Joshua Brown Aug 5
Here I am again,
Asking what I've missed
I hope we can get back
on a regular talking schedule..
well, wait, that sounded awkward.

I guess I can't really say
why I dropped contact--
Or wait, did you?
I don't remember

I had fun that night
The one where we danced in
karaoke bar and stole a kiss here and there.

I guess that was us being drunk
and sharing our drunkeness
in a dance and a few close hugs

I hope you're well
I know I'm not very good at follow-ups

Crap, it's late. I can text you later?
I guess? I'm sorry.

I hope you're well.
Joshua Brown Jun 27
I don't want to have to hurt you,
but I have a very special set of skills
and I am not afraid to use them.

So, shall we dance?

so it turns out
you had that to use
against me.

And now I'm
lying in this alley
with a couple of  
bullets in my stomach.

And there's a black cat on the dumpster across from me, staring at me.

Is he a gatekeeper to the afterlife?

If so, I probably shouldn't be an ass in my last minutes.

Well, this sucks.

Can you go to hell for writing bad checks?
The last thoughts of Samuel M. Wright, a current resident of Purgatory serving a 300 year sentence, as recorded by his personal gatekeeper, Spoon.
Joshua Brown Jun 27
Inwhichtheauthormustcontendwithadayandahalfoftunningthoughtslikes­teamturbinesonfullpowerspinning,thehighpitchedhumofthoughtsandday­dreamsrunningthroughhisheaduntil the  momentum slows and  h e    h a s   t   o      

Joshua Brown Jun 10
When I first Woke, it was bright outside
I was standing in a field of green and butterflies
Liquid warmth and the smell of copper metal
Filled my mouth and nose, and in the meadow
I caught sight of a fawn startled by my peculiar
Form, before running off into the deep woods
Where I must go, into the dark deep woods
Where I go, dark deep woods
Something urges me on like instinct, perhaps there
are people nearby who can help
I must find help, people near help
When I come to the edge of the wood an Elf
I catch in the corner of my eye goads me, begs me
Come hither into the wood and I Go
Go and go further into the dark, deep wood
But I am not scared, only following the sweet copper smell
Until I fall upon a Shadow in the Forest, and into the Black I fell
When I Woke again I taste more copper, and crimson stains
and red are upon my shirt and legs and boots
It is dark now but I can see, see the Fire in the deep woods, and I
follow the light, follow light--tread light! Follow deep to the fire
And the forms awash in the ember glow, asleep and I must go...
Part II coming soon
Joshua Brown May 26
I don't care what you say
This is not a bad idea
I don't care if I'm not ready
This is a good idea
I can't hear you telling me otherwise
That this is not a good idea
Here I am, I'm doing just fine

You were right, this was a bad idea
Joshua Brown May 24
Man be good
He put in bowl for eat
He talk make sound happy
He make be feel good
He do make play
He talk make be feel good
He make good
Man be feel good
Man be gone when bright
Man be here when bright
Man be here when dark
Man lay when dark
Man be feel good
Man be make feel good when eyes be closed
Man be feel good
I did my best to imagine my dog's thought process during a typical day.
Joshua Brown May 23
"They" say the sense of smell is closely linked with memory
I never know how else to say where I get that--
Does Eva Green playing an epidemiologist in "Perfect Sense" count?
Probably not, but there is confirmation
in the smell of coffee each morning
My dad made coffee in an old drip-brew;
My mom makes coffee in a French press
I assume my dad still uses a drip brew--
it's the one he used the last time I visited him
That smell brings back family memories, when
everything seemed good
everything seemed whole
the pieces all fit, and there were no cracks
even though I know now it was just a facade
and couldn't last, and it leaves an ugly aftertaste
Like bitter coffee from an old drip-brew
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