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Dec 2018
A dark beauty,
Emerging from the mist,
His eyes like coffee,
His lips yearning for touch,
Behind him,
The cloudy moon glows,
His eyes,
Piercing eyes,
In the cold,
Misty night,
“Dark beauty, dark beauty!” I call.
“what are you searching for?”  
“Love.” He says
His voice smooth and calming.
“Love like no other.”
The graveyard slowly decaying around him,
His ghostly white skin stands out in the cold dark night,
His eyes stare into mine,
Soulful eyes,
In a graveyard,
On a cold,
Misty night,
He steps towards me,
His smooth motions,
Give me an alluring desire,
His hand holds mine,
Gentle hands,
His eyes calming,
Calming eyes,
And ghostly skin,
In a graveyard,
On a cold,
Misty night.
for my love,
my sweet
Fai Schreckengast
Written by
Fai Schreckengast  16/F/80601
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