Joshua Brown Jan 6
when I was a kid
I used to turn words over and over in my head
until they became unfamiliar
one of them was paradise
p a r a d i s e
Joshua Brown Dec 2017
Bury me head first
So everyone will have to stand on my ass
Joshua Brown Dec 2017
speak to me

in indo-european

make love to me

with the kama sutra

burn me

with the greek fire

break down my walls

with the trebuchet

pierce my soul

with the pistol
Joshua Brown Dec 2017
Will I ever find home?
I seek the shelter of not just a house
but a sense of place
where I can find a purpose

Will I ever find home?
I thought I did once
but it was only an empty room
filled with cheap thrills and long nights at bars

Will I ever find home?
Joshua Brown Jul 2015
Two cypress trees stand bare together
in the Atchafalaya

Midway between Aurora
And tomorrow

Or maybe just more casualties
To the brackish tide?
In memory of Jillian Johnson and Mayci Breaux, and to Lafayette, my hometown
Joshua Brown Jun 2015
What should I tell you?

Should I say I can embrace you?
But we're stuck in this now.
Dammit, let go!
Now I feel like crap.

Should I tell you to fuck off?
But no, I need you!
Please come back!
Goddammit, now I want to let go again!

I still feel like crap.
Joshua Brown May 2015
A good long cry is cathartic in the deepest of griefs,
so they say.

So why is it when I cry, I only feel worse afterwards?

Perhaps this grief etches the center of my heart,
like a signature on a tree's bark
that fades with time but never disappears

or a wound that festers forever
still trying to push out its cause
years after it has been sustained

(Perhaps I am picking at it?)
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