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You walk alone,
You carry on.
Looking ahead,
Forgetting it all.

Your knees are week
You struggle to stand.
You fight to hold on,
With trembling hands.

Each step feels higher
Each mile feels longer.
You walk a little slower,
As the days grow colder.

You walked away from who you were.
You turned away and watched it burn.
You shed your skin and became a new man.
But your heart always remembers who you were back then.

- Brandon K. Stephenson
Looking back I think about how,
How we would be if we were together right now.
We were young, we didn’t understand.
We had something beautiful and let it slip through our hands.

Now here we are living two different lives.
In love with different people,
Falling into different eyes.
But even then, as each day goes by.
Our hearts always remember.
Our hearts remain tied.

I know this hurts and it doesn’t  seem fair.
But there are other hearts involved now,
Hearts that love us with all they have...
Honest  and without fear.

I will always love you,
But I found someone else.
She has my love now,
I have nothing left to give.

- Brandon K. Stephenson
Lying here, alone with my thoughts,
I search through the chaos to make sense of it all.
My chest grows tighter the farther I fall,
Suffocating me slowly in a sea of my faults.
I spiral downward with every regret,
All the memories and pain I never could forget.
Intense with shame and hate all the same,
I closed my eyes only to wake in my bed.
Alone with my thoughts,
Alone once again...

- B.K.S.
A quick write depicting a lonely, sleepless night, plagued by overwhelming thoughts
Here's to the Hell,
Here's to the struggles you were dealt,
All pain you ever felt and every tear that ever fell.

When  you walk through fire,
you grow a little stronger.
And whenever you fall ,
You always rise standing taller.

Life is a gift we take for granted as if it's borrowed.
Learn from your past,
Know your sorrow,
Live each day with no promise of tomorrow.
Just a feeling I had that Made me want to write.
You've been asleep for awhile
But when you wake I'll be gone
Cause you used to make me smile
But it faded long ago

With every breath you take
My heart breaks a little more
All those nights I held you tight through the thunder of every storm

I've bowed my head a thousand times asking why and begging please
But I guess He just can't take us back to the way we used to be...
...This time I won't let go,
I'll hold on to you forever,
long after we're old.
You're all I need,
My life’s favorite song

Ahead in my head,
You're always there.
Beside me, smiling, without fear.
Hand in hand,
You opened your world to me,
You accepted my flaws,
You helped me believe.

Because of this, I give you it all,
All that I have within me
that makes me, me at all

With shaking hands,
I hand to you a heart of stone
A heart that will beat for you and you alone...

With my heart in your hands I watched you hold it close.
I can’t give you the stars,
But I can make them brighter with you..

- Brandon K. Stephenson
To memories and yesterday’s heartbeats
Three tear drops, 
a lip stick heart 
and a cigarette burn 
signed love always.

Every word 
of every line 
lit these memories 
into flames.

"You were heartless 
so **** dishonest 
our love was the biggest mistake 
I ever made."

And you fade away
With the ink smeared on this page.
It never crossed... my mind
That I would ever hear you say,
Ohh goodbye...

Here I am on my knees 
Can't even cry, It's hard to breathe.
I was so blind, I couldn’t see.
I realize now, you're all I need.

Oh goodbye...

And we fade away
With the ink smeared on this page.
It never crossed... my mind
That I would ever let you say,
Ohh goodbye... never realize what you have until it's already gone...
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