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LadyM Jun 3
I love the city at night

I like when the waves start rumbling
And the city lights turn on
I like the beautiful sights
Of the twilight sky
And the mountains all dressed in black

I like when it's hidden away

When everything the daylight shows
All the beauty that's destroyed
All that's been taken away is concealed

Because when I look on and on
When my eyes gaze upon...
The darkness

I don't see all the disaster

The city lights, the waves and the sky
Draped in violets and pinks
As the airplanes fly

And I think, what a beauty!
What a city of dreams
When the visible is made to be unseen

I see the cars passing
With their beaming lights
But they all seem somehow much sweeter
And closer to starlight

I see the palm trees standing proud
In a place where they do belong
But there's so few around

And even the people seem much brighter
When the nights come to hide
the effects of human disaster

A comfort blanket

Listen to the waves

And forget the sounds of the traffic
That I can't stand anymore

Found my comfort in the night
Found my solace at this time
Found the beauty of life
In the city
At night
This is another poem that I have written while staying in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria las summer. After 2 months, I couldn't take all the business of the city anymore. I became too overwhelmed during the daylight hours and found peace in the nights. ✨
LadyM Jun 3
Why are there more buildings than trees
In the city that's promising dreams?
Why are there more cars than
Parking spaces
What's all the rush?

Why are there more boats than fish
On the island of eternal bliss?
Can't even hear my thoughts
From all the noises;
I Feel overwhelmed.

There are pockets of green,
A desert preserved,
Only one single tree where I've ever heard birds
They sing in the morning at 8,
But I'm starting to think it's too late

I see mountains rising
And buildings above them,
I see clouds slowing passing
As cars outrace them,
All the light pollution
Has the sky turned brown;
At night
In the centre of life
I feel drowned
I wrote this song/poem last Summer while living in Las Palmas during a college internship. It was my dream come true to go there, but the reality was completely different than what I had been told and imagined.
LadyM Aug 2022
I've been dragged away
from the edge of the water,
even though I wanted to jump right in

I'd been only swimming
in the shallow corners,
almost learned to let go
and give in

Give in to the waves
let them pull me further from the shore
Give in to the tide,
hear the ocean roar

But something happened then
and I lost my sight of how and when
For a minute I closed my eyes,
thought I was lost at sea,
but when I looked around
there was no water to be seen

Just like someone
came and took my hand
and pulled me far away
off to dry lands

Felt like memory loss,
tried but couldn't remember
why my feet were still so wet
when I was in the centre
of the forest splendour

And sometimes I recall
the memories of the time
when I almost had it all

I was getting so close,
could barely believe
that I had found the purpose of my reality

But not everything works out
Lost sight of my true silhouette
My head has been dry for so long,
but my feet are still wet

Out of place
Out of my mind
Lost in the woods
Lost track of time
Take me back
Now I recall
why my feet are still wet
I can still have it all

I'll drag myself back
to the edge of the water
and jump right in like I was meant to

I'll be swimming away
into the deep end
Giving in to the waves
Giving in to the tide
Giving in to the voices that I've kept inside

My feet are still wet
and now I know why
A song (with a melody in mind) that I've written tonight. 🎵 For months I've felt like I was losing myself more each day. Fading... I've been feeling completely lost - like my life is going but I'm not really in it. Or not meant to be in it in this way. Out of place - this has been my most common thought. With my last poem published on this page in 2019, I've indeed lost touch with who I am. And after today's major breakdown, I finally know why I've been feeling so lost - because I keep trying to be someone who I am not. I am a songwriter, I knew this since I was 10. I wish I'd never let it slip away. But I want to get back. I know it will take time and practice to pick up a lost dream, but if I continue being who I am not, I will lose myself completely.
LadyM Nov 2019
Violet clouds
wih rosy hues
follow me
along the way,
same autumn trees
and silver lakes
I'm passing by
every Saturday.
It's getting dark,
but not quite so;
the sky is an evening show
of lavenders and irises
blossoming in afterglow.

This journey
hurts so beautifully
as we move away,
I am waiting patiently
until next Friday

and every Friday after that
for a dark, noisy train -
no purple sky or rosy hues
appear to entertain

But I love it
so much more
believe me, for it's true,
because at the end
of every journey,
once again,
I see you.
LadyM Sep 2019
You asked me
if there ever was a moment
when I wanted to leave you,
and truthfully,
there was.

But not a day has passed
that you didn't cross my mind.

People say that in this world
we are all just trying to find
true love,
one of a kind,
and all it takes
is just one glance,
but I believe it's much more
than a lucky chance-

countless moments...

each one a memory
frozen in time

all these moments,
like a mosaic
(too many to count)

in this enormous amount
all I see
is the big picture
and it is the most beautiful artwork
I have ever seen.
That is the art of falling in love
LadyM Jun 2019
I stopped writing for a while
And I didn't quite know why,
I've always used my poetry
To heal my wings when I couldn't fly.

Then, one day, you arrived
And we did have our ups and downs,
But day by day, you loved me more,
I wore my smiles instead of frowns.

My pen untouched, my notebook lay still...
Yet, my words are roaming free
Yes, now I see, I needn't write,
When I speak to you, my speech is poetry.
LadyM Jun 2019
Your hazel eyes
Are an artist's palette:
Green and grey, golden and brown.
If I stared long enough
I would get lost
In your pool of colours
And never be found.
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