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shortweeb Apr 13
Why can't I just have a relationship like Hisoka and Illumi

They love eachother and would die for one another

by the others hands.
This is based on HXH. Yes I know I am stupid as ****.
I want this so bad.
Daivik Feb 26
"I wanna be best
Like no one ever was"
These words bring back
Memories of times long gone

"I travel across the land
Searching far and wide"
Whenever i feel down and out
I enter the escapist paradise

"I choose you"said Ash Ketchum
It flashed on the television screen
Now so many years have gone by
But the nostalgia doesn't leave

Walking on Mt. Coronet
As I traverse space and time
"Too much water"
Maybe but that's where Hoenn shines

Whenever the world outside
Brings the news of gloom
I go to Pallet town
And start a new journey from my room

Life is not black N white
When necrozma covers the sun and moon
On my Volcorona I ride
Through johto in search of suicune

I lose myself in Lumiose
The city of dazzling gleam
You are my sword ,my shield
And they say ,"just a fictitious being"

It maybe a children's game
But everyone's got a little child
Inside of them.Just a bunch of pixels but
They transport me to a simpler time

Just for a moment there
All the wrongs of the world disappear
In the Pokemon world I lose myself
Been lost for so many years

"You teach me
I teach you"
It's much more than an yellow rodent to me
"I choose you"
Avah-Marie Oct 2020
Even when you know the outcome, it still hurts, mostly because of the meaning behind it all. Von
Kei Darling Oct 2020
I see you fall and I feel helpless
I see your pretty smile replaced by tears
This was your dream and I feel hopeless
I just hope you can live on past your fears

The ocean and the earth live in harmony
Each detail of your waters are beautiful
Strength like the smoothest symphony
Your love is plentiful

But your hope is not
The eagle stole it, and then the crows finished off the rest
To return it, is what ive sought
Each day is a test

I’ve never seen you so soulless
Swaying in the wind, helpless.
this is actually based off an anime ship- guess who in the comments..?
I sit in contemplation
trying to close my eyes
so I turn off the playstation
and drop my phone with a sigh.

Earlier, I tried to eat a pear
'cause fruit is healthy and stuff
but it was too hard for me not to care
it just wasn't ripe enough.

This show I've been obsessed with
and the manga after that
have busted that subconscious myth
that fiction has a lesser impact.

How long will I spend in the depths
of the fandom and content I find
accessible at my fingertips
and flooding through my mind?

When will I sense the ending
of this era of nights spent reading
headcanons, and content expanding
on the world on which I'm feeding?

Last night the latest chapter
was out on my mobile app
and I stumbled across it after
going to reread whatever was last.

It hit me like a ton of bricks
like the weight of hardback copies
of every scene the author depicts—
sent shock throughout my body.

A character who, before this day,
was invincible and proud
not unrivaled in his sway
but always drawing a crowd.

And then the last page caught me
and I could not look away
as tendrils from the enemy
cut through its raging prey

Too quick to be avoided
the hit was meant for another
but he knew he'd been appointed
as savior to his brother.

Taking a bullet for the one he abused
the one he had hated and cursed
before their fates were irrevocably fused
without either harsh role reversed—

All perceived slights against him
any contempt he thought he had shown
was forgotten as he jumped out to save him
His body just moved on its own.
I just can't get that image out of my head...
I refuse to believe Bakugo could be dead.
Elena Mustafa Sep 2020
Have you ever
Had a psychedelic
Dream that
Seems so real
And yet like a ghibli
If you have
Please tell me
As this happens every night
I am princess mononoke
On the best of nights
Flip through the pages of a fantasy series,
Always a Series,
You don't want good things to end,
Takes you away from the wicked and wild,
Cause these friends cant hurt you...
Bee Aug 2020
gears and gadgets and ghosts
take up the table
swim around in her mind
fill up the spaces

where she couldn’t
fix them
help them
avenge them
save them

she grasps at her tools
makes others whole
takes dust from the rubble
and loves it back together

she fixes and tries
to fight the ghosts
of her parents laying dead
the one thing she wanted most
the only thing she couldn’t mend
LL Hamilton Jul 2020
I was cold, dark, broken.
Not in body, but in mind.
Light and love were privileges denied to the likes of me.
Blades, bruises, blood, breath...that was all my existence.
I was nothing but a shell, a shadow of death trained to ****.
I was the night.

She was warm, shining, healing.
Her spirit shone like a crimson flower.
Her hair was the glowing sunrise that woke me and the fiery sunset that called me home.
Soft, sweet, scents, snow-white skin beneath rose-red locks.
She was alive, vibrant, trained to love life and save it.
She was the light.

One touch.
One act of compassion, an emotion I didn't even know I had.
One act of forgiveness, a foreign sensation that shivered over my skin.
A whisper.
What's the point of chasing after her?

That was what I became.
No longer tasked to take life...
But to save it.
Guard it.
Guard the girl with herb-stained hands and a soft heart.
I was no longer me.
I was me, but also...

I am the knight.
Her knight.
And I will do anything--
To keep her light alive.
A poem based off of the pairing Obi and Shirayuki from the anime/manga Akagami no Shirayukihime by Sorata Akizuki.
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