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Zack Ripley Jun 2020
it's scary being lost.
Feeling lost. Alone.
So cold, you can feel it in your bones.
But the thing about being lost,
You can always be found.
Found by a person. By faith.
You can even find yourself.
If you're out there,
And you want to be found,
If you're READY to be found,
Call out your name.
Someone who can help
Will listen for the sound
Shruti Atri May 2020
I could devour your heart
But I chose to hold it with care
Like soft petals, velveteen in my mind

I could scare you to death
But I chose to hide all that I'm made of
Like sharp daggers, wrapped in silken scarves

I could shatter your grip on reality
But I chose to respect your sanity
Like silent truths, hidden in stories untold

See my gritted teeth of sincere control
Notice my disquiet eyes aflame with agony
And don't ignore my scars from wearing another skin

It's been too long, way too long
I close my eyes and breathe in slowly,
It feels alien, other-ly--

A warmth washes over me...
'I made it this far...'
Iljano lepelblad Aug 2018
How i walked on a paved road so long,
I watched myself fall and stand.
I lost my mind, my focus.
Just to find it once more,
Find hope,
Find myself..
Just to display,
A happier ending,
A reason..

To keep trying, to never give up...

It was the best.
It was the greatest.
Find something to keep you up.
To keep you going.

To just find a note in your heart,
Keep going....
#lostandfound #hope #happienes
Payton Jun 2018
I knew what you
                          were from
    the very beginning.
I saw you from a
                 different angle.
All the others saw a sleek and slender form.
Thin bones that were jam-packed with dreams.
When I looked your way,
I saw
misunderstood, and
wandering. Lost.
But the way your eyes lit up when you saw me-it
was enough to let me know that
I had
Softie Apr 2018
Lost and found
An empty body
A foreign box
Three Items

Smiles and laughter in a jar
“You need to please them”
Without smiles
They don’t waver
Without laughter
They don’t fall
I can’t make a sound

A gold heart wrapped in bubble wrap
“You need to show them”
Sincere kindness
So hard to find
“Are you okay”
I’m sick of it

A pool of tears on loose
“Those are happy tears”
The sky has the freedom
To let it all out
But why can’t I

The empty body
“Change it”
Smiles and laughter
The body was empty without a soul, thus the laughter. The smiles are kept in a jar because you lose them so easily.
Gold heart
People nowadays are so inconsiderate and ruthless towards plants, animals and even their own species, therefore the gold heart. Wrapped in bubble wrap as it breaks so easily.
Pool of tears
Sometimes letting it out makes everything better. On loose because it always comes by and it doesn’t need to be carefully stored due to the continuous supply of tears.
The last line of each stands forms a quote: I can’t make a sound. I’m sick of it. But why can’t I change it?
b e mccomb Apr 2018
there are thousands of things
i want to say and i can't
find even one way
to say one thing

so sometimes i tamp
them down and mix
them with syrupy sweet
sludge in my mug

and other times i remember
bits and pieces of them and
write them on scraps of paper
and abandon them

lost and found
whatever is shoved
into the bottom of that
cardboard box

was only lost
never found

nobody knows where
they come from or
where they will go
after the lost and found

lost and found
the miscellaneous
and i
copyright 4/2/18 b. e. mccomb
Candis Soul Jan 2018
I feel lost at every trickle
The water is cold tonight
The moment I went backwards
I realized once again my plans have been ruined
In the ruin I seek pity
Not because of the bright glare
Because of the glamour
Nothing else could feel this wrong
As my mind is wrapped in torment
I still think about my loss
How can I regain that trust back
How can I turn it back into a tune
Darkness in my thoughts
I go on with my day
First poem I have ever let others see. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this community. This particular poem is about how I deleted another poem accidently and I am super upset about it. Hope you enjoy.
Brea Bishop Sep 2017
The first steps are the hardest of all. But sometimes we throw ourselves off the cliff, just to feel alive again
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