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My words scream and shout
“Notice me! Help me! I am in deep pain”
But yet no one notices their small cries,
And people continue to read and like and say
“lol, MOOD”
But they bleed and cry.
The bleak empty horrors of emotions entwine my body,
Move me like a paper mache puppet,
I swirl and twirl,
I dance and fumble about,
I do not articulate my internal pain,
So I stab and jab,
And bump into the ones I love.
A world without love
is a world full of despair and dwindling lives,
a world without love,
is a world without children,
a world without love,
is a world without empathy,
a world without love,
is a dying world,
a world without love,
is not a world worth living in.
I love you,
I say it constantly,
I grasp you tightly,
I don’t want you to leave,
I love you,
The words roll off my lips so easily,
Because I mean it,
I mean it more than ever.
I love you,
I love the way you move,
The way you speak,
The way you look at me.
I love you,
I know things don’t last forever,
But I want this,
Oh how I want this,
To last forever,
I love you,
Never leave.
A bright,
Sunny day,
Lots of people,
Walking down the street,
What fun we will have!
Come on!
Come on!
Let’s go play!
The sun is so bright!
Look at all the people, mom!
That woman over there is wearing a skirt!
I don’t think she should wear skirts.
Hey lady!
I don’t know you,
But I don’t think you should wear skirts!  
That wasn’t nice?
Too late now!
Mom, look over there!
That guys face is funny.
Hey mister.
Your face is funny!
What do you mean where’s my mom?
She’s right over there don’t you see?
Aren’t bright
Colorful days
The best?
the poem I wrote about culture and hate
from the perspective of a child
A dark beauty,
Emerging from the mist,
His eyes like coffee,
His lips yearning for touch,
Behind him,
The cloudy moon glows,
His eyes,
Piercing eyes,
In the cold,
Misty night,
“Dark beauty, dark beauty!” I call.
“what are you searching for?”  
“Love.” He says
His voice smooth and calming.
“Love like no other.”
The graveyard slowly decaying around him,
His ghostly white skin stands out in the cold dark night,
His eyes stare into mine,
Soulful eyes,
In a graveyard,
On a cold,
Misty night,
He steps towards me,
His smooth motions,
Give me an alluring desire,
His hand holds mine,
Gentle hands,
His eyes calming,
Calming eyes,
And ghostly skin,
In a graveyard,
On a cold,
Misty night.
for my love,
my sweet

the darkness calls

with cold dead hands



until the light disappears
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