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7d · 265
Future history books
will need
a hundred chapters
just for year
I needed to write this. When will we have enough of 2020? When will the surprises and deaths end? When I look at all the bad things that have happened in 2020, and we’re just half through, I get scared.

From COVID-19 pandemic to Kobe and Gigi’ Bryant’s death to Australia burning to earthquakes, to George Floyd’s killing to Myanmar mine landslide disaster and now Beirut’s explosion.

The videos that moved me to tears from the explosion were the father trying to save his son and the maid who ignored her own life to save her employer’s child. But there’s hope for tomorrow.

To all those who have lost their family, friends and loved ones in 2020, my condolences.
Jul 31 · 429
On your own
There’s always the need
to find ways
to see the world
as a beautiful place
and somehow,
do it alone
I was off for sometime. Someway somehow, I was waiting for human approval to be happy. Never did I find that. Everyone was concerned about themselves. One lesson I learned is, to be happy, you’re on your own. The world is an open place for chances. You choose what you see. You choose to see pain, you will get it. You choose happiness, that’s what you’re going to get. Create a world of happiness for yourself, because no one is going to do that for you.
Mar 27 · 97
Let's Leave Legacy
We're all passengers here
The earth is not our destination
We'll leave the same way we came -empty
We live so we can leave
Some will leave early
Others will leave late
Whatever the case is,
we'll still leave
Our days are numbered
But shouldn't outnumber our legacy
Mar 22 · 125
When you're broken
And all you see is darkness
When darkness seems to
Shine brighter in your life
When you are in sorrow
And your survival rate
Is still low
When all hope is lost
And no one to save you

And know this,
Your breathe is your survival
If you stop breathing, you
To death
Keep On Breathing
Sometimes we want to give up on life. That's the moment we have to know that there's more to life. So whatever you can, keep on breathing. Keeping on living.
Feb 18 · 214
Life, Death next
We're born
To pass through
The land
Of the unknown.
The promised land
Is our destination.
Whether we creep, walk, run or gallop,
There's only one way out.
Some people are lucky to find theirs early.
No escape... no hiding.
On. On...
We shall leave here -
One person at a time.
I heard about the death of Nikita Pearl Waligwa, a fifteen year old girl who played the role of Gloria in Disney's The Queen of Katwe. I was so downhearted and wondered why death would be so cold to a beautiful princess as her.

One thing came to mind - this earth is not our permanent home. We are just on a journey and those who find their home leave us.

Fare thee well young princess
Feb 4 · 94
I look to the sky
With a joyful heart
Praise, honor and glory to His name
Faced an endless time with zero chance
Of freeing myself, finding home
The cuff was my gold wrist watch
The steel cage was my proper place
Stripped of my right, faith and freedom
But He stepped in
To show me the way, truth and life
He was all I needed
To break my chains
Now I see a newfangled beginning
I can stay awake and still be free
I’m saved
Jan 30 · 77
A prince in imagination
A prisoner in reality –
Lost between two worlds
What a lad to do?
Sleep or stay awake
As the biospheres keep switching,
Cherubs cry for the lost
Nervousness fences like invisible steel cage
Do I hold on to the thought in mind
Or bear the anguish of reality?
Topsy-turvy, troubled, tripped, tumbled…
No matter how hard I try
To free myself, I can’t
The struggle is real
In mind, soul and body
Jan 20 · 182
It's your daily prayer
I get kicked out of the world
to the land
of the unknown

I keep telling you
wishes are horses
and your will will actually be

'Tis you. You ken this evil agenda
Now I'm going to this land forever

Don't ask of me from my friends
You'll ask
but nothing you'll get
Don't seek, you won't find
Don't knock, there is no door

If remorsefulness beckons you
just call my name
by my sepulcher
and I'll answer you -
Jan 10 · 157
Peace be Still
We all need peace!
This is our only earth
Our only HOME
If we can't protect it,
Let's not destroy it.
Praying for peace
Asking for PEACE!
Jan 10 · 117
Behind the Mask
The face behind the mask
Is the image
Of deception
Of lies
And of greed
But it's also the image
Of reality
Of love
And of truth
The face behind the mask
Is the image
You cannot predict
It's next move
Because you are not ready
To look beyond the mask
Dec 2019 · 72
It started with a kiss
And we got ******
It was a heated argument
The insults were uncalled for
They hit you in the heart
I know
But I love you
I can't let you go
I can't let you s
It's my fault after all
Now tell me what's the point when all you need is never there?
I want to turn back the hand of time
But nature can't let it be
The world is falling down
My hope is dying
Like lovers do,
We need to kiss our way back together
This time, stronger
With kisses, kisses and kisses
Oh Jeez' I miss you
They say if we must love,
we must learn to forgive
On my knees
To take what's MINE
For without you,
I cease to exist
Fights do happen in relationships. One must learn to recognise his/her mistakes. And the other must learn to forgive
Sep 2019 · 429
Everyone Falls (Haiku)
...Also seen great men
Walk down the wrong path of life
Never to return
Sep 2019 · 172
God's Home (if there is)
A heart that's soft and tender
Is a heart that loves
And ready to know His path

A heart that accepts mistakes
Is a heart that forgives
And ready to compromise

A heart that yearns for Truth
Is a heart that believes in restitution
And ready to be called God's HOME
Aug 2019 · 270
I was to drown in the sea,
but you saved me
only to be killed by you
Oh! The sea tossed me
from one wave of misery to the other
But I liked that torture
than being in your arms
For the first time ever I felt something
that was real and genuine
I said my last prayer of joy
Cux I knew that was it - the end
The end of lies, wound and pain from you
Also the beginning of a bliss
and refreshing air they've talked about
from the other side of the world
where I was bubbly headed
I was prepared to meet death.
Just when I was taking my last breathe,
I met the oncoming arm - you
pulling me out
Aah! It's you again
It pains you to let me go
Yet you ain't ready to treat me right
Why not allow me escape in peace
Like Moana, the sea was calling me
I was to die in the sea
But from today, I'll die in your perilous arms
The day you saved me
was the day I truly died
Aug 2019 · 334
Sometimes our greatest happiness
comes from the things we are afraid to do
Whatever the degree of the fear,
Jul 2019 · 157
Stair or Slide - HELP!
Wear the hood again
and see if they won't love you more
You'll realize it's the only thing
            ­         life
Without the hood,
it'll be so
                   ­        r
To slid them away - yet again
Have you ever been in the situation where people only love you when you are in your disguised self?
That is, they show much care and accept you not for who you really are, but your fake self.
Do you have to be in that position to remain in their love or you have to accept your real self, even though that choice risks losing more of them, or possibly, everyone.
Jun 2019 · 178
They Listened Not
Down the failure's den
They chose to walk
My advice was a hard talk
They kept saying

Well, all I wanted
Was to light their darkness
And drive it away
Far from their way

But they rejected the light
That was meant to make them right
It was an advice
To illuminate their feeble hearts
Sometimes, people tend to misinterpret the advices we give them, thinking we hate them
Jun 2019 · 140
If there's another way to love
Show me
If you could take me out of this cave
Please, don't do it
For I'm lost in a cave of your love
Love takes two
You may not have a clue
That in your heart, I fell
What I feel about you is real
Without you, my life is of no use
With you, weeping is of no use
Silence as an answer, I may not bear
But could be what I need to hear
At least, for now
Love is a beautiful thing... only when it is returned
Jun 2019 · 142
If God could wait long enough
For snails to enter Noah's Ark,
His door of favor is always available
It won't close till you get there
Jun 2019 · 90
Hope is all I need
I am not where
I want to be
Neither am I where
I used to be
But in the process of getting to where
God has destined for me

Sometimes I feel like leaving this world
And be at where the trashes are hurled
Sometimes I want to commit suicide
And I know it can't be denied
Then I realize it's better to accept what I see
Than to strive for what may not be

I may not be the best
Among the rest
I am always known
To be alone
I know it's part of God's plan
To lift the ban
It doesn't matter what you are going through. As long as you trust your purpose on earth, work hard and keep up the faith, there's always success at the end.
Jun 2019 · 285
The Affair
*** is good for health,
I was told
I remember the other night in the room
Alone with Philomena since noon
She allured me with her inflated 'balloon'
and I couldn't resist dancing to her tune.
For the first time fantasies met reality, I smiled

People get encountered with the Holy Spirit
But mine?
Mine was with a woman I had no license to touch.
My sulky dependency on God was laid to rest
As soon as I got Philomena undressed
Now, we were going to have more than just glimpse
We tossed and turned in our plight
Our mission was to satisfy ourselves until the sun shows light

I turned her around, sat up and kissed her
With delight, I made her ride on top of me
Moaning and whimpering was our ****** instrument
A frictional force was created
from each of our bodies as the hours passed by
Lying still, my breath caught up in my chest
It seemed like the voyage
had taken forever
and also just begun – all at the same time

After the 'genging and banging' had settled
and Philomena was deeply asleep,
My anxieties were also put to sleep
I opened the window,
Turned to Philomena, and in sorrow, gripped the pillow.
The stupidity in me had traded my dignity for shame before my God

It was the night I cursed myself
What to tell my creator is still left scrambled
*** is good for health, I was told
Having it with the right person
And at the right time, I never listened
Science and reasoning taught me the former
But the Bible... Jesus prefers the latter
Love is sometimes used interchangeably with *** which shouldn't be so.

— The End —