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Apr 2019 · 347
Y<3 u
You shine brighter than the stars in the country sky.
Your smile can light up a thousand rooms
You are absolutely, astoundingly gorgeous
Your hair is so free, never change it.
Your hair just adds to your gorgeousness
your mind, holds a thousand mysteries,
mysteries i can only dream to solve.  
your mind is a doorway to a thousand possibilities.
the way you think is a wonders thing,
a doorway to another realm of beauty unable to be seen by the naked eye.
you have such a brilliant outlook to the world around you.
your love burns brighter than a thousand suns.
warms the world and plants gardens.
your love could turn any day into a summers day.
 your love is a cocoon of safety and happiness.
Mar 2019 · 348
Will it work?
will it work?
this relationship.
will it last?
you, with your beautiful Hazel eyes.
staring into my soul.
I love you.
will it last?
will it work?
will you say "I do." ?
Mar 2019 · 296
little glass pedals
I was left broken again.
two relationships in a row.
why do I trust so easily?
all you do is crush me into little glass pieces in your hands.
at least this time there was someone to pick up the pieces.
I should just stop falling in love.
but I can't.
I can already feel myself begin to fall again.
Mar 2019 · 269
My Dad
my dad, his rage terrifies me,
the way he treats my mom aggravates me,
his constant neglect enrages me,
he is a workaholic,
trump supporting,
white man.
with a feminist,
free thinking,
who never apologizes for things he does wrong,
never makes time to chat with his daughter,
who never cares,
about anything,
other than,
Feb 2019 · 283
Just words
My words scream and shout
“Notice me! Help me! I am in deep pain”
But yet no one notices their small cries,
And people continue to read and like and say
“lol, MOOD”
But they bleed and cry.
Feb 2019 · 1.0k
Emotional Puppet
The bleak empty horrors of emotions entwine my body,
Move me like a paper mache puppet,
I swirl and twirl,
I dance and fumble about,
I do not articulate my internal pain,
So I stab and jab,
And bump into the ones I love.
Jan 2019 · 240
World without Love
A world without love
is a world full of despair and dwindling lives,
a world without love,
is a world without children,
a world without love,
is a world without empathy,
a world without love,
is a dying world,
a world without love,
is not a world worth living in.
Jan 2019 · 772
I love you,
I say it constantly,
I grasp you tightly,
I don’t want you to leave,
I love you,
The words roll off my lips so easily,
Because I mean it,
I mean it more than ever.
I love you,
I love the way you move,
The way you speak,
The way you look at me.
I love you,
I know things don’t last forever,
But I want this,
Oh how I want this,
To last forever,
I love you,
Never leave.
Dec 2018 · 1.3k
Sunny days
A bright,
Sunny day,
Lots of people,
Walking down the street,
What fun we will have!
Come on!
Come on!
Let’s go play!
The sun is so bright!
Look at all the people, mom!
That woman over there is wearing a skirt!
I don’t think she should wear skirts.
Hey lady!
I don’t know you,
But I don’t think you should wear skirts!  
That wasn’t nice?
Too late now!
Mom, look over there!
That guys face is funny.
Hey mister.
Your face is funny!
What do you mean where’s my mom?
She’s right over there don’t you see?
Aren’t bright
Colorful days
The best?
the poem I wrote about culture and hate
from the perspective of a child
Dec 2018 · 781
Dark Beauty
A dark beauty,
Emerging from the mist,
His eyes like coffee,
His lips yearning for touch,
Behind him,
The cloudy moon glows,
His eyes,
Piercing eyes,
In the cold,
Misty night,
“Dark beauty, dark beauty!” I call.
“what are you searching for?”  
“Love.” He says
His voice smooth and calming.
“Love like no other.”
The graveyard slowly decaying around him,
His ghostly white skin stands out in the cold dark night,
His eyes stare into mine,
Soulful eyes,
In a graveyard,
On a cold,
Misty night,
He steps towards me,
His smooth motions,
Give me an alluring desire,
His hand holds mine,
Gentle hands,
His eyes calming,
Calming eyes,
And ghostly skin,
In a graveyard,
On a cold,
Misty night.
for my love,
my sweet
Dec 2018 · 464
Darkness calls

the darkness calls

with cold dead hands



until the light disappears
Nov 2018 · 4.6k
my heart beats faster
every time you look at me
every time you say "I love you."
I grow even more attached
my heart beats faster
faster still.
Nov 2018 · 1.7k
My Darkness
The darkness,
A beautiful thing,
That surrounds my mind,
You are my light,
My life,
My love,
Without you
The tears stream down, for my problems come crashing in,
But when I’m with you,
The world goes scilent,
Your voice,
Better than music.
Draws me in,
But when you aren’t here,
I remember,
The painful touch of life,
The callas way it moves,
I miss you, when you aren’t online,
I wish you were here
I wish I could comfort you out of sorrow, but I cannot touch you,
I have known much pain,
But this hurts more.
Than any broken bone,
Or hurtful word,
I want to take care of you, to love you,
To share our darkness,
But I cannot touch you,
I cannot show you what you mean to me,
I love you
I love you
My dark soulmate.
Nov 2018 · 826
Dead souls
in the land of the living,
two dead souls fell in love,
two dead souls who cannot touch,
two dead souls,
dragged through pain,
left to rot,
fell in love,
two dead souls,
who only meet once a week,
stuck n a perpetual motion of anguish,
fell in love.
Nov 2018 · 1.1k
I'm afraid of losing you,
what are you afraid of?
you're not afraid of losing me?
no, I'm not.
why not?
because you're afraid of losing me.
Nov 2018 · 549
your eyes dazzle me, beyond belief,
you care,
even though the world was crule to you,
you love me,
which is still hard for me to understand,
but i dont want you to stop.
because i love you too.
i hope its not annoying,
that i tell you how much you mean to me,
i do that,
because i want you to know,
every day,
that you matter.
I love you seelenverwandter,
you make me happy,
when no one else does,
i want to be with you
to Jacob
Oct 2018 · 1.1k
Someone asked.
Someone asked me what makes me the happiest in this world.
honestly that  is my Boyfriend,
I know its dumb,
But he's my soulmate,
If there is such a thing,
That's him,
He is my silver lining,
His texts keep me going,
The hope of knowing,
That he loves me,
And i love him,
Is enough to rain in the negativity,
That people shove my way,
Every day,
I look forward to talking to him,
To seeing his face,
To telling him how much he means to me,
I am always going to love him,
I dont care what anyone else has to say,
I know,
In my heart,
He is the right person for me,
I'm glad I met him,
I now have something to look forward too in life.
Oct 2018 · 973
Never fall in love,
With a writer,
For a writer will grab your hand and whisper run,
As she pulls you,
Swirling twirling,
Through a world of imagination,
Never fall in love,
With a writer,
For she will drag you on adventures,
That you never wanted in the first place,
And all you could possibly say,
Is “as you wish”
So never fall in love with a writer,
But if you do,
Always tell her that you love her you’ll regret it if you don’t,
Never fall in love,
With a writer.
for the boy who dares to love me XD
Oct 2018 · 187
Loneliness is like a Ghost
Loneliness is trapped between two worlds,
Loneliness becomes bitter,
When left alone too long,
Loneliness hangs around, even when thought to be gone,
Loneliness is still there in a crowded room,
Loneliness never sleeps,
Loneliness has no boundaries,  
Loneliness can never be appeased,
Loneliness wants to feel alive again,
Loneliness can wear many faces,
An exorcism will not get rid of loneliness,
A psychic cannot tell what loneliness wants,
Loneliness cannot be seen through,
And Loneliness does not last forever.
Oct 2018 · 360
My skin is green,
I’m gross,
My teeth are falling out,
Even my limbs are breaking!
My skin is green,
I don’t know why,
My clothes are ripping,
My hair is gone,
My makeup is smeared,
My skin is green,
I have a date tonight,
And I am gross,
My nails are chipped,
My skin is green,
The doorbell rings,
I shuffle over,
My date is here,
His skin is green.
Oct 2018 · 1.3k
Sonnet II
The moon arose upon the dark night sky,
My lover lay still sleeping next to me,
His insipid skin shone bright, the beauty of he,
I arose; my fangs extended I can’t deny,
I assume you guessed that we cannot die,
As I wait I brew a *** of blood tea,
But the kettle screamed loud as a banshee,
My Dear, looked at me, a gleam in his eye,
He sat beside me, I can tell he thirsts,
“Dark angel” he charmed “lets please our blood lust,”
“Mon Cher” I murmur, “long as you’re with me,”
I bite her arching neck and the blood bursts,
You are the solitary one I trust,
This is survival, not just a **** spree.
vampire poem...
Oct 2018 · 154
The sound of a leaky faucet,
What, one may find annoying,
I find calming,
The pitter patter of rain on the roof,
The smell of oatmeal stuff,
The scratching of nails on the floor,
The sound of a sweet old dog snoring,
The sound of a pencil scratching on paper,
When the wind hits the house just right   to make a calm wheezing whistle sound,
The creaking of old stairs,
Soft music echoing down the hall,
Of a leaky faucet...
memory of my childhood.
Oct 2018 · 1.8k
The moon light shines,
A twilight night,
But even the beauty of the darkness,
Cannot compare,
To the Splendor of my lover.
Oct 2018 · 2.2k
When I met you.
The day I met you,
I wanted to be yours,
I wanted you to be mine,
I fell in love with you,
My world seemed to change,
In a way, it never had before,
My world was a broken clock,
But when I met you,
My world became the Cascades of wonder and possibilities,
The day you said "I love you,"
Was the day I knew,
You are the one for me,
I am not used to being treated,
In a wonderful way, you treat me,
People I dated in the Past treated me like an object,
To move at their own whim,
You treat me like a human,
An equal,
You love me in ways,
I never knew possible,
I opened myself up to you,
In ways, I thought long gone,  
I hope,
To be yours in eternity.
I love you always
Oct 2018 · 8.5k
Hey, You.
Hey, you
Do you know,
that I love you?
Do you know,
that you are dearer to me,
than all the bats,
In all the caves of the world?
Do you know,
that I will do,
for you?
Do you believe,
every word,
I say is true?
Hey, you
look at me,
let me hold your hand,
You do know,
you are the most important thing,
to ever exist in my life?
Oct 2018 · 6.6k
Little did he know..
Little did he know
every time
she said thank you
she was really saying
I love you.
Oct 2018 · 1.3k
What is meant for me?
I'm constantly walking through doorways, that have me slowly Falling out of the sky,
Into a hopeless pit of UN-Returned love.
Watching the sky fall away from my grasp,
as the ***** hands of time yank me further down.
how much longer until I have nothing left?
how far away is the ground?
I see faces of beautiful people,
but as I reach out I see,
the ugly heart within.
I look,
through the hands of time,
that yank me further down,
to find the one,
destined for me.
Sep 2018 · 27.3k
Explosive colors
If I could tell you,
every thing you want to know,
I would,
but my walls are to hard to take down,
but every time,
you speak to me,
they crumble to the ground,
and i hope, you'll be by my side,
when death succumbs to me...
beautiful boy who cares,
you sing a song that only I can hear,
I cant get enough of you,
the happy little messages you send to me,
i cant explain,
you aren't like other boys.
oh, beautiful boy,
I've never felt this way before!
all the other girls and  boys I've been with,
i never truly love this hard,
you understand my darkness,
you under stand my deadly thoughts,
Oh walk through the strawberry fields with me,

saying nothing is real,
walking on starlight and dancing in moon dust,
your  hair capturing the shine of the night,
i want to give you the universe,
and hold your hand,
falling through the sun by your side,
capturing the light of your eyes,
picture yourself,
falling through time,
what thoughts will flow through your mind?
your hands held in mine,
in synchronized meditation,
open up your third eye,
were your atoms next to mine?
did our souls entwine?
picture yourself,
laying in a field of grass,
with your head next to mine,
watching the butterflies glide,

the seasons are changing,
are you still next to me?
with the leaves off the trees,
this isn't electric,
this is calm,
with explosive colors,
i'm not falling,
i'm walking,
i'm willingly going to you...
are you walking to me?
do you picture it too?
a strange song / poem i wrote
just my emotions i feel
Aug 2018 · 238
All i want
Yes I am a girl,
No I do not want to end up with someone mean,
Or muscular,
Or extremely handsome,
Al I really want,
Is someone who will be kind to me,
Share a *** of coffee with me,
Be nerdy with me,
Watch horror movies, and doctor who with me,
Who give good hugs,
And is there for me,
They can have any body type,
I don’t care,
I’m so sick,
So tired,
Of all the guys,
Who only care,
About the thickness,
Of their ****.
Jul 2018 · 67.9k
I can't.
I...I love you.
That is the only way i can dis scribe this,
i love it when you kiss me,
your lips are soft,
and gentle,
no ones kissed my like this before.
you say you love me,
and my heart roars,
its a gushing volcano of hot lava.
you touch,
plants gardens.

your eyes,
Russet ,
i cant look away.
the way you look at me,
speaks a language,
without words.
You are Virgo ,
and i a Gemini.

you are kind.
and loving.
i cant let you out of my head.

you broke my heart.
the way you kissed me was terrible
the volcano is inactive
the garden is a decay of mold, chopped trees, and weeds
your eyes are the color of ****
and now everything is silent.
I can't believe i let you in.
at least i didn't give you anything important.
its just a heart
nothing special.
for Jacob thanks for nothing.
Jul 2018 · 216
my sweet vampire.
"hello, my love" a dark Gothic woman cooed.
" ah, at last, i can see my sweet beautiful woman"  a Gothic man with black hair replied.
you could see it in their eyes, they love each other, with all they have.

" WELL! son what are you doing over there come here" my mother and father called
enfp brain....
Jun 2018 · 313
vivid dreams
my vivid dreams,
turn into helpless night mares,
and my calls for help ...?
are nothing but whispers in the night,
i am alone.
" will i always be alone?" i ask.
" you tell me." fate cooed
Jun 2018 · 248
I can see the poison dripping off your tongue,
As “Your too fat” cut deep,
I can see your fangs protruding,
You speak with disgust “ Are you transgender?”,
“You're not pretty enough” slither across my ear drums,
As your lies “long hair and makeup makes you pretty” make a fool out of me,
Your scales blister my heart,
As you use me up and twist me into a little doll,
I can see my blood spill out before me,
When you strike with harshened words “**** yourself” .
I can feel the venom coursing through my veins,
Up from the wound,
Towards my mind,
Someone please **** the venom from my wound!
So I do not become a snake of society!
to all who hurt me.
Feb 2018 · 154
Crack in my wall.
There is a crack in my wall,
My wall was beautiful,
My wall was innocent,
But you made a crack,
In my beautiful wall,
The same way,
You cracked my heart.
Dec 2017 · 201
past tense
my mind wasn't ready,
to understand,
that past tense,
means death,
my mind wasn't ready,
to comprehend,
that I will never,
see her again,
my mind wasn’t ready,
to let go,
memories fled in,
my mind wasn’t ready
to say goodbye,
Neither was my heart,
Dec 2017 · 191
The sky is blue
The sky is blue.
On a day it should be gray.
The earth stands still,
Only in my eyes,
Life goes on just the same,
But the day is dark,

The sun shines brightly.
But my heart is a black hole.
The world is happy and joyful,
but I am sad.

That day was just the same,
yet it seemed all  wrong.
And still the world did not stop,
that day.
The day.
she left.
This is about my nana, i loved her so much
Dec 2017 · 2.6k
The chamber
Empty halls filled with echoes of lost cries
Neglected by human hands
Leading to a chamber
Nearly empty
Except for one thing
Chained to a corner …a heart
Left to rot and wither
The tears turned to rage
Of loneliness,
Dec 2017 · 311
Dear Society
Dear Society,
I HATE that you put words in my mouth,
I HATE that feminist is a bad word,
I HATE THAT my peace of mind is taken from me,
I HATE your ignorance,
I HATE your beauty ideas,
I HATE sexism,
I HATE… your priorities,
I HATE that the political people abuse their power,
I HATE that I am not safe,
I HATE your ideas,
I HATE that virgins are called holdouts,
And people who had *** are *****,
I HATE that **** is a matter of what victims wear,
I HATE that short hair is lesbian,
And long hair is feminine,
Dec 2017 · 675
My heart went thump,
In my chest,
Your frame glowing in the snow,
Your beauty completely unmatched,
Our eyes met,
My heart went thump,
In my chest,
I reached out to grasp your hand,
I looked at you with a smile ,
My heart went thump,
In my chest,
I held you,
You smiled,
Whispered goodbye,
I saw your picture fade,
Not wanting it to end,
But endings are inevitable,
My heart went….
i tried...

— The End —