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Feb 14 · 34
Heart of Glass
Through her I can see
She looks resilient
But she has a heart of glass

I'm thinking of my tomorrow
Yet being aware of her imminent sorrow
Because of the path I'm now to follow

Caught up in a catch 22;
A necessary evil
A broken dream or a broken heart

Life is unfair
But let me make this clear
That I am not a heartbreaker
Heartbreak Love
Feb 12 · 386
A Beast in Chain
They say I cannot
That is because I do not
Not because I have done not
They know not
Because they've seen not
They don't know...
It's a beast in chains
Chains of experience
Experience Beast Morality
Jan 12 · 102
Love Her But Cant Tell
I met this beauty on duty.
An epitome of God's creativity.
A real deal.

For her, the whole barn of my gut fell.
The very cells of my being got drunk with her hypnotic self.

Guess where this is going is clear
But the reality is stronger than fear
Yeah it's true!

I love her but I can't say it...
Because she belongs to another.
The arms that gives her what she deserves.
Nov 2020 · 93
Raining Morning
Such a peace falling as the clouds melt in a wonderful nature.

The whole of the living creation of God is coolly enjoy the moment.

Piecing through the the drumming sounds of raindrops on the covering of our abode, the trees and floor of the earth is the sound produced by the activities of men.

How enjoyable the weather as some may say; expressing satisfaction in the situation which supports their rest from routine activities.

In the other hand, the heart of others ache at the risk the force of nature pose to their point of joy.

In either way, the Supreme Divine knows the perfection of His art.

Even somewhere, someone lies beneath sheets of cotton or wool instead of the four walls of a lecture hall.

How amazing the differences in reaction to the same fall?
Oct 2020 · 57
Finally, when all is said and done
When tomorrow can no more have us in her plan
Laid shall we be in the catacombs of living memory,
Waiting to be exhumed in a clash of relative fate
While our solid remains are shared by the closer companions;
If heat does not completely turn us into ashes,
Then our flesh shall bid farewell to the bones
What is man that he boasts of what he owns?
©Wise Makafui Afun
Oct 2020 · 264
You Two Look Good Together
You two look good together
Never imagined you'll look this better
Though a little jealous,
Wishing you the best

With your smiles now broader
And your laughter a bit louder,
Can't help it being jealous
But still wishing you the best
Sep 2020 · 77
That's what poems do.
That's what poems do... tell
Designed to tell a story
A story which is not
A story which was
Which should be
A story which is
Which could be
Of a being
A thing
Who is
Who was
Who has been
Who has never been
In this particular existence

That's what poems do... speak
Generally speak of an issue
An issue of keen interest
Issue being spoken of
Dare to be spoken of
An issue which was
Issue which is
Should be
Would be
Could be
Of a thing
Of a being
Of itself, poem
Of its writer, poet
Of another, the subject
In this particular existence
Aug 2020 · 721
Together But Far Apart
In the beginning we were strangers
Because we came from different places
From homes both far and near our new home
But with time we grew a bond
A bond that makes us a family
A family with many differences
Differences in religion, beliefs, political ideas and so on
But our bond transcends all

The common goal and the familiarity spirit joins our umbilicus to one mother
At times we fight for each other
Other times, we fight each other
That is the beauty of a family
Isn't it?

Today, we're not gathered under the same roof but we're still together
Our beloveds are close to our hearts than to our arms
We long to once again meet and laugh our loneliness and troubles away
Then tell the stories of our lives during the unexpected break to each other in flesh

We pray to once again have the chance to chase academic success again, hand in hand because our exit is at hand
But till then, we're far apart even though together

By technology we still see each other
Hear one another's voice and at times feel the emotion in our individual lives regardless the distance

We know we have a lot to achieve
So we do no relent on our efforts to advance
That is why we still connect to learn

Some are taking the opportunity during the break to develop their talents and expand their knowledge in other fields
Fields including music, agriculture, marketing, technology and the arts.

A few took the opportunity to legally unite with their life partners and we did nothing less than to celebrate in happiness
Because that is what families do
Isn't it?

One day, we would go our separate ways
But for now, we're together even though far apart
Aug 2020 · 445
The Day Of The Maiden
My people!
A wind got into my ears,
I turned and discovered that it was a bird singing a morning song
The melody was beautiful but the lyrics literally were words of gossip
Paying closer attention out of curiosity I heard her say,

Years a ago today,
A maiden was sent down by Ɔbɔadeɛ (the creator) to this land;
The land of gold
She would be adorned in many colours of wishes from dawn;
A day of memory

On this,
I can not watch we the kinsmen and kinswomen miss
We must never be left out on this all important durbar,
The durbar of honour and merrymaking

So I say,
Join me in paying homage to the dark skinned maiden among the lots in our land
Let the few and the many words of love, sound on the fontomfrom to the lass

My self, I precede with the dancing steps of the lizard,
Nodding to the sounds produced by the drops of palmwine from the beards of the old men in the calash of theirs

Let men, women and children celebrate
Let's keep brightness on the cheeks of the celebrant
Bring out gifts let's present
Our fathers say,
The knee wears not the cap in the presence of the head

Till the sun goes back to rest,
Continuously we offer thanks to him who sits on high
The man who gave us this damsel full of value years ago today

To the maiden we say,
Enjoy your day
Let joy fill you full
In strength we pray to see you in yet another year
In honour of a mate
Aug 2020 · 185
Just One Wish
This thing , that thing
We're never satisfied
When shall we ever let it go?

More this, more that
We never get enough
Why can't we ever let it go?

You've got just one life
Learn to enjoy it
Worry about nothing

I just have one wish
Just one wish
Knowing what you have is more than gold

Jealousy and envy
Choking our daily lives
Why give it the way to be so?

Want what your friend have
Neglecting what you have
Why don't you value what's your own?

We all have something
Be content with yours
And worry about nothing

I just have one wish
Just one wish
That you know what you have is more than gold

Be content with what you have
Jul 2020 · 999
Strong Soul
Am not sure when again to soar,
but to soar again, definitely am sure.
A wound to the chest but not enough to prevent my best.
The heart I still have, I shall again chest the open air and pull up my best cos my best yet is to step its foot on the last stair.
Though the wound is living behind a scar, the ground I won't stay because I am a star.
Deriving motivation from the vibration in and around, I'll have to put luggage of the past in the thrash very fast.
Yes, It is impossible to wash away the leopards spots, yet it has nothing to do with its hunting course.
This is staying around for long
but am assuring the world am strong.
Am still the eagle,
refusing to be depressed and forever remain single.
If a story is to be told of a broken person, it wont be of me, cos mine is going to be a courageous lesson.
Jul 2020 · 420
I know only one person very well
One person I can describe very well
So I write mostly about him

I write my own story
Put the emotions where they need to be
Take a break when things get too fast
And stop where I believe I should

I paint my own portrait
Place the dark colours where I deem fit
Brightening where the need be
Living the brush strokes in desired directions

I give not my canvas to any other
No matter how good they may be
Cos they may never present the true me
For this is what remains when am gone.
Listen to advice and learn but you are who you are. Never live the life as someone desires.
Jul 2020 · 139
She is gone again
Gone living him all alone
Alone with his thoughts and pain

She gave convincing reasons to leave
But he has convincing doubts
Doubts many enough not to believe

But he cannot keep her
He cannot
Because be has not enough to feed her

On a cold breezy night
With misses of her warmth
He has nothing else but his bottle of liquor to hold on tight

Thoughts of her kills him inside
He can only have her in his mind
But not by his side

Who is she with this time
That is the question seesawing on his mind
And he wonders if loving her is a crime

Why can't he leave her for another
Another one maybe better
But only he knows how hard it was to find him a lover
Poverty! Hmmm
Jul 2020 · 122
Rage lover ( Lost Love )
Lashing out at the rage,
The cause of the breakup but it is too late to wake up
Because she is already a goner breath.
The bid for resurrecting a carcass united with the sand to feed on a plant is a ruin.
So let it be.
Let it be.
Someway somehow when the inner waters begins to boil in any season
This shall be the soil to visit for lesson in history.
Let not the rings of its trees remind you years spent cooking stones because of your urge to boil.
Let this be awakening, wounded lion.
Control your temper and let it nor ruin your beautiful relationship.
Jun 2020 · 240
Love on the wait
Touch my heart
Let me melt into your arms
Am a singerbird waiting for someone to listen to my sweet melodies
Chirp chirp chirp my lyrics go
And sweet they sound in the ears of the one who loves me
Soften your hands
Then I can feel your touch better
Allow me in
Then enjoy my rhythm
The sweetness which is reserved for you
For you and you alone
Jun 2020 · 2.1k
Let not rage relieve peace off her duty
That is the mood of a woman when another takes away her beauty
For what is left a shine on the face of iron when it gets rusty
So don't see someone's honouring event as your party
Don't especially with impunity
That's no pay for a person's ingenuity
It's evil coveting someone else's ideas your property
Plagiarism destroys creativity
It is honour stripping activity
Dip your mind into the well of creation and draw out the complexity
Then understand how it is to create
And appreciate how plagiarism makes creativity emaciate
Like a mother hurts when her child is in pain
A creator feels when his efforts are being rendered a vain
Credit he who credit is due
And earn honour for your own efforts too
Written by Wise Makafui Afun

Plagiarism is killing creativity. It is sad how hard efforts are rendered useless because of plagiarists.
It is just appropriate to honour the efforts of people by not converting their works or copying portions of it without permission and acknowledgement.

— The End —