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It is but for once a while
Stars align
A destiny only said as divine
And can be reached through trial
By fire

My life already strung
By but a single wire
For what battles already waged
My breath still hung
In memories seemed staged
Through the eyes of the blind
Obsessed in fights without valor
Just to enact a house divided
Forgotten to what is kind
And guarded without armor

Wandered alone in desert
My thirst substantial to wither
What strength I remain
Held to the light by the Seraphim
So I may ever be alert
To one day be with her
No matter how far I go insane
No matter how big I dream

For it was she that helped me see
What I was becoming
For it was she that saw
The potential for it all
And allowed my strength to build
To handle the life that is upcoming
With energy vigorous and raw
Unshaken by the ethereal brawl
So my demons would finally be killed

As the final war let out its cry
The storms that came shook
With every roar
She found reason to hide
Aching my heart to look
As my lungs ran sore
Pleading with every thought
To comfort her yet again
Too afraid I left her
So she ran for another

I tried to do the same
Spreading lies with claim
To cloud what I saw as love
With mere disdain
But in time I realized
The words she said to me during it all were true
So I took steps to begin anew
To undo all hatred I had wrought
And keep the losing flame
Running high
No matter my reach in fame
For I may be burned
When I work the courage to say
I am still in love with you
Thoughts of darkness I never leave
Chances to escape both frighten
Yet give me reason to believe
The ecstasy of serenity
Freeing me from its grasp
By walking the shadowy path
To leave many to give
Many the chance to enlighten
Their own abyss
As my only motivation
Is to somehow conceive
The hearts to which thieve
My own straight from my chest
Leading to forging an identity
Some question as a psychopath
Yet I know no other way to live
In hopes the vision with the child's kiss
Becomes my life's fruition
To constantly better my best

A question often whispered
Is if the child I foreseen
Had named her mother to be
Fortune strikes no
Yet the journey often wonders
Otherwise there would be no mean
As one continues to strike against my heart
Someone has my attention
Enough so that efforts to hide such affection
Are seen through with ease

But timing and public voice
Render a pursuit not as wise
But the distance offers such an advantage
To still be there in times of need
Without risk of crossing that line
Until it is time
Where she can be free to make that call
Without ties to strangle her mind
That often seems to find ways
To poison her in random times
But truthfully I cannot judge
As my own head likes to tease
Such dread

But if I may be honest
Just so I may get a chance to release
Each time I see her, every hint of her presence
I cannot help but see
Her face in the moonlight
A divine gift to help with sight
As I'm acquainted more with night
Than that of daylight

She started to catch the reasons why
Yet didn't want me to disappear
I have tried to distance myself with others
But even faces barely known to me
Saw through my masquerade
So it is hard to deny through truth
Leaving me to only the original choice
To simply wait and see
What is all this moonlight meaning
A mere fantasy from lonesome thoughts
Or a true destiny never thought possible
I hate that I have this feeling
A residency in my chest
Filled by an unexpected guest
That I cannot confess
Outside of subtle hints
Of what haunts nearly every thought
At least for a time
Until it is right

I keep that photo close
A rare moment
Probably so common
For people accepted
Maybe that's all it really is
What I actually feel
Just being a part of a family

The truth is rather a mess
I know I shouldn't feel like this
But this is still the case
The place in my heart
Will always be there
In hopes that the soulful eyes
Will meet mine
To hold the heart
Like I owed when we part
I miss it greatly
To which I will keep to my vow
To do what I can
So it will always be there

The doors will always be open
The windows even cracked
If time allows it to happen
She will always have a way in

On the off chance the heart sees better
What my eyes cannot
And its childish wish
For this
Is granted by reality
I hope that they can see
What it is that nearly blinds me

A pure heavenly light in the darkness
The reason for the battle to greatness
To rest in the valleys
Seeding rose gardens with possibilities
Of the future past the expectations
Promised by the angels
Given that I followed the order
To push through and fight for the masses
That couldn't take the battles on their own
To bring about a world those people can feel safe in

That is what she brings out in me
A sense of purpose in this life
I had forgotten I had
In a time of hardship
Even if the wishes I cast never fulfill
The truth is I love her still
And see she was simply meant
To revive the part of me that died

I have to accept that may simply be the case
As anything more may simply be fantasy
As for now I cannot be anything more to her
Than a watchful overseer and friend
Can you hear me
Can you see me
Far from the daylight
Stuck in this fight
Can you hear me
Can you see me
I am lost here
Waiting for you my dear

The skies keep falling
Hell keeps rising
I can't keep going
This battle is too much

Heaven's armies scrambling
Father's wishes dying
Demons always trembling

The hordes of lost souls
Screaming in the night
For the lives they stole
From the light
Prayers are never answered
As God left this world
To let creation take its time
Free itself, from grasps of cancered
Loosened from the crime

Can you hear me
Can you see me
Far from the daylight
Stuck in this fight
Can you hear me
Can you see me
I am lost here
Waiting for you my dear
Take the steps in stride
Fight the world with pride
Show that you are a man
Stare against the world
Show off what you can
But don't you dare lie
You would not be standing there
Without the arms of a woman
You laid curled
Without her you could die
It might not even be fair
But it's her

Mother, daughter, sister, friend
Lover, fighter, true survivor
Grandmother, teacher
Healer, shoulder
Cleansing fire
Don't you ever
Deny that she makes your world
Holy water, warrior
A mighty knight's suit of armor
An angel's choir, Heaven's sire
A loving child
Woman's stride
Female Pride

Heart so wide
That is why you should stride
Should she see the day
She runs the world
She never needed
The men who hurt her
Worlds would change
As they already have

A woman's love
Paved the way
For our modern sky to never
Be the limits
Yet make it so
We live to take that chance
So why is it we take her for granted
Try to only treat her
Like she's a toy
A thing we may pamper
When the endless limit of her mind
The lights of her soul
The warmth of her heart
Are keys to creation
And beauties unknown

Mother, daughter, sister, friend
Lover, fighter, true survivor
Grandmother, teacher
Healer, shoulder
Cleansing fire
Don't you ever
Deny that she makes your world
Holy water, warrior
A mighty knight's suit of armor
An angel's choir, Heaven's sire
A loving child
Woman's stride
Female Pride

She may hit like I girl
But I see that pain is like no other
She never needed me to save her
When she has the power
But a fool I'll be
Not to help her
When she sees the need
It's her heart
It's her mind
It's her soul
It's her being
It's her
Why you are here
It is from what birth
I saw my cause
As but a stone in the depths
Of Hellish fronts
To serve but a bridge
So those lost in darkness
May find their true place
In Light
But some time passed
As my stone started to burn
An angelic light
Found me and saw my worth

Since that fateful day
I feel freed from my bounds
Just hoping
And endless praying
To meet the divine beauty
That captivated my sight
Seemingly ages ago
Who continues to whisper in the night
As I cannot pull away
From the shimmer and wisdom
Of the starlight
Deep into her eyes
As each glimmer
Quickly proves to be
But mere fragments of
Her divine soul

It is but a source
So strange, yet so familiar
It is but a lesson in life
And a heart of warmth
Untapped and hidden
By the corrupt of souls
As it seeks to find a way out
The deepest pieces of my very being
Just wish to be there to help
In any form she may see fit
But it is with hope
That I pray the angel I seek
Knows that my intention
Is not to add toxicity to her life
But to join my own to hers
To lead us to serenity
To help as many as we can
And to flourish against the odds
She was but an image in my head
One I once believed
Would help make easy passage
Far past all dread
But who am I
To deny
What her essence had already achieved
Came at a heavy price
To truly evolve
With life advice
To forge paradise
Was not an effort for the weak
Even when fate seemed bleak
My admiration
Of her loyalty
And dedication
To better her own faults
Continued to grow
Even in tested days
She still always amazed
What could help write
A fairytale narration
Not unlike that
Of Beauty and the Beast

Constant melodies emerge from the soul
Looking to try to hold her
When the day turns sour
Poetry much like this
Is hard to dismiss
To immortalize what words I wish to say
When times might render me silent
To what my heart hopes to occur
It is not but secret she is blind to
And her holding my being to the highest principle
When my ego took over
Only betters what it is I see
In the glimmer of her Eternal Jewel
As I continue to pray
Each day
For the hope to capture that glow
On the rings
To help sew
The miracle in our meeting
Into a fabrics of creation
As she is the first to make me feel
That I actually deserve a chance
At everlasting happiness

The very fact we met is a miracle
Enough to contemplate
If an angel took favor
If the chance encounter
Hadn't been brewing all along
Spinning verse of lyrical
As there is no debate
It is a thing to really savor
To have such fate in another
After finally getting to shred the dark ties
In turbulent and terror
To find another who understood
Exactly why
I saw the starlit sky
When the world seemed cloudy
To which my own faults
Threatened to drive her out
Proving myself to be but the greatest fool
As I worked to tear the castle walls
And slipped her a key
To which when she found herself ready
To find inside
The truest of treasure I can offer
In hopes they are the same
If not greater
Then what she once told me she admired
So when the morning rose
And we found ourselves
In the gaze of each other
As I cloak myself
In the Phantom veil
Of a being molded by favorites
And heroes
To hopefully ascend
Beyond the end
Of the memory in which
Brakes the barriers set on us
By forces beyond our control
Giving us the edge
To truly seek out
What it is we long desired
Of heart and of mind
To define
The imprints we leave
Upon the globe
Our push to
The cruelty of what laid
Behind us
And forging empires of eternal jewel
Captivating all who witness
Its glory
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