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I'm trying to keep up
But it just makes me fall behind more
A poem every day.
I don’t just like you for your face
Though, maybe that’s a plus
I like you for you
Just being that is enough
For: Jenny Thoma
I love you <3
KleeKlee Nov 2019
They creep up my arms,
Like a greedy wildfire inching towards my wrists.
Every day the fire grows bigger,
Leaving ugly scars behind.
Yet I feed the fire every day,
Until all I see is red, red, everywhere.
The fire grows hungry,
So I must take up my blade and feed it again.
The flames hide my sorrows and cover my fears,
In exchange for never ending pain.
But god,
Do I love the pain.
Enjoy my first poem posted!! An ugly vent poem that I made in five minutes!!
Isaiah Delgado Sep 2019
we all have demons

and sometimes

they win
Mr Quiet Aug 2019
Stuck in this train
We're hours away
From the memories we've yet to create
Stars form to collide
To expand
And to die
Here we are on this warm day

Do you wish to stay?
Do you miss the train?
Do you think we're made this way?

Time only moves and people are what changes
You shouldn't hold on to something if it has already faded
A form of writing can save you from all the emotions that you hated
And for that we found each other through all those empty pages

Do you wish to stay?
Do you miss his face?
Do you think we're made this way?

I feel homesick
Can't sleep
My pain away
I know you feel
The same way

Empty pages
We wrote
Our mistakes
Now i give it to you
My friend

Who knows
Maybe friendships
Transcends through lifetimes
I give you the back pages
Of Star Trek
To a friend who shared a part of her soul into the back pages of my book, our poetries are written in the depths of my heart in which I will never forget.
Thorns May 2019
Another year older
Another year tran
Another year *******...
Another year depressed
Thorns Apr 2019
You got my back
You're there for me
Protect me  
And I, you
You won't let me hurt myself
And I tame your anger
We're there for each other
You'll know if you let your guard down,
And they still fight for you

But would you do the same?
Eli Apr 2019
at first, you were basic
and i didn't care

then you were expensive
and i didn't care

then you were a delinquent
and i didn't care

then you came up to me
and i didn't care

then you became vulnerable to me and only me
and i couldn't help caring

at first we talked
and i was calm

then we flirted
and i was calm
and you didn't care

then we got soft
and i got nervous

then we connected
and i fell so hard for you

then we flirted
and my heart went uwu

then we hung more
and i realized i was just a friend to you
listened to a lo-fi mix and was inspired, plus a little bit of journalling as well
Thorns Apr 2019
I guess we're all different
I don't know if I'll make
Maybe we'll find salvation in the words we write

Or are they a curse
A never ending burst
Of emotion
Of pain
And sorrow

But let's not think of that today :]
"Don't worry because life goes on..."
-Panic! At the Disco 2004
Thorns Apr 2019
You rebel, i like you.
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