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Jan 30 · 504
LadyM Jan 30
I wish, I could just fade, into nothingness.

Not to die, not to be aware of the end, but just to fade
and become merged with the rest of the universe.
My consciousness
part of the never-ending energy.
Then, I would not witness any more suffering,
or tragedy.

I would not be concerned with human ideas of war
and ideals,
for which countries and nations are torn,
for which the cycle of death renews.
It’s no news

that each, every so often
new powers rise and the old is forgotten.

I wish, I could just go far, far away.

Leave this Earth and all its destruction,
journey to a place with no caged birds, and caged people.
I don’t want to stay
amongst the ones who are caged inside their minds
thinking they own the world
and all beyond it,
when, in fact, the only thing they own is the production
of hate.

And evil deeds could write themselves one by one
onto their skin, showing the fate
of countless souls, like a tattoo
never to fade.

If only they would.
Maybe then, young citizens could
take some time to think about the rush
to honour the ‘duty to their country’.
Gun in hand, loyalty in the other,
all for honour.

Death is the greatest teacher, for in death we are all the same,
look it in the eyes, and your life will change.
If only it changed for the better
and not made the ground wetter
with blood of the ones honouring their leader,
when their leader does not honour them.

He lives on, while their lives
Are fading,
Written in response to the terrible things happening in the world.
Jun 2023 · 1.3k
Night blanket
LadyM Jun 2023
I love the city at night

I like when the waves start rumbling
And the city lights turn on
I like the beautiful sights
Of the twilight sky
And the mountains all dressed in black

I like when it's hidden away

When everything the daylight shows
All the beauty that's destroyed
All that's been taken away is concealed

Because when I look on and on
When my eyes gaze upon...
The darkness

I don't see all the disaster

The city lights, the waves and the sky
Draped in violets and pinks
As the airplanes fly

And I think, what a beauty!
What a city of dreams
When the visible is made to be unseen

I see the cars passing
With their beaming lights
But they all seem somehow much sweeter
And closer to starlight

I see the palm trees standing proud
In a place where they do belong
But there's so few around

And even the people seem much brighter
When the nights come to hide
the effects of human disaster

A comfort blanket

Listen to the waves

And forget the sounds of the traffic
That I can't stand anymore

Found my comfort in the night
Found my solace at this time
Found the beauty of life
In the city
At night
This is another poem that I have written while staying in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria las summer. After 2 months, I couldn't take all the business of the city anymore. I became too overwhelmed during the daylight hours and found peace in the nights. ✨
Jun 2023 · 914
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
LadyM Jun 2023
Why are there more buildings than trees
In the city that's promising dreams?
Why are there more cars than
Parking spaces
What's all the rush?

Why are there more boats than fish
On the island of eternal bliss?
Can't even hear my thoughts
From all the noises;
I Feel overwhelmed.

There are pockets of green,
A desert preserved,
Only one single tree where I've ever heard birds
They sing in the morning at 8,
But I'm starting to think it's too late

I see mountains rising
And buildings above them,
I see clouds slowing passing
As cars outrace them,
All the light pollution
Has the sky turned brown;
At night
In the centre of life
I feel drowned
I wrote this song/poem last Summer while living in Las Palmas during a college internship. It was my dream come true to go there, but the reality was completely different than what I had been told and imagined.
Aug 2022 · 1.5k
Feet still wet
LadyM Aug 2022
I've been dragged away
from the edge of the water,
even though I wanted to jump right in

I'd been only swimming
in the shallow corners,
almost learned to let go
and give in

Give in to the waves
let them pull me further from the shore
Give in to the tide,
hear the ocean roar

But something happened then
and I lost my sight of how and when
For a minute I closed my eyes,
thought I was lost at sea,
but when I looked around
there was no water to be seen

Just like someone
came and took my hand
and pulled me far away
off to dry lands

Felt like memory loss,
tried but couldn't remember
why my feet were still so wet
when I was in the centre
of the forest splendour

And sometimes I recall
the memories of the time
when I almost had it all

I was getting so close,
could barely believe
that I had found the purpose of my reality

But not everything works out
Lost sight of my true silhouette
My head has been dry for so long,
but my feet are still wet

Out of place
Out of my mind
Lost in the woods
Lost track of time
Take me back
Now I recall
why my feet are still wet
I can still have it all

I'll drag myself back
to the edge of the water
and jump right in like I was meant to

I'll be swimming away
into the deep end
Giving in to the waves
Giving in to the tide
Giving in to the voices that I've kept inside

My feet are still wet
and now I know why
A song (with a melody in mind) that I've written tonight. 🎵 For months I've felt like I was losing myself more each day. Fading... I've been feeling completely lost - like my life is going but I'm not really in it. Or not meant to be in it in this way. Out of place - this has been my most common thought. With my last poem published on this page in 2019, I've indeed lost touch with who I am. And after today's major breakdown, I finally know why I've been feeling so lost - because I keep trying to be someone who I am not. I am a songwriter, I knew this since I was 10. I wish I'd never let it slip away. But I want to get back. I know it will take time and practice to pick up a lost dream, but if I continue being who I am not, I will lose myself completely.
LadyM Nov 2019
Violet clouds
wih rosy hues
follow me
along the way,
same autumn trees
and silver lakes
I'm passing by
every Saturday.
It's getting dark,
but not quite so;
the sky is an evening show
of lavenders and irises
blossoming in afterglow.

This journey
hurts so beautifully
as we move away,
I am waiting patiently
until next Friday

and every Friday after that
for a dark, noisy train -
no purple sky or rosy hues
appear to entertain

But I love it
so much more
believe me, for it's true,
because at the end
of every journey,
once again,
I see you.
Sep 2019 · 905
LadyM Sep 2019
You asked me
if there ever was a moment
when I wanted to leave you,
and truthfully,
there was.

But not a day has passed
that you didn't cross my mind.

People say that in this world
we are all just trying to find
true love,
one of a kind,
and all it takes
is just one glance,
but I believe it's much more
than a lucky chance-

countless moments...

each one a memory
frozen in time

all these moments,
like a mosaic
(too many to count)

in this enormous amount
all I see
is the big picture
and it is the most beautiful artwork
I have ever seen.
That is the art of falling in love
Jun 2019 · 774
LadyM Jun 2019
I stopped writing for a while
And I didn't quite know why,
I've always used my poetry
To heal my wings when I couldn't fly.

Then, one day, you arrived
And we did have our ups and downs,
But day by day, you loved me more,
I wore my smiles instead of frowns.

My pen untouched, my notebook lay still...
Yet, my words are roaming free
Yes, now I see, I needn't write,
When I speak to you, my speech is poetry.
Jun 2019 · 394
Hazel eyes
LadyM Jun 2019
Your hazel eyes
Are an artist's palette:
Green and grey, golden and brown.
If I stared long enough
I would get lost
In your pool of colours
And never be found.
Feb 2019 · 261
LadyM Feb 2019
Honey, I'm falling down
Hunted like a deer
You shot an arrow
Straight through my heart
I wasn’t supposed to take a bite
Of that poisoned apple
Now it's stuck in my throat
This is a small verse from a song that I wrote about 3 years ago.  I only managed to find half of the song though :( I wonder where the rest is...
Feb 2019 · 436
LadyM Feb 2019
I'm a scattered mess
Well put together
My pieces are glued
But damaged permanently

Please don't be
Like everything else-
A phase in my life,
Only temporary.
I wish that I never have to say goodbye to you, I hope you will stay
Feb 2019 · 1.5k
LadyM Feb 2019
Valentine's is red,
like a rose bouquet -
the colour of romance
and love affairs

Red is for passion,
like an open flame -
the colour we search for
throughout the years

But red is not
the colour I see
and maybe you'll say
my vision is wrong

For red is not
the colour I feel,
I radite only
with yellow love.

Summer is yellow,
like a sunflower field -
the colour of sunshine
all day long

Yellow is for joy,
like warm sand -
the colour I feel
in a morning birdsong.


Yellow is my love,
so Valentine's is too-
the colour of joy

I love you in yellow.
Colours play a huge part in my emotions and feelings, memories and associations. Yellow is such a beautiful colour, it's so bright and special. I've realised that yellow can also represent love - it's bright, happy, exciting, peaceful and true.
Jan 2019 · 442
LadyM Jan 2019
Trust and love take months to build
and a day to break,
But I am not impatient,
For you - I'll give years
and a lifetime
if it takes.
Jan 2019 · 471
Funny feeling
LadyM Jan 2019
I didn't want to write about you
because you don't give me that funny feeling

only sometimes

Like yesterday
when I wasn't feeling okay
and your hug made me wish I could stay
in your arms forever.

Or the other day
when you kissed me
and I wished it would never end.

Or that evening
when we walked through the city
and you held my hand...
as it was cold outside.

Or when I saw you
on New Year's day
all dressed up,
looking at you my thoughts
were all messed up
and all I could think of
was how perfect you are
inside and out.

you don't give me that funny feeling yet,
At least not all the time,

when I read what's written above
I think I just might be
falling in love.
The best feeling is the realisation you're accidentally falling in love ♥️
Jan 2019 · 684
When I found you
LadyM Jan 2019
It was night
And the rain
Was pouring over our face,
Two strangers
In the dark
And city lights aflame.

Felt at peace
In my heart
And then I knew-

That everything I'm meant to find
Was here
When I found you.
This is part of a song that I've written with a melody in mind, but I thought that this part works well as a little poem too :)
Nov 2018 · 369
LadyM Nov 2018
This is me,
But the truth is-  
There's much more beneath the surface

I'm not talking 'bout the bones
Or the flesh beneath my skin,

If you look into my mind,
You'll see a portrait from within.

My eyes are two glass windows
Smeared with colour stains,

There's an endless rush of brightness
Always pulsing through my veins

I feel hope among the stars-
Cosmic blossoms of the dark,

I don't always find my way
On the journeys I embark

I am at a crossroads
Now knowing where to go,

But I've ways stood up straight,
Despite carrying cargo.

My face is not my only worth,
See the truth:
This is me.
This poem also exists in visual form, as it is one of my college art sketchbook projects :) Each verse is a different picture, a part of me. Try to imagine it in your mind how that would look like.
Oct 2018 · 1.1k
LadyM Oct 2018
It's called having a "crush" for a reason:
Because it crushes your soul
until your ripped-up heart
and glass-sharp tears
completely dissolve you
into nothingness.
Oct 2018 · 273
LadyM Oct 2018
Can I keep on hoping
Or are you just being nice?
I keep on second guessing,
Always judging twice

What you say,
How you smile
When you look into my eyes,
Do your feelings go aflame
Or is your heart as cold as ice?
People confuse me. :S
Oct 2018 · 245
Forest eyes
LadyM Oct 2018
Your eyes
are a forest

And I am lost inside it.
Oct 2018 · 259
To Autumn
LadyM Oct 2018
I am in love with you.

Sure, the summer sun warms my hands
And the winter snow glows like eartlhy heaven,
But the colours of your leaves
And the freshness of your air on a chilly Sunday afternoon
Will never compare.

I love you
In the same way that I loved that boy when I was sixteen
And I couldn't take my eyes off him

Believe me,
For it's true -
I adore you.
To me, Autumn is the most beautiful season of all.
Oct 2018 · 889
LadyM Oct 2018
I just wanted to say
that the sound of your voice
wakes up my senses

When you speak
I'm melting away,
giving in to the consequences

You're a room
full of candles,
I inhale without a choice

I scent cherry blossom
and vanilla flames,
you sound like roses and apricots

The sweet aroma
of your melody
smells like candles of passion fruit

I'm drawn in
by your tone,
for me, you are an absolute

I'm enveloped
in daffodils
as your words glow in yellow

Your voice
is so hypnotising,
euphonious and mellow.
Being in love is like being surrounded by a million flickering candle flames, giving out the most precious aromas, mixing up all your senses and awakening them at the same time. <3
Oct 2018 · 351
Bright side
LadyM Oct 2018
Look, I don't know why
I feel this way right now.
There's no reason for me
to be sad
because I always looks on the bright side.

Somehow, my thoughts are clouded
with pain and sorrow;
I'm telling myself
that a brighter tomorrow
will mend the cracks,

yet when tomorrow comes
my body still lacks
the energy to cope.

Look, I'm trying!
Isn't that enough?
I may be strong and emotionally tough
I hold my head high when times get rough,
but my act of bravery is only a bluff
when the load gets too heavy.

I'm sinking.

Deeper and deeper
into a rabbit hole
with no bright side
at the end.
Sep 2018 · 532
LadyM Sep 2018
You have no time for me
When you have it,
I make time for you
When I don't.

I take hours to plan
Your birthday present,
You take seconds to ask me
What I want.

I give you my minutes,
Get non in return,
I'd be counting in days
If I waited for it,

I spend a dozen of months
Doing hard work,
But not until the last week
Do you see it .

Years have passed,
Now you owe me a few,
Too many summers
To keep track or count

I give and you take
It's always the same,
If I keep on going
My time will run out.
If love and care were given out in time units, only then would we realise how little some people actually give.
Sep 2018 · 348
LadyM Sep 2018
A little girl
half like me and half like them-
Born in the year
When my childhood would end

On the other side of the world,
somewhere far away,
in a place I've never even heard of-
She sleeps every night.

Parents of different cultures,
Nothing alike,
She shares the traits of both:
Caramel skin and chocolate eyes.

A family I've never met,
My family, my closest ones,
Across the ocean,
Out of sight.

She doesn't know me.
Half of them don't.
But the other half,
they just pretend
that they do.

But they don't really know me,
I guess, they never did,
For all my childhood years
who was I and who were they?

Then, she was born,
like nothing happened,
Nobody said anything,
everything stayed the same

Like we are not half the same,
Half related,
Half blood-connected,
Like we are nothing,
nothing at all.

She knows nothing yet,
But I do.
And they say I am too proud
To let go of the past,

But I am not proud
of me or them,
I tried to forgive
a long time ago.

I am not
Too proud
to let it go,
I just realised
They don't care
Too much
for me to try.
Life can take some crazy, unexpected turns. We can try to be the better person, but sometimes people don't care about that. It's sad when you have to accept the reality of the situation, knowing you could've made things better.
Jul 2018 · 539
LadyM Jul 2018
Another night-
I'm so excited!
I lay in my bed
Feeling delighted

Yellow lights aflame
On the silent streets,
I'm peacefully covered
In my warm bed sheets

My eyes start to shut
And my head is falling low
Oh, how I love
My soft, white pillow

I have fairy lights
That light up the night,
My room is so cosy,
What a wonderful sight!

Oh, how I love
When bedtime arrives,
A time set to dream
And rest tired eyes.
After a long day, a night full of dreams in warm bed sheets is all I need
Jun 2018 · 433
Funny love
LadyM Jun 2018
It's so funny.
I'm laughing at myself
for not seeing before
what I see now

The human mind
is a funny mind,
goes out of focus when you find
somebody whose flaws you don't mind-
or see
Because love is blind

But I guess
This isn't love,really
Well,not at first sight
Because I've seen you before

And now my sight
has changed.
Like I see you with different eyes,
I just don't understand
how I didn't realise
it before-

Your'e the same,
Yet my vision proves me wrong
And now I lay in bed
stuck writing this song ,

'Cause I can't sleep.

It's funny , I guess
How one moment
can make you forget
everything else...

Is it love?
Well, not really
But my mind is in a mess

Is it love?
I don't think so,
It's just funny,
I guess
There's nothing more unusual than seeing somebody for the 10th or so time, but then you see them differently. Like you've never seen them before. I find that funny :P Humans are so weird
Jun 2018 · 930
LadyM Jun 2018
If the night becomes my day,
If my hands burn, like ash
I'll dream the dreams of yesterday
When the world would never crash

If I wake to see the stars
All gone, erased from presence
And hopeless eyes behind the bars
Serving a sentence for innocence

Then I'll know that what I fear
Had madly broken through its door,
With arms and legs, it's standing here:
The horrible monster of human war

But still, I'll dream through countless cries
Of staying alive
When everything dies
A poem I wrote for school a while ago on the topic:  fears of the future.
Jun 2018 · 494
LadyM Jun 2018
I wish I could break these stupid habits:
Stop touching my face
To get clear skin,
Stop looking in the mirror
To see how I look
Even though I know I look fine.

I wish I could break these silly habits:
Stop thinking about judgement in every place
that I go,
Not think about makeup
When I go for a swim,

Not look at my body in the mirror
And see
Imperfections of beauty,
Like beauty is something you can easily define.

I look fine.

I'm not mediocre
And, perhaps, I'm not divine,
When I see my reflection
I wish I could stop criticizing
And looking at every bump and scratch on my cheeks and nose

I want to break these habits
of self-doubt and insufficient self-worth

I want to break these habits
of not feeling good enough-
When I know that I am.
To everyone feeling this way, I believe that we train our minds into these habits, only realising it when it's too late. But they are only habits and if we try hard enough, we can break them <3
Jun 2018 · 1.8k
LadyM Jun 2018
In this moment
I am at one
with the valley of gold and emerald land

The robin's song
is light and free
I am transported to a lost memory

The trees are my walls
The river is my bed
To sleep in,
I'd choose this sweet heaven instead
Inspired by a walk in the park :) <3
Jun 2018 · 240
Without you
LadyM Jun 2018
We haven't talked in a while,
I lost count after a year.
Long gone are the days
When your load I had to bear

You might think of me
Sometimes, I wonder if you care
You have secrets and I know
That you don't want to share.

For years I used to sit and cry...
Until my eyes could cry no more,
I tried and tried to shut you out,
Ignore the knocking on my door.

Even as I write these words
The memories start to scream,
You're far away, yet some nights
You take form of a dream.

Two long years, it's almost been,
Clearly - I recall
Last time we spoke, your last mistake-
That terrible phone call

Your words flowed, you took no breaths,
Did you even know-
That actions can't be reversed ,
No second chances to borrow.

Oh, how funny- second chance:
To right the wrong of any deed
No, - 200th or 2000th
Is the number that you need.

I'm not writing this to say
I forgive for what you've done,
I just want to let you know-
I'm happier since you're gone.
Jun 2018 · 1.1k
Summer day
LadyM Jun 2018
I loved you like a summer day.

You were all the shades of blue,
The blue was in your eyes,
And more than the sky-
I loved you.

Your touch was a cotton cloud
Soft and light:
Floating around near the Sun.
But even the Sun became blind
When your lips parted
To show a smile.

Your words were like a breeze
Blowing through my hair
On a hot, summer day.
I felt them on my skin
And I felt you -
In my heart.

Your voice was a symphony -
A million raindrops
Falling from branch to branch
After a storm.
Just like the rain does to the Earth-
You gave life to me,
And more than the rain-
I loved you.

I felt the heat of July
When your hand touched mine.
I felt the warm, golden sand
Beneath my feet
When I saw the endless ocean in your eyes.
Your eyes were an ocean.
And more than the ocean-
I loved you.

It was always summer
When I was with you,
You were an infinite day
Of rosy sunsets.
You were my beautiful summer day.
But even more than summer,
I love you.
Dedicated to nobody specific. I was just inspired by the feeling of being in love and summer <3

— The End —