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Flip through the pages of a fantasy series,
Always a Series,
You don't want good things to end,
Takes you away from the wicked and wild,
Cause these friends cant hurt you...
I am dressed for the occasion, I think to myself as I pace back and forth.
The floor creaks underneath my feet.
I wince at the noises it makes.
My stocking shuffles leave patterns in the carpet.

I wait for the house to fall silent, and the last light switch to clink.
I count the minutes until the house will fall quiet.
My impatience builds, but I stuff him back down.
I release my sigh slowly and carefully not to wake the beast.

Finally, the house moans as it settles into it's deep sleep.
Excitement leaps for joy in circles around me.
I grin at her widely, and shake my head!

We are free!
I am free!
Free to do as I please without having to ask the gatekeeper before my every move.
There is no one controlling where my pawn shall lay. 

My nerves build as I turn the door handle slowly.
I freeze in my place as the latch clicks.
I second guess my thoughts.
Excitement takes my hand and holds it tight.
She reassures me everything will be alright.

I peer into the darkness.
My ears listen closely for abnormal noises. 
Across the hall, the shadows beckon for me to come over.
They smile at me with their wide Cheshire cat grins.
Their teeth glisten in the moon light.
I slide into their crowd, and we tiptoe into my favorite room

The kitchen glistens and shines.
I can smell what the beast made for dinner.
I carefully open the cabinets, and graze inside.
I rapidly stuff items in my pockets, and carefully select pieces that won't be missed.

My friends warn me from afar that we do not have much time.
They tap their watches to make me hurry up.
I quickly glance around, and gather my things.
I scamper toward them as quick as a mouse.

We dash into the next room.
I feel at bliss as I carry on with normal human tasks.
I scrub my face until all the layers of dirt have flaked off.
The tooth brush bristles feel rough against my gums. 
I take the last few seconds to drink the pure cold water.
I gulp it with greed. 

What is that noise
We all freeze.
My friends rush me to my room.
They shove me inside with a quick goodbye
I can hear them fasten the tape on the door.
Their foot steps disappear until there are none.

I breathe a sigh of relief.
I am safe.
Until tomorrow my dear friends, I whisper before I climb into my bed.
Karly Codr Jul 14
I don't remember the last time
I was able to write.

Words flowing on the pages,
Page after
                Page after
                                Page after

Words that I can relate to
Figures of myself,
Painted into the lives
Of characters,
Made to represent who I
Would like to be
Guys, I started writing again! Like stories! And the characters aren't depressed! I think I might finally be getting better!
Butterfly Feb 8
In life you're the main character.
The main character doesn't die.
Unless you're a anime called banana fish.
That's show hits different ****.
Anyway, I don't like this poem at all, bc it sounds like an pinterest quote but I gotta come up with something.-.
GreenWitch Jan 8
I keep getting swept up
in someone else's fantasy
Marriage, talents, interests
that don't quite interest me
Like a moth, beautiful on its own
but cannot redesign its mimicry
These new personas bombard
and confuse, they simply need to leave
I'm a puzzle missing pieces
a map without a key
A mimicry octopus
fleeing from the scene
I need distance from it all
so I can go back to being me
If we were
Book characters
We would not end up together
But they would be
Rooting for you and me
The whole time
Some love stories are just better when they make you cry
It was in the illusion of an undying love
The hidden songs and messages you'd write
How you said you'd felt that way for months
But didn't tell me till that night
And said you'll never, ever forget me
For your whole life
I know that wasn't a lie
Though you never said why
And we acted like there was a choice to be made
But you and I both know you gave me no reasons to stay
You asked me what comes next but you never offered anything
And that's how I knew
Though you think you say what you mean
It really wasn't there for you and me
And we ended things
It was painful, romantic, and awful
The kind you root for in a novel
Mark Toney Nov 2019
Fresh new book opens wide and swallows me whole!
Taking time to acclimate I catch my breath,
Focusing as scenes and characters unfold
To instill memories of their length and breadth.
Finishing one book a month is my firm goal
Few subjects considered are out of my depth
Reading encourages to take life in stride-
Back to my book! See you on the other side!
11/7/2019 - Poetry form: Ottava rima - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Neo Dore Oct 2019
The stage is a world of imagination.
A place where our minds can run free without a sense of direction. As the characters make us fly through a catharsis of laugh and cries. A combination of gestures and movement, each playing their part  in unison towards a certain fate

Although the humor makes the audience forget the sorrow, pain, and misery of reality, as the scenes guide them, the acts show them and the actions amaze them of the destiny even in the conflict of scenes, all is done in resolution of the might and glory of an all-father, as people gather to watch the incredible power of God in play and they pause in amazement of the greatness of him as the impossible the eyes see in the beauty of the STAGE
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