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Mr Quiet Sep 28
Time flies by so fast,
It feels like a heart attack.
Each second I spend with you,
Could inevitably be my last.

But is it ever going to change?
This feeling we have,
Will it last forever?
Even though we know someday we'll stop,
Stop talking and forget our names.

Why can't we just spend our days,
Talking about our life,
Our dreams and our ways.
Or why can't we just spend our nights,
Gazing at the stars,
At the ocean skies,
Beneath the moonlight.

Someday we will change,

Just not today.
When You Used To Call Me Mine
Part 4/14
Mr Quiet Sep 28
I don't want to be sad when I look at you,
But the fact that the world just wants us to be two,
It gives me gloom,
And I know it makes you depressed too.
I just want to lay on the grass,
While we look into the moon.

We can't change our fate,
A day will come where you won't have me.
A day where we say our goodbyes and be,
Drama queens.
Please don't cry on that day,
Because it hurts just as much,
As when I see you leave.

Oh, please don't cry...

Just cheer up,
Oh, please cheer up for me.
Oh, please don't cry,
Don't cry when you see me leave.

I'll always be there when you look into the moon,
Because by then,
You'll just be....

Looking at me too.
When You Used To Call Me Mine
Part 4/8
Mr Quiet Sep 27
And if I lied one day,
About how I feel for you,
Please know that moods can change,
But my love for you remains the same.

Crossed my heart and pinky promised,
I hope to God you stay awake,
And yes, I know promises won't last that long,
And yes, hearts can fail.

But I know that my heart is yours,
So please take it for it beats for you,
Till the end.
"When You Used To Call Me Mine"
Part 1/14
Mr Quiet Sep 27
And at your last smile,
Nobody will replace you,
You are my paradise,
My love,
You are my whole life.

And you will be drunk by my love for you.
Even at night or at the scorching sun,
I will walk along aslong as you're with me.

You are holding this heart of mine,
Be cautious with it.
My brain said, you will just drop it.
Can you say that he is wrong?
this is just the english version of "Sinta" incase you wanna know what it means hehe
When You Used To Call Me Mine
Part 2/14
Mr Quiet Sep 27
At sa iyong huling ngiti,
Walang magpapalit sa iyo,
Ikaw ang aking langit,
Ikaw ang buong buhay ko.

At ika'y malalasing sa aking pagmamahal.
Kahit gabi o sa init ng araw,
Ako'y lalakad hangga't kasama kita.

Ikaw ang humahawak sa puso ko,
Pwede ba ingatan mo.
Sinabi ng aking utak, bibitiwan mo daw.
Pwede mo ba sabihin na mali siya?
i should write/speak more using my first language smh im a disgrace to my own country lol
Mr Quiet Sep 19
It's funny how this idiot I'm trying to keep alive is still breathing, yet for some reason I think I'm only letting it breath for you.
another short one I thought of while I was taking a shower lol
Mr Quiet Aug 8
I could give you the entire universe but then I would just be giving you yourself.
but it's true tho.
When You Used To Call Me Mine
Part 14/14
Mr Quiet Aug 8
Suffocating from the hatred you keep giving yourself,
I'm so worried sick about you, don't want you to feel unwell.
Just here trying to make you happy as much as I can,
Yet you always end up depressed,
But fuck that,
I'll always love you even after the end.
I'll make sure that you're really fine,
And if not I'll give you a billion reasons why,
Why I'm fucking glad you exist and why I don't want you to die.

Ask me why I care so much about you?
Well you've given me a reason to smile,
You were there for me during my loneliest nights,
And you gave a whole new meaning in my life.
How am I not suppose to love you and hold you tight?
'Cause you were there for me, so I'll always be here for a laugh or a shoulder to cry.

Maybe I care too much,
I don't know,
I don't care.
I'd rather have thoughts of you more than anybody else,
I'm afraid of losing you,
I'm scared.
I fell to fill in your empty heart,
And I knew the risks and consequences I dared.
I care.
When You Used To Call Me Mine
Part 13/14

— The End —