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I hate it
When death becomes
An option

I like it
When death is not
The only option
There’s no one to rely on
When your feathers break
I just met this lady
Never seen her
Around these parts
I guess she's new here
She is beautiful
I couldn't even say hello
I hope to see her again
If her heart is
As beautiful as
Her looks,
I promise to take her
To the altar
This man has lost all twenty-seven emotions
Like a robot -
Any whiff of emotion even feels too much
Every word this man says is snubbed
Every sleep - his heart beats slower

          From the pain this man suffered

The drugs this man used to be
So afraid of -
Scares him no more
For it had almost wounded him
Right by his own bed

          Which he saw as a liberation

This man is tired
He's ended up becoming
What he used to fight against
It has consumed his soul
To the point of no recovery

         Which is no longer necessary

This man has zero life
He lives for no one
To be precise -
To pay the price -
This man shall die tonight

          At this point, death would hurt less
Note: This poem feature triggering topics (suicide,  drug abuse, self-harm, depression). Kindly restrict yourself from reading if you are sensitive to these topics.
There was a time
When I didn't want to be
In the darkness anymore
I wanted something more —
To be the darkness itself

Been there

But I said bye-bye to that past
I shut the door so hard
That can't be returned to
It’s something I don't want to
See in my life

Never again
I will never leave you
Your melodic voice
Makes me feel alive
Through my dark moments
Your infectious smile
Brings out the best in me
Your everyday care and affection
Make me feel like a perfect man
You heal my wounds every time I am hurt
You're calm and clear, soft and tender
Your beauty is not just about being pretty
But also about your morals and thoughts
I will always think about you
Even if we are worlds apart
Cuz’ you are all I yearn for
Make me your final decision
And we will grow old together
Life is a journey.
Dive deep and swim far
to discover yourself
to discover what is within you.
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