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LadyM Feb 9
Honey, I'm falling down
Hunted like a deer
You shot an arrow
Straight through my heart
I wasn’t supposed to take a bite
Of that poisoned apple
Now it's stuck in my throat
This is a small verse from a song that I wrote about 3 years ago.  I only managed to find half of the song though :( I wonder where the rest is...
LadyM Feb 5
I'm a scattered mess
Well put together
My pieces are glued
But damaged permanently

Please don't be
Like everything else-
A phase in my life,
Only temporary.
I wish that I never have to say goodbye to you, I hope you will stay
LadyM Feb 3
Valentine's is red,
like a rose bouquet -
the colour of romance
and love affairs

Red is for passion,
like an open flame -
the colour we search for
throughout the years

But red is not
the colour I see
and maybe you'll say
my vision is wrong

For red is not
the colour I feel,
I radite only
with yellow love.

Summer is yellow,
like a sunflower field -
the colour of sunshine
all day long

Yellow is for joy,
like warm sand -
the colour I feel
in a morning birdsong.


Yellow is my love,
so Valentine's is too-
the colour of joy

I love you in yellow.
Colours play a huge part in my emotions and feelings, memories and associations. Yellow is such a beautiful colour, it's so bright and special. I've realised that yellow can also represent love - it's bright, happy, exciting, peaceful and true.
LadyM Jan 2
Trust and love take months to build
and a day to break,
But I am not impatient,
For you - I'll give years
and a lifetime
if it takes.
LadyM Jan 2
I didn't want to write about you
because you don't give me that funny feeling

only sometimes

Like yesterday
when I wasn't feeling okay
and your hug made me wish I could stay
in your arms forever.

Or the other day
when you kissed me
and I wished it would never end.

Or that evening
when we walked through the city
and you held my hand...
as it was cold outside.

Or when I saw you
on New Year's day
all dressed up,
looking at you my thoughts
were all messed up
and all I could think of
was how perfect you are
inside and out.

you don't give me that funny feeling yet,
At least not all the time,

when I read what's written above
I think I just might be
falling in love.
The best feeling is the realisation you're accidentally falling in love ♥️
LadyM Jan 2
It was night
And the rain
Was pouring over our face,
Two strangers
In the dark
And city lights aflame.

Felt at peace
In my heart
And then I knew-

That everything I'm meant to find
Was here
When I found you.
This is part of a song that I've written with a melody in mind, but I thought that this part works well as a little poem too :)
LadyM Nov 2018
This is me,
But the truth is-  
There's much more beneath the surface

I'm not talking 'bout the bones
Or the flesh beneath my skin,

If you look into my mind,
You'll see a portrait from within.

My eyes are two glass windows
Smeared with colour stains,

There's an endless rush of brightness
Always pulsing through my veins

I feel hope among the stars-
Cosmic blossoms of the dark,

I don't always find my way
On the journeys I embark

I am at a crossroads
Now knowing where to go,

But I've ways stood up straight,
Despite carrying cargo.

My face is not my only worth,
See the truth:
This is me.
This poem also exists in visual form, as it is one of my college art sketchbook projects :) Each verse is a different picture, a part of me. Try to imagine it in your mind how that would look like.
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