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Bard May 2020
Wanna be someone cool but I'm a loser, I'm a cheat
Wanna get a move on but all I have is my two feet
Watchin my life pass me by everyday on repeat

I've cheated liars I've ran from honest money
I've let late nights and party's create a personality
Ive let it escape me, take over me, become me

Have I made it somewhere with this crown
Have I finally walked enough to be someone
Have I become happy now that I'm not alone

**** if I know but it sure is fun
****, I know I'll never turn
**** its so hot I'm gonna burn

This is a game of chicken with no way to turn
This game full of people who cheat for fun
This life of thrill seekers who just wanna burn

And I've taken my throne king to someone
And as king I wear a heavy metal crown
And with its self righteousness  I sit alone

Its not the reputation, nor the money
Its desperation for people to like me
Exasperation and greed to personality

Someone cool bit of a liar and a cheat
Walkin with all I have my two feet
Every day life happens on repeat
J J Oct 2019
When we die I hope we are reborn as ourselves.
I'd love to meet and fall in love with you
     All over again.

I wish I could unzip your skull and
Caress your brain until you drifted off to
     Sleep. Feeling your dreams

Weave, the circuits entangle and worry
    Unstress at my fingertips.
I wish I could kiss every bad memory

Until there is only us.
I wish we were both happy all the time
And I know that's impossible, but some days

You make it feel so possible, so near, my dearest.

I wish we could float in space with no other company,
Drift until the earth gets lost with the stars, held tightly

At one another's wrists. Beating. Beating. Beating

     Condensed sea's and eidetic sky's.
        I wish I could display my love properly;

Beyond words, beyond flesh,

We are two thirds of a lifetime

And it's one I'll never grow sick of
For as long as you are in my company.

For the moment, hold me close, hold me closer
And let us dream alongside one another, knowing
      Our dreams consist of the other;

Their well-being, their sacrifices, their fears, theirs gripes--
   Their flaws and perks held deep and impeccably still

As a jade flower enwombed to the rarest, blackest of jewels.

As a pulsating constance. As a spectral echo. As a lover
Found and never wanting to fall lost ever again. Yet,

When I die I hope I am rewinded back to my very
First memory. I would love to forget you. Love to hold you
For the very first time for the billionth consecutive time

Without even knowing...

I would love to feel the emptiness that was a world
   Before it was made beautiful, feeling life become something
To be cherished. From first sight to the last, never let me go

And pass alongside me,
Moving throughout me

Some days I think I feel your every heartbeat.
Some days I sense you can feel mine. Be mine and let me be yours.
Whatever may come, whatever may go.
Stay with me and we can outshine any circumstance.

You are my circumstance. You are my beating heart.
You are my life and you my reason for wanting to love myself.
A bit serial killer-ly, hence the title. Love is so hard to express. I think that's the takeaway from this poem. I hope it came out as messily as intended.
Saarah Ali Jul 2018
Fists clenched tightly
Nails digging into the palms of hands
Jaw tensed
I am ready to fight

Nails digging into the palms of hands
Huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf
I am ready to fight
My hand collides against your face

Huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf
A smirk runs across my lips
My hand collides against your face
Waiting for you to strike back

A smirk runs across my lips
Jaw tensed
Waiting for you to strike back
Fists clenched tightly
for the one who saw
so fit to obliterate
such magnificent lights
from the page's plate


against the removal
of those gifted amps
their lambent works
were of stellar lamps


wendee mcmoon Nov 2017
Strike a match and I will burn
Becoming the fires that rage in Hell
With the molten ocean waves that churn.

My love is passion and I yearn
I must break free of this prison, this cell
Strike a match and I will burn.

Watch my heart as it begins to turn
I screamed and gasped as I fell
With the molten ocean waves that churn.

Maybe I will never learn
But what I've seen I will never tell
Strike a match and I will burn.

My heart claims it will not spurn
And that my feelings for you will not quell
With the molten ocean waves that churn.

These feelings I have worked to earn
I have finally cast my final spell.
Strike a match and I will burn,
With the molten ocean waves that churn.
A villanelle I composed for my Intro to Creative Writing class. It was very hard to write, and it took me a bit to complete it and be satisfied. To learn more about villanelles, click here:
Spike Harper Jul 2016
Gears continuously grind.
Bit by bit.
More is chiseled away.
A steady.
Screeching pace.
But it is the silence that must be feared.
When the cranking continues.
And no momentum gained.
The beast moves just for that point alone.
Out of routine.
With insides rusted.
And oiled.
Progress seems relevant.
Sought for even.
But this robotic organism is hard.
To face.
Is a constant.
A rampaging viral plague.
Calculated they say.
Must this faux dance recital.
Go on.
Only until it all.
Comes down
Silencer Mar 2016
Someone to understand
Someone to make sense of all that I am

Too deep
Its times like these
I put reality to sleep

I'd like to believe I know what is next but I don't  
I can't live for the past, I can't live for the future,
I can only live for the moment,
So I own it.
I'm on a spiritual level and no one seems to understand
It's as if I'm living on a foreign land
With low to no company
I managed the come up with strength and with sovereignty
I did it alone

Now that's in the past
Now I need something new

New partner, new experience

And that's what I need
The ending connects to the beginning
She does this thing to me
This thing I can't explain.
It's like a dove
Perhaps it's love
This thing I chase in vain.

She makes my heart feel good
My brain confused and glad
I added music as she stood
And she danced (not bad!)

She has this thing about her
This thing as free as birds
The one I love
My love, the dove,
For whom there are no words.
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