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Violet Oct 2018
I still see faces like his wherever I go. It does not mean I still love him or constantly think about him, though. It means all the things I had thought was special in him could be found in anyone else; he is nowhere near irreplaceable.
Violet Mar 2018
"We'll figure it out."
"Please keep smiling; I like it that I make you happy."
The words that make flowers bloom, wounds heal, and passions on fire.
It feels surreal.
Violet Jan 2018
We are all creatures of grief and despair
Some may recognize that these cracks and fractures
Are more like patterns of colors and delights
While some will look at them as shameful scars

My heart was once whole and fully intact
It has fallen and broken and shattered into small fragments
Most I managed to retrieve from the abyss of the unknown
Yet they cannot be made into the shape that it once was

The warmth of your embrace is now dead as winter
But time betrays not the believing soul
For while I mourn for the loss of a stone-cold heart
The sun will rise again, once more, and you will heal, too, someday
Last year I must have been so ecstatic. Today I am half in grief, half in recovery. Someday, I hope, your heart truly thaws.
Violet Oct 2017
If ever you loved me
Then I pray to God above
That you will wake up one night
With the memory of my voice
Echoing inside your head

If ever you loved me
Then I pray to God above
That the next time you see
A turquoise rose on display
You would remember my lips

If ever you loved me
Then I pray to God above
That the next girl you fall in love with
Can never kiss you or love you
The way I did with my soul

If ever you loved me
Then you will know
That you lost me
Violet Jul 2017
The worst thing is knowing that being loved by someone does not necessarily make you feel you are enough.

He loves me and yet I keep on doubting everything, believing that I will always be the one who loves more, who asks for something she barely deserves, who is not supposed to want more.

How do I make myself believe that I am, in fact, already more than enough? Only time will reveal the answer to me.
I know he loves me, but I don't always believe it. It's really just me being insecure.
Violet Jul 2017
Whenever he plants a kiss on me
I find myself not knowing exactly
Whose wish is being granted at the moment
Violet May 2017
"Thank you," you whispered to me
"This," I said to you with a smile
"This is love, isn't it?"
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