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I never wanted to admit it it. I hated that it stayed so long. However the more I tried to fight it, the more apparent it became. The deeper the roots, the stronger the hold. To the point of my beginning was its end and its end my beginning. I let it wrap me. Take all my energy and love. Even though I could feel it, I didn't want to admit it was there. So I moved only when it let me, I thought only want it allowed me to. I spoke when spoken to and overslept to the point of illness. I no longer cared. I no longer felt. I no longer…. I no longer…. I was longer.. There was no I. There was simply it. And it fell deeper. And then I knew I needed to turn. To face it. While there was still some small part of me that could.
LadyM Oct 2018
Look, I don't know why
I feel this way right now.
There's no reason for me
to be sad
because I always looks on the bright side.

Somehow, my thoughts are clouded
with pain and sorrow;
I'm telling myself
that a brighter tomorrow
will mend the cracks,

yet when tomorrow comes
my body still lacks
the energy to cope.

Look, I'm trying!
Isn't that enough?
I may be strong and emotionally tough
I hold my head high when times get rough,
but my act of bravery is only a bluff
when the load gets too heavy.

I'm sinking.

Deeper and deeper
into a rabbit hole
with no bright side
at the end.
Magical Me Jun 2018
When days are becoming colder
when nights are getting longer
when enemies are becoming bolder
when to lean on there's no shoulder
I still continue with all my might

when every breath is of despair
when life is not at all fair
when no one **** cares
When it is all too much to bear
I still have an urge to fight

when darkness is battering
when sorrows are centering
when evil is mentoring
when dreams are shattering
I still want to make things right

for I see the side that is bright
for I never lose  my sight
everything will be allright
for I still see light
clever Apr 2018
I'm wrapped around your fingers.
Your fingers are wrapped around my neck.
Choking the life out of me.
Breath by fading breath.
The Killers playing in the background.
It's a hit. It's also a song. Ironic, isn't it?

Mr. Brightside - The Killers
Death-throws Mar 2016
I watch you spy their futures
Scooping dreams with sillky fingers
Far too frail to dig,
Fear not,
The sweat from my brow will bring us life.
Sustaining and sweet
Care not,
Though you can not see them.
The huming birds sing
Earl Jane Jul 2015

I've known an extraordinary lady,

                'Cause I wrote poems in HP,

                                                        Well, I thank HP a lot,
                                                That I have the opportunity,
                                       To know a person like her!

                And found out  we have the same nationality,

Not only that, she write these exceptional and amazing poems!!

          I was overwhelmed!

                And blithesomely chatted her,
                            She replied,

We have a good talk,
                 I was so broken into splinters those times,
             I could hardly remember the throe,
        But her words glare brightest in my heart,

She inspired me,
         With the hurting truth,
                   Well, I knew truth hurts,

Then we always chat,

    We exchange phone numbers,

                 And texting even not in HP,
'Cause I knew she is so much busy,

But I'm still texting her telling,
                     "I'M SO GLAD TO BE Your FRIEND."
And that,
"Ohayou Gozaimasu, konnichiwa & konnbanwa"
             "Kiotsukete kudasai Roan-chan!"

Oh yeah!
           We love Japan, and their language,
                 That made me love her even more.
                       (Love as friend okay?!)

    We exchange google+ & fb,
        And saw her angelic face,
            Scattering over her timeline,
                 I saw a beautiful soul,
                       Dancing and gleaming inside of her,

      She's indeed a very good friend,

                             When I have heartaches and tribulations,

                                     I share her my pain and sorrows,

She's like the sun in the noon time,
                  Heating me up with her love and care,

                    But even though I have not met her personally,
                I knew for sure that I'm so much blessed,
            To know such a golden spirit,
                              Such rare being in the amidst,

And I do knew,
                             That God will lead us together,
                         To spend time personally as friends,

Together with Ma'am Sally,

                        As what she told me,
          "We should have this ~poetess date~ "

How I long for that day!

I really pray to God,

                      That He will give you,
                         The best of the life,

   Give you good health,
          To continue enjoying life to it's fullest,

To have many more birthdays to come,
                 For you to see more,
      Of the beauty of God's creation,

                            And to find,
                     That very right man,
            That your heart longs to find,
                For quiet elongated time.

I pray also,
          That you will remain,
                 To be light to all people,

            And be that very good friend,
Everyone longs for,

In this beautiful day,
                   I pray you will be the happiest person alive,
                            And celebrate this marvelous day,
                                          God had given you.

      "Maligayang Kaarawan Aking Kaibigan."

                          © Earl Jane
                            ♥ E.J.C.S.
Daniel Mashburn Feb 2015
I know you're scared to death.
Of your whole world collapsing. Caving in.
But I also know that you almost welcome it.
So we'll just keep chasing the Brightside.

And the images of the horrors you've met.
You've held on to them.
I know you used them to break your skin.
But we'll just keep on chasing the Brightside.

Life is what you'd expect:
Lies, lies, lies, and more broken promises.
And I know that your joy won't outweigh your disappointments.
But we'll just keep on chasing the Brightside.

So you're writing poetry.
Not with pen and paper but with your every breath.
And I know that you welcome death.
But we'll just keep on chasing the Brightside.

From the rooftops I will scream it.
For love and now death, I've wept.
And I know that I won't forget.
But for now, I'll just keep chasing the Brightside.

— The End —