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neth jones Mar 13
come back alive
  no shade
     no dark sleek  over your own boxed remains
report in     to your family
we'll remove the war from your shoulder
hook up the soldier costume on our hallway peg
return the memory of life to you
we hope we can offer this ..

      ..but we’ve heard tumorous stories
        that   to the war boy returned
                      life   no longer does stick
LadyM Jan 30
I wish, I could just fade, into nothingness.

Not to die, not to be aware of the end, but just to fade
and become merged with the rest of the universe.
My consciousness
part of the never-ending energy.
Then, I would not witness any more suffering,
or tragedy.

I would not be concerned with human ideas of war
and ideals,
for which countries and nations are torn,
for which the cycle of death renews.
It’s no news

that each, every so often
new powers rise and the old is forgotten.

I wish, I could just go far, far away.

Leave this Earth and all its destruction,
journey to a place with no caged birds, and caged people.
I don’t want to stay
amongst the ones who are caged inside their minds
thinking they own the world
and all beyond it,
when, in fact, the only thing they own is the production
of hate.

And evil deeds could write themselves one by one
onto their skin, showing the fate
of countless souls, like a tattoo
never to fade.

If only they would.
Maybe then, young citizens could
take some time to think about the rush
to honour the ‘duty to their country’.
Gun in hand, loyalty in the other,
all for honour.

Death is the greatest teacher, for in death we are all the same,
look it in the eyes, and your life will change.
If only it changed for the better
and not made the ground wetter
with blood of the ones honouring their leader,
when their leader does not honour them.

He lives on, while their lives
Are fading,
Written in response to the terrible things happening in the world.
Irakli Beria Dec 2023
Three days ago
my brother returned
from Afghanistan...
And during these three days,
when I was going home,
brother was not there
and when brother was becoming,
I was not...
On the third day, I went out
and kept thinking about the military uniform
hanging on the chair,
which has traces of desert,
which has my brother's name...
I got a call from home in the evening...
A familiar voice was heard on the phone.
"Where are you, Irakli?"
I'm tongue-in-cheek,
quickly went home
and all along the way
I had so many questions to ask him.
I imagined a standing ovation
I imagined a picture of our loud meeting,
but when I entered the door, I was frozen
because I met the sleepless and battle eyes...
We stood for three seconds
and after three seconds
we hugged each other
without saying a word...
Joseph C Ogbonna Dec 2022
At Austerlitz I two nations vanquished;
making me historically distinguished.
At Marengo I had Austria subdued;
then I was to honour undoubtedly glued.
At the Pyramids, Mamluks kissed the sands;
then like a French Pharaoh I annexed their lands.
At Jena-Auerstadt, Prussia to her knees fell,
to avoid carnage, and possibly hell.
At Borodino, Kutuzov my boots licked,
as his Russian forces had their arses kicked.
At Ligny, Blucher like a coward fled,
as his smitten forces profusely bled.
At Toulon I first distinguished myself
for a career that would exalt oneself.
Rolica, Leipzig, Waterloo like curses came,
but history will forever my triumphs reclaim.
Napoleon Bonaparte's historic conquest of Europe and half of the globe.
Owen Aug 2022
He sits in his car and
listens to the rain.
He should be at work but
he's on the edge again.
He misses her so much.
Every second they're apart.
Not sure how it happened
but she takes up his whole heart.
His world has been breaking
cause she feels like dying.
His chest keeps on acheing.
In the driver's seat crying
It's all the time now.
And he just wishes
he could
stop the pain.
Phoenix Aug 2022
Eye’s tired, Bags shifting Right-Left.
Screams heard in the backs of their minds.
Some pictures, others nothing at all.
The sun beating down upon the backs and sand below their feets.

Some wish they can go back home to their loved ones.
Others are not making it home to loved ones.
Instead fighting for their lifetime protecting brothers, sisters, parents, and generations to come.

Mothers comforting children and other parents.
Black fabric holding onto memories, not forgotten. 13 flag folds of red, white, and blue.
Handed with white gloves and heavy hearts.

Bleeding Red, White, Blue, for the youngins who look up to them. Superheroes who can do anything.

Little moments, here and there that make living worth it.
Little feet kicks, pitter patter through hallways.
Screams of surprise, and tears of happiness.
Kisses tender and loving.
Smiles that defy odds stacked against them.
Owen Jul 2022
This life is lonely.
This life is hard.
Everything and nothing.
Everyone and no one.
Living and dying.
Love and hate.
Pain and peace.
They want all of you,
and none of you.
No Balance.
It never ends.
It never ends.
It never ends.
Owen Jun 2022
Sol beats down on my body
all day.
The wind howls,
the sweat drips,
the sand sticks
to everything
A dizzying clear sky
no clouds
no cover
no respite.
And on the inside
my mind is ablaze
punishing me
as the cogs and the gears grind and nash.
Thoughts that feel like
self immolation
cling to me.
There is no water that
can quench the flames.
The only way out is to suffocate.
**** the brain.
I wish I could shut it all out but...
Owen Jun 2022
"I love you more"

To most,
a fun, back and forth.
friendly, sarcastic,
couples, kidding.

To me
it's painful
and true
because the things you do
show me
Im not a priority
like I make you.
I'm replaceable
just another male
to fill the time,
And the space.
When I'm gone
I hope his world revolves
around you
like mine does,
and will.
I hope
you are first
in his heart and mind
as you are in mine.
And I hope he makes you happy
In my involuntary absence

So, yes
I do love you more.
I can tell.
Please dont ask me
how I know.
Finishing drafts
Desire Jun 2022
It’s so hard to stay when you’re so far away
& I want to see your face just one more time
Even in a great storm
Cold, snow, rain, fog, or warmth
I’d walk ev-er-y mile to have you in my arms

Even through all the pain
& the screams of yesterday
Bursting bombs, blown up tanks,
war sounds ringing’ in my brain

I still hear all the cries
“don’t you die”… “you’ll be fine…”
“Stay with me” … “you’ll survive…”
“We’re gonna be alright…”

I reopened my eyes, saw bright hospital lights
Life support’s running thin, I no longer qualify
I hear the Corpsman talkin’ when one of ‘em walks in and says “sir, you’ve had a very good fight… it’s time to call it…”

Unable to move, with no strength left to lose
I just let the tears slowly roll down my brui-sed cheek
If it’s my last day and I’m placed in the grave I just want you to know I’ll still find a way, ‘cause, see…

It’s so hard to stay when you’re so far away
& I want to see your face just one more time
Even in a great storm
Cold, snow, rain, fog, or warmth
I’d walk ev-er-y mile to have you in my arms

I said, it’s so hard to stay when you’re so far away
& I want to see your face just one more time
Even in a great storm
Cold, snow, rain, fog, or warmth
I’d walk ev-er-y mile to have you in my arms

I’d walk ev-er-y mile to have you in my arms
I’d walk ev-er-y mile to have you in my arms
I’d walk ev-er-y mile to have youuu
and to be with you forever…

Every Mile
20 minutes to write a poem with 3 random words. Happy be-later Memorial Day.
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