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They argue it doesn't really matter;
A minor lie,
And a slight distortion—
Until the moment arrives when darkness
Consumes your mind and detonates,
Leaving your body lifeless
As it crumples in a gradual descent.
Telling small lies can lead to big problems over time.
One foot on the ground, the other in the air
I stand here, in a new world
A path I've chosen, a road untraveled
Full of hope and possibility

Five months have passed since I made the leap
Since I left my old life behind
And set out on a new adventure
With nothing but a dream in my heart

The journey has been full of twists and turns
Of ups and downs, of highs and lows
But I've pushed on
Through the tough times
With a steadfast determination in my soul

The new path has been full of challenges
A maze of obstacles to overcome
But with each challenge,
I've grown stronger
More resilient, more determined than before

But the past is now behind me
A distant memory, fading in the distance
I've embraced the uncertainty and the unknown
And stepped forward with courage and conviction

I've faced my fears and conquered my doubts
And learned to trust in my own abilities
To believe in myself and in my dreams
And to never give up
No matter what life brings

The new path has brought me joy and laughter
And moments of pure happiness and bliss
It's been a journey of self-discovery

I've met new people and made new friends
And discovered new passions and interests
And I know that this path is where I belong
Where I'm meant to be
Where I'll thrive and grow

The memories of the past still linger
A reminder of where I've come from
But the future is where my heart lies

I'll keep walking this new path
With a heart full of hope, and a soul full of courage
Ready to face whatever comes my way
And to live a life that's truly worth living
And I know that the journey is far from over
But I'm ready for whatever lies ahead
One foot in my future path
The other one in my past
Two lives before me
At the crossroad

I stand here, torn between two worlds
One, a life I've always known and held dear
The other, a road untraveled, full of potential
A new horizon, waiting to be discovered

One pushes me
Into the land of prospects
A new beginning, a fresh start
The other holds me
Like I have unfinished business
A life half-lived, with much to be done

One is a path I've known
Familiar in its ways
The other, I'm yet to explore
Unknown and uncertain
Yet full of promise

One a cozy cocoon of comfort and care
The other, a courageous call
Like a sky full of sparkling stars
Shining and shimmering in the shade

The past and the future, pulling at me
One, a tether to my roots and my history
The other is a call to adventure and new experiences

Clean the slate and start afresh
Easier said than done, as the memories flood back
Echoes of the past whispering in my ear
Asking me to stay
And to not let go

Memories hold me back
But new ambitions push me away
A push and pull, a battle for my soul
The decision I must make
An overwhelming task

Forever is not my place here
A reminder that change is the only constant
That life is a journey
With twists and turns
And that nothing stays the same

The crossroad before me, a blank canvas
Waiting for me to paint my future
To choose my own path, my own destiny
To follow my dreams
Wherever they may lead

The crossroad behind me, a distant memory
A new road lies ahead
And I'll walk it with pride, with purpose, and with joy
Towards a future that's waiting for me

But for now, I'll take a moment, to breathe and reflect
To listen to the voices within
To hear the whispers of my heart
And the echoes of my soul
I will be still
For a short space of time
And decide what's best for me
And me, and me!
To many people of the world, Africa is often seen
Through a narrow lens, a filtered screen
As a place of poverty, starvation and disease
Of famine, drought, and misery
But this is only one side of the story
Most people say this out of ignorance, I’m sorry
Africa is a land of great diversity
Of vibrant cultures, of ancient traditions
Of beauty, of art, of peace
Yes, we have our challenges, it's true
But we are a people of strength, of resilience, of hope
From Algeria in the north, where ancient ruins abound
To Zimbabwe in the south, where Victoria Falls resound
Senegal is where the vibrant West African culture comes alive
And in Seychelles, the archipelago's beaches and nature are a perfect vibe
Sierra Leone has the beautiful beaches of Freetown
While Egypt has the Pyramids and other awe-inspiring sculptures
Mauritius is a paradise island, with virg*n beaches and luxury resorts
From the rainforests of the
Congo to the beaches of Cape Town
From Bijilo Forest Park in the Gambia
To the Kragga Kamma Game Reserve in South Africa
From Ghana to Nigeria, who regularly argue over which country
Makes the best Jollof, fufu and afrobeat
But the bond is as close as Arnold Schwarzenegger and guns – big guns
Look at Africa with a broader lens
And behold, you find the flawlessly faultless
The continent of countries, of tribes, of peoples
Each with its own history, its own voice, its own dreams
Its own richness of traditions, the diversity of their languages
And the beauty of their cultures
Let us dismiss the delusions
Of a continent that is backward, primitive, and poor
For Africa is a land of great potential
Of food that is spicy, soulful and sweet
Dance that is enthusiastic, energetic, and expressive
Where the earth is rich with resources untold
In doing so, we will break down the barriers
And create a world that is truly inclusive
For Africa is not a place of darkness
But a place of light, of hope, of opportunity
Africa is not a place of pity
But a place of power and pride
We are the children of a proud continent
Where the sun rises and sets with a sizzling splendor
Making it a place where every day is summer
He told her his secret —
All that was hidden in his heart
It was out of his love for her
Then she cut off his hair —
All that made him strong
Her love was a camouflage
She came for the secret —
All that made him who he was
To see him go awry, suffer, and perish
S. A. M. P. S. O. N.
It is hard to open up to people and trust them with your life, especially when they use it to destroy you.
My crime is that
I care too much,
love too much,
trust people easily,
don't act like a regular man,
and show my wounds
to the people I love.

So I am always misunderstood
seen as stupid
and left brokenhearted,
hurt and alone.

Maybe, just maybe,
I should for once turn into
what society wants me to be—
a man with no heart,
emotions, and care.
One small change
will affect everything else
This man is dying on his bed
Empty bottle in his hand
Suffocating from the drugs
And liquor he took
He falls as he struggles to stand
He's laboured so hard
But all his earnings —
Down the drain
Did the blood storm his brain?
Does he feel himself going insane?
Has the coke left his veins?
As he slams back down to the floor
He makes no other movements
And no other sounds
Now when someone enters
They'll know he died a clown
Trigger Warning: This poem feature triggering topics (suicide,  drug abuse, self-harm, depression). Kindly restrict yourself from reading if you are sensitive to these topics.
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