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Flip through the pages of a fantasy series,
Always a Series,
You don't want good things to end,
Takes you away from the wicked and wild,
Cause these friends cant hurt you...
The softness of sheets on a cold morning,
The scent of freshly ground coffee,
The smell of old books,
The drizzle of rain on the windows,
The sweet smell of my childhood,
Suddenly it all comes back

The anxiety of when he comes downstairs.
You shine brighter than the stars in the country sky.
Your smile can light up a thousand rooms
You are absolutely, astoundingly gorgeous
Your hair is so free, never change it.
Your hair just adds to your gorgeousness
your mind, holds a thousand mysteries,
mysteries i can only dream to solve.  
your mind is a doorway to a thousand possibilities.
the way you think is a wonders thing,
a doorway to another realm of beauty unable to be seen by the naked eye.
you have such a brilliant outlook to the world around you.
your love burns brighter than a thousand suns.
warms the world and plants gardens.
your love could turn any day into a summers day.
 your love is a cocoon of safety and happiness.
will it work?
this relationship.
will it last?
you, with your beautiful Hazel eyes.
staring into my soul.
I love you.
will it last?
will it work?
will you say "I do." ?
I was left broken again.
two relationships in a row.
why do I trust so easily?
all you do is crush me into little glass pieces in your hands.
at least this time there was someone to pick up the pieces.
I should just stop falling in love.
but I can't.
I can already feel myself begin to fall again.
my dad, his rage terrifies me,
the way he treats my mom aggravates me,
his constant neglect enrages me,
he is a workaholic,
trump supporting,
white man.
with a feminist,
free thinking,
who never apologizes for things he does wrong,
never makes time to chat with his daughter,
who never cares,
about anything,
other than,
My words scream and shout
“Notice me! Help me! I am in deep pain”
But yet no one notices their small cries,
And people continue to read and like and say
“lol, MOOD”
But they bleed and cry.
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