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My soul spoke to me but I didn't write
I didn't cos I felt the time wasn't right
When I was ready, I couldn't write
Cos I couldn't remember what I was told to write

What a loss
I woke up from bed and the poet in me weaved some beautiful words of wisdom to me. I was so drunk with sleep that I went back to bed with the hope of writing in the morning only to wake up with just a fragment of those words. It's a shame I've lost the message.
Lanz Gabor Sep 2022
time has gone
and they walked further
through the blank space
with nowhere to go
in search for a purpose
they halted and dreamed

for sceneries they thought
and trees have sprouted
for stars they wished
and rays have twinkled
for music they wrote
and resonance have sung

a living fairytale
it was a sight to behold
a legendary mage
with no name but a light
and from a staff they spelled
now time has come again

they was she
and she was shining
repelling sweet shadows
stealing all the hearts
for she owned the night
for she was the dream
SelinaSharday Aug 2021
Don't take a girls pearls
Then crush them under your feet before the world.
Don't  get her secrets.
And leave her with regurgitated regrets.
A fool disguised as supreme.
Is a horrid being.
Desiring to verbally abuse and emotionally curse a woman.
Don't look good on your walls hall of fame.
Don't tell a woman she's the victim of mental abuse
When you turn around to destroy her for your use.
You claim the rank as a romantic. Turns out your only a writing lunatic.
Ahh we woman are what makes ya tick..
Why toss out beautiful portraits that seems to fit.
Women beware he will turn around and destroy a face of perfect.
In a schemed dairy of exaggerations during
his verbal adjudications thrown fits.
Oh shh I won't tell of persons staled
marital woes of 100 years in unfinished separated fools bizness.
Fix that spilled spoiled milk real quick.
It's gotten too thick.
Keep spinning those wounded male ego's of lies.
Be proud the Queen of unbothered sent her tid bit of replies.
Your words are to be splattered as flies filled with nasty disgusting lies.
Achoo the paper you used is to be sneezed on like tissues
achoo laugh out loud LOL guess there's no maturity.
Hey Q  U will be back fa meh HORRIDLY.
I'm seeing forgery attempts for a real man.  
Seen verbally abusing the female congregation.
Then trying to romance us women without hesitation.
No wonder you're in your situation.
If you want to address everything I say.
Let me ship a box of lipsticks your way.
We can have a good old girl fight any day.
Hope yah can tell, I'm not tryna slay ya too well.
Mwen dezole---"I'm sorry"!
Should I say less, say less, say less or close the Door.
I could say mo say more!
Nah I'm going to close this blocked yo a** door.
You are not what I come here for.
No need to be salty wave a white flag and retreat have some seats.
Don't worry grand Rose Oh I see you. You see me too.
Now peace on from this Queen's inner beauty outward shine,
Don't try stealing mine.
#@Done...I just had sum fun.!! Bye now stop fussing son.!!
&@Stayed.Shardayed.Darling!! s.a.m 2021
Say..Mr. ahh Your delivery shows yah misery.. Hah again I'm ya rused mused.. ya should pay me, @how yah poetry comes fa me.. how silly you be. lol
Salmabanu Hatim May 2018
Handsome, young lover
proposed, quickly she said,"Yes!"
Was three months pregnant.
Amanda dish
rag tell
her tag
yet her
scrumptious immortal
date bag
told of
a tree
once harbinger
of seedling
if apostrophe
a jeering
speech that
answers the
question of
a Bosnian
ax grinder
Kristo Frost Aug 2014
Example: some candles smell best just past their last gasp.
Divorce: when a lover doesn't love what they've done.
Annulment: when it might as well have never happened.

Reboot? [Y/N]:Y

Wake yourself up on a pillow of gravel with your bike in the bushes beyond.
You might be that undaunted worrier of ways to evade.
You might fight with the tide of those lingering days.
Likely unlikely but possibly nightly they leave you behind; Spite, your mind.

Reboot? [Y/N]:Y

You're left threading through time as your Been and your Being age.
Your breath ebbs slower as the world rolls beneath you.
You're still pursuing your quiet addiction to the hustle of life.
Your gentle cage will help to keep you objective-oriented.

You'll die.

Accept it.

Reboot? [Y/N]:_
Formatting issues with the italics.  Will fix when I feel like it, which could be never.  What?

— The End —