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We're all passengers here
The earth is not our destination
We'll leave the same way we came -empty
We live so we can leave
Some will leave early
Others will leave late
Whatever the case is,
we'll still leave
Our days are numbered
But shouldn't outnumber our legacy
When you're broken
And all you see is darkness
When darkness seems to
Shine brighter in your life
When you are in sorrow
And your survival rate
Is still low
When all hope is lost
And no one to save you

And know this,
Your breathe is your survival
If you stop breathing, you
To death
Keep On Breathing
Sometimes we want to give up on life. That's the moment we have to know that there's more to life. So whatever you can, keep on breathing. Keeping on living.
We're born
To pass through
The land
Of the unknown.
The promised land
Is our destination.
Whether we creep, walk, run or gallop,
There's only one way out.
Some people are lucky to find theirs early.
No escape... no hiding.
On. On...
We shall leave here -
One person at a time.
I heard about the death of Nikita Pearl Waligwa, a fifteen year old girl who played the role of Gloria in Disney's The Queen of Katwe. I was so downhearted and wondered why death would be so cold to a beautiful princess as her.

One thing came to mind - this earth is not our permanent home. We are just on a journey and those who find their home leave us.

Fare thee well young princess
tw suicidal fantasy

This is the last time
The knife will never again leave its drawer
Not after tonight
Not by my hand

I’ll take it out
Unsheathe the tool of my end
I just... I just wanna...
Hold it against my skin

There will be no restraint
Not this time
I’ll dig it in as deep as I can bear
Tear a horrible **** in my arm

I wanna feel the agony
Watch myself bleed out
Until it gets foggy
Until the room starts to sway

Then, I can lay myself down
One last time.
Ugh... my heart aches for an end...

dw I’ve contacted suicide prevention
I look to the sky
With a joyful heart
Praise, honor and glory to His name
Faced an endless time with zero chance
Of freeing myself, finding home
The cuff was my gold wrist watch
The steel cage was my proper place
Stripped of my right, faith and freedom
But He stepped in
To show me the way, truth and life
He was all I needed
To break my chains
Now I see a newfangled beginning
I can stay awake and still be free
I’m saved
A prince in imagination
A prisoner in reality –
Lost between two worlds
What a lad to do?
Sleep or stay awake
As the biospheres keep switching,
Cherubs cry for the lost
Nervousness fences like invisible steel cage
Do I hold on to the thought in mind
Or bear the anguish of reality?
Topsy-turvy, troubled, tripped, tumbled…
No matter how hard I try
To free myself, I can’t
The struggle is real
In mind, soul and body
We all need peace!
This is our only earth
Our only HOME
If we can't protect it,
Let's not destroy it.
Praying for peace
Asking for PEACE!
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