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Orakhal Sep 2020
Habitual mind will break you
if you keep trying to break it
and wake you if you keep on its bright side
Michael Stefan Feb 2020
Play me a sad song?
But what of this joyous day
Summer unfurls before us
And warm sunshine tans my skin

Sure we toil in trenches
Dug as defensive lines
Against a swarm
So complete in its hostility

But brothers, hear the sounds of nature
Echoing around us
Wrapping us in soft cacoons
Of sweet distraction

So do not sing a sad song
Don't dampen my ephemeral mood
Let me have this moment of reprieve
As I dig trenches
On a future battlefield
This poem was written in Afghanistan in 2010.  It is the only positive piece I have written from the portion of my life.  And those of you who've read my other poems about war probably know that very well.  It was just a strange day as summer began and we were in our short sleeve shirts building defensive barriers, surrounded by towering mountains.  It was such a beautiful sight.  It made me think about working in the yard with my dad and the feeling of bonding and accomplishment at a day's toil.
laura Oct 2019
Sometimes in life,
you just,
have to look at the bright side.
It feels like,
everybody is just so negative.
There is so much hatred,
and pain in this world.
If you think about it though,
we could make it so much better.
So, just stick with the right friends,
never lose hope,
and look at the bright side.
Not really sure what this is, just trying to be positive about life :)
CharmedlyJynxed Oct 2019
Everything that’s happening in our lives, even the smallest ones that we barely notice, has its own reason. We may not know it yet, we may feel confused and even ask ourselves why but please know that soon everything will fall into its right place. For every milestones and downfalls, for every happiness and heartbreaks, and for every solace and pain comes a purpose, greater than what we planned and expected. We just have to be patient enough to wait for the right time, strong enough to accept that we cannot have everything we wanted, brave enough to conquer our deepest fears, wise enough to overcome every challenges prepared for us, and firm enough to walk away from those who doesn’t want us to stay. Don’t ever lose hope. Everything happens for a reason.
Danielle Bluejay Jul 2019
Chillin down by the river
A good life ain’t hard to find
When you’re in that state of mind
To leave your old life behind

Same old soul but different life
Never imagined I’d find this path
But the road less traveled
Was something to have

I found my own way
Looking for the bright side
And in the long run
I just wanna be happy when I die
Part 2 of a drunken series
I never wanted to admit it it. I hated that it stayed so long. However the more I tried to fight it, the more apparent it became. The deeper the roots, the stronger the hold. To the point of my beginning was its end and its end my beginning. I let it wrap me. Take all my energy and love. Even though I could feel it, I didn't want to admit it was there. So I moved only when it let me, I thought only want it allowed me to. I spoke when spoken to and overslept to the point of illness. I no longer cared. I no longer felt. I no longer…. I no longer…. I was longer.. There was no I. There was simply it. And it fell deeper. And then I knew I needed to turn. To face it. While there was still some small part of me that could.
LadyM Oct 2018
Look, I don't know why
I feel this way right now.
There's no reason for me
to be sad
because I always looks on the bright side.

Somehow, my thoughts are clouded
with pain and sorrow;
I'm telling myself
that a brighter tomorrow
will mend the cracks,

yet when tomorrow comes
my body still lacks
the energy to cope.

Look, I'm trying!
Isn't that enough?
I may be strong and emotionally tough
I hold my head high when times get rough,
but my act of bravery is only a bluff
when the load gets too heavy.

I'm sinking.

Deeper and deeper
into a rabbit hole
with no bright side
at the end.
Magical Me Jun 2018
When days are becoming colder
when nights are getting longer
when enemies are becoming bolder
when to lean on there's no shoulder
I still continue with all my might

when every breath is of despair
when life is not at all fair
when no one **** cares
When it is all too much to bear
I still have an urge to fight

when darkness is battering
when sorrows are centering
when evil is mentoring
when dreams are shattering
I still want to make things right

for I see the side that is bright
for I never lose  my sight
everything will be allright
for I still see light
adriana Apr 2018
I'm wrapped around your fingers.
Your fingers are wrapped around my neck.
Choking the life out of me.
Breath by fading breath.
The Killers playing in the background.
It's a hit. It's also a song. Ironic, isn't it?

Mr. Brightside - The Killers
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