me.
"Someone's proud of me."
"Someone finds me beautiful, inside and out."
"Someone loves me for who I am."
"I don't have to be ashamed of my scars."
"I'm enough. I'm strong."
One more thing. "It's okay to tell my story."
Where are we?
This place looks familiar,
But where are the screaming kids?
Where are the runners and bikers?
Why is it so hard for parents
To find toilet paper or diapers?
Why are people wearing masks?
It's spring, not Halloween.
I'm sure this place has its charm
But I want to go home.
Zack Ripley Mar 24
I'm with you in spirit
Just like I was before.
I'm right by your side
Even though you can't see me anymore.
I'm with you in spirit
So you have nothing to fear.
You're not in this alone.
I'll always be here.
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