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"Humans are so weak and fragile....."
~ Undertaker ~
Quotes are poems too. I decided to post this as well. This is not my quote.
"I do not need a thousand souls, I only need one,
which is my master's."
Here is the quote I talked about in my quote hearts. This here is not my quote.
I don't need a thousand hearts,
I only need one,
My lover's.
Inspired by Sebastian Michaelis' quote
"How sad it would be,
if laughter should disappear."
~ Undertaker~
Not my quote just posting it because it is true.
"If you hesitate it can be fatal
~ Ciel Phantomhive ~
Not my quote.
Another that needed posted.
"This is what makes me different from humans... I do not lie."
~ Sebastian Michaelis ~
This is not my quote, I just thought it needed to be posted.
This quote applies to me. I do not lie. You may think I do, but I tend to play with words to make you think different. To make you think the opposite.
"Humans are the true demons of this world."
  ~ Sebastian Michaelis ~
This a quote that I'd thought I'd share.
This is not my quote.
three friends different paths
together walk the same road
seeking sunflowers
a haiku
Why forget the face of bright sunshine,
Whom's smile melts ones frigged heart,
Whom's eyes are the color of a Hershey's sweet,
Why I look away?
Because, one glace at you knocks me off my feet,
Not a day passes that I don't think of you,
Oh how I long to prove my feelings so true,
Never shall I think twice about winning your heart,
Living without you tears me apart,
How I long to hear your voice once again,
How soft are your words,
How quiet is your voice,
How I long for your gentle touch,
If only I had control over what I do and say,
If only my tongue would preach,
My feelings so deep,
If only you were mine to keep.
I got some ideas/Inspired by: Althought I did not copy the poem I was inspired by it. This is too my Sebastian.. (Not literately to the anime character, but to one whom resembles him although this Sebastian's name is Micah, and Micah is sweet compared to the bitter sweet love of Sebastian Michaelis. As you can guess by now, I have a crush on an anime character as well, but I do not love Micah because of his looks, he is so sweet and shy and I like that in guys.. That rhymed.. .)
Violets are blue,
Roses are red,
I'm about to slap you upside the head!
This is a funny poem I came up with when I was roleplaying as a certain butler.. *ehem* Black butler fans.. (Sebastian Michaelis) I also roleplay as Ciel... I Made a poem in response for this... To begin Sebastian gave a poem to a maid.... I forgot it, but it was beautiful (Sorry).. The young lord asked him for a poem sarcasticly... Sebastian gave Ciel a poem... (look for it in my profile) And this was Ciel's (my) Responce back.. (and yes I am also the maid Tabbitha.. I'm lonley..) I am going to make a longer version.. if you must know ... Ciel slapped him XD
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