Joshua Brown May 5
like a rumble hardly heard
what is this sound?
or is it beyond that?

i heard that after a certain point
sound is not sound anymore
it moves air and becomes a
    w        a          v         e

  a nd    

we    a    re

left                                 picking      up

the                 br  o ken pieces  an  d                   s c   a t ter ed    r e main s    of th   e   b o mb   yo u  left   i t    s     d i a     m e t        e    r    m   e    a s   u r e    d                              

b   y  

         b   r               o    

          k                                                    e n                                                
  h e                     a r   t  s
Joshua Brown Apr 16
9/11 inside job/Lizard people stealing jobs
FBI-COINTELPRO/Starting fires in Waco
Two guys, not one in OKC/LBJ killed Kennedy
Earth is flat, NASA lies/when will you open your eyes?

(Chorus) We didn't start the fire! But we're getting ready for the New World Order! The situation's getting dire/So let's get our guns and patrol the border!

Jews and banks, Rothchilds rule/Actually it's lizards, fool!
High school satans, bio-weapons/Feudal system brought to rule
Y3K, Matrix glitch, the UN blueprints for making slaves/
Flouride in tap water IS TURNING THE FREAKIN' FROGS GAY!

(Chorus) We didn't start the fire! But it's too late now, 'cause they already know/We gotta get ourselves prepared now! One day soon the whole thing's gonna blow!
With sincere apologies to Billy Joel and none to Alex Jones and David Icke
Joshua Brown Apr 16
Your music makes me cry
But please don't be offended
I am glad to be have lived for a short time
At the same time that you have lived
And have shared the same earth
Though our roots are a thousand miles apart
and our lives two decades separate
And yet your music makes me cry
But please, it's a good thing!
The simple progressions, the slight turns
Of wrists to pluck strings and
Turn wood and wounded bronze into a story
It's a good thing to cry, isn't it?
I wish I could have soothed your burns
And helped take on your burdens
To have stopped the fire
Or at least give you a better muse
But then what else kind of music
would you have made?
Maybe it doesn't matter
so all there is left to say is:
Your music makes me cry
and I wouldn't have it
any other way
For Jackson C. Frank
Joshua Brown Mar 31
There is no name
to this little thing I have written

Names allow us
to master our world

But sometimes a name cannot be given

So we are left with




that is


A feeling deeper

Than any name can give
Joshua Brown Mar 28
sails across rivers
calm and living like the Nile or the Amazon
rugged like the Colorado once was
The creaking metal vessel driven by steam
always moving at full clip against the current
churns a wake of dark silt behind it

I ask my captain permission
to disembark and he smiles
and gives me the wheel
Joshua Brown Mar 4
There is a spectrum I am now part of
That I do not fully understand
An authority on the whole thing
Rubber stamped it, and damn!
Now I'm on the spectrum

There is a spectrum I am wanting to be
That I wish to God I could stay in
The place where creativity and high intelligence
Meet and mesh and produce with no end

But the spectrum is long and slow at the end
And high and fast at the beginning
And I am merely stuck somewhere in the middle
Always wondering and panicking about where
Joshua Brown Jan 6
when I was a kid
I used to turn words over and over in my head
until they became unfamiliar
one of them was paradise
p a r a d i s e
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