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Grace 1d
While everyone’s sharing romantic dinners
Smiles, gentle kisses, and valentines
This February, I’ll be missing you
My light, my smile,
Gone on a plane ride
Across the country

Maybe you’ll be gone for a month
Or two, but my biggest fear
You’ll be gone for a year or more
And I’ll be a memory
Letter to someone about the fears I won’t actually tell them... because I don’t want it holding them back from success
Regina 2d
The bells knell in cold silver driving rain,
white marble in formation,
soldiers, veterans, you died by your own hand,
I cannot know what you went through,
never been in a war,
your souls' anguish echoes through the afterlife,
the agony of your minds
that were searching to find their resting place,
my countrymen, stand watch,
*** has you  now.
I have you in my heart, always.
Furey 4d
I keep on tripping
How am I to carry on
If I can't carry myself
With pride and confidence
How can I be this person
That everyone expects
When I can't carry
The weight of myself
The weight that came
After he was gone
A box hand delivered
It has a set of tags
His name inscribed
We all had set certain people
These were the ones
We cared and cried for
Our soldiers
The ones who didn't come home
This is a special day because it's Veterans Day.
We celebrate because certain people fought for the USA.
Veterans put their lives on the line so that we can be free.
Veterans are important to you and they're important to me.
It's heart breaking to know that some Veterans are homeless.
They are heroes who we should ask *** to bless.
a few thousand migrants
from run-down middle American nations
join together for a march
to reach the US border
and apply for immigrant visas

the tiny president
of the great United States
sends out the army to protect
the nation of 350 million
from this terrible threat

the master of fake
playing his power games
on the back of the most needy
Scott Graves Oct 17
Seventeen.2 and *******

A green brimmed hat pounded against my face
17.2 years and thinking I’m dead
What have I done and why didn’t you warn me?
Fear was pervasive and peace evasive

Grab your bayonet and fix it for the fight!
Forward into his chest, into the chest, ****, ****, ****!!!
Fright, oh the fright and, yes, I cried at night
What have I done?  Oh, what did I do?

The child in me fled and the man in me bled
The man became angry and fought with a fit
I ******* and ******* like soldiers do
I am kind and respectful, but always have a plan to **** you

We shot, how we shot the green panel, barrel dot
I’m no longer a person, but more like an animal
No child should be taught such things that are afoul
Reserve such things for men with hair on their chins

One night a terrible fight and the boy forever died
A bayonet ****** into his chest and turnt to the left and right
I bled and bled and spin did my head
Agony, oh agony, for I had been beat

“What now do I do,” as I laid in my blood?
No father to rescue me, no motherly love
Numb, am I numb, I don’t really know
Is such violence designed to make me grow? If so. If so.

No, indeed there was no concession
Brutality shall it be and it shall be brutality
Unforgiving world with beasts that move among us
Therefore, I shall be like a beast and move among them

Choke, punch, knee, smother, and tear away
Violence do you want, then violence do you get
I caught his eye, he cupped his hand, and laid a blow upon me with his cupped hand
My ear, hit so hard, never again the same to hear

Three years of living ****, “hey, re-up,” he said!
“Go **** yourself,” I said, there’s something wrong with your head
Three more of what?  No. No. No., just dread
*******, I’ll exit if you please

You damaged me Army for my life you see
You affected my soul for the remainder
You made me express violence
You made me hyper-vigilant

Through jaded eyes, the world I see
I know that never again will I be me
Until the soil is placed over top my head
You filled my life with hate and dread
   To Borrow Time,
   To sign the lines that resign our lives away,

This is our time.
   And Stand Attention.

For We Are,
   The Next In Line.

~Robert van Lingen
Letters in Wartime
Words on paper
Nothing more
Telling the story of a soldier
Or airman or sailor
Letters from the front
Sent home
To a sweetheart
Or family
First read by the censor
Telling of longing to see you
And hardship in battle
Seen thru with determination
And a love of country
Fighting for them
The loved ones
Far from where
He is stationed
Saying about his mates
Some who he misses
Killed in combat
Or worse still
Missing In Action
Maybe the Red Cross
Will locate them
All this told
By words on paper
Stay safe at home
I know the Blitz is ****
But we give it
Back to the ***
Avoid the talking
About sensitive things
For walls have ears
And aid the enemy
Follow the blackout
I send my love
And will write soon
Next time sending my photo
Till then my dear
Keep the fires burning
We protect our country
With untold valour
We will win
This awful war
Later my love
Mirror, mirror
Laced in fear
Dictate my life I'm meant to steer
Consequence in wine and beer
Seek a journey I can't be near
My thoughts of glass
Are limber and shattered
With the sledgehammer of past
To be crushed and mentally scattered
I found the pieces
I put them together
I struggle to remember it forever
The pains of my action
The results of my distraction
The screams of my endeavor
To serve my mindless faction
Draft me
An architectural blueprint
To serve my life in death
And live as a hollow mint
I've done the job
To be ached as sin
To hold the weapon of man
And peel the thought like skin
As a cover of wrong and thought of different
I shoot my thoughts of new and inherent
To be on the winning side and walk away the crow
Is to peck the skin of the dying and reap what I sow
The second half of my military poetry.
I grew up in a family that fought for causes they were paid the believe in. To put that kind of admittance into words in beyond me.
It's more than the struggle
There's pain beyond the weapon in arms
Where it stems from
The scorn of the homeland
There you find the source of your fear
What made you run
Is what taught you to stand your ground
To remember what made you strong
Is to forget what makes you weak
And to live with the heart of a defender
Is to die with the mind of a pretender
To defy the suffering you see every day
Is to remember to scorn that made you who you are
From the source, a man in pain
With the tears of denial
Scared of the status
And enrolled in the abandoned
Take life with paycheck
And live with the chosen's suffering
Every day
And tomorrow
You drink
To remember the cause that was lost in sorrow
The first half of my military poetry.
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