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Morgan Elizabeth Sep 2020
Every time I read your book,
its as if its the first time
like a wife looking over at her husband
after many years of marriage
and her heart skipping a beat
time after time after time

no matter how long it has been
the impact of his love still rings true
his undying commitment to her remains
their story sweeter with each passing year
and deeper than the one before
the power behind the unyielding loyalty
that it takes to make a marriage work
because nothing worth having will come easy
but the fidelity and allegiance all the same
the dedication remains in tact
with an unwavering devotion of love
a dedication to a life lasting bond
and beyond

so is it when I read your Words
your power rings true
your holiness prevails
and never ceases to amaze me
the words jump off the page
into the realm of my own reality
i see you at work beyond the book
beyond the words that come to life
that move me to action
that must be taken
if i sit still, it must not be true
because i would not be concerned
with the death that will surely come
for those that never know You
The Messiah Jun 2020
Lord Jesus Christ,
slain sacrificed
begotten Son
of Father God,
(whose will be done
in heaven, in earth),

the day was good
when light and shade
divided made
day one, and He
our Father knew,
but I've had doubts,
but now I see.
The Messiah Jun 2020
Bedeviled by sin,
And sick within,
Please, make me whole,
Spirit and soul.

Corrupted, Shame
My middle name,
I pray, O Lord,
To be restored.  

In truth I've heard
The sacred word.
May every lie
Within me die.
The Messiah Jun 2020
Glory to God in the highest!
Glory to Him whose throne is in heaven!
Glory to God, the Lord Almighty!
Glory to seventy times seven!
The Messiah Jun 2020
You're yes or else
you're no;

no middle way
to go;

you're anti Christ
or pro.
The Messiah Jul 2020
Jehovah be praised
Ever and always!

Christ, Your begotten Son
Has risen
Righteous on Your right hand
In Heaven,
Sitting on His
Do what thou wilt
A rule we're taught
A rule that carries us
Please, ignore the nosebleed
Just proceed and do not worry
We're among the elite, dead inside
And we'll do anything, anything at all
To feel complete
After all, who cares who we hurt
If it fills our needs

Prayers sent out
Never answered
Where's your savior?
He got sodomized, victimized
Then hung himself
What a surprise

Yahweh hanging from a tree? hurray!
Let's have a grand party and sacrifice the sheep
We'll dance, laugh, sing, and watch as they bleed
The dark is a curse we all have, a curse we all need
So let us rejoice, embrace the sensation
And awaken the beast tonight
That'll surely make our father happy.
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Michael R Burch Mar 2020
Isn’t it silly, ***** Nilly?
You made the stallion,
you made the filly,
and now they sleep
in the dark earth, stilly.
Isn’t it silly, ***** Nilly?

Isn’t it silly, ***** Nilly?
You forced them to run
all their days uphilly.
They ran till they dropped—
life’s a pickle, dilly.
Isn’t it silly, ***** Nilly?

Isn’t it silly, ***** Nilly?
They say I should worship you!
Oh, really!
They say I should pray
so you’ll not act illy.
Isn’t it silly, ***** Nilly?

Published by The New Formalist, Poet’s Corner, The Road Not Taken, Charlie Hedbo Poetry

We now know there never was a perfect Garden of Eden, because trillions of animals suffered and died before human beings existed. Thus Adam and Eve cannot be responsible for suffering and death. That leaves the Creator, if such a being exists. If not, perhaps it was just the bad luck of the draw.

Keywords/Tags: Creator, Creationism, God, Demiurge, Yahweh, Jehovah, worship, religion, pray, prayer, evil, suffering, death, Jesus, Christ, Christian, Christianity, garden, Eden, Adam, Eve, animals, creatures, stallion, filly, pretty pickle, silly, nonsense
Tizzop Dec 2019

forbidden fruit (eden)
little hole (eve)
Yahweh (tizzop)


turn every letter around turn warriors
into choirboys allergic against weapons

turn vampires into

turn around: somebody behind you
spying each letter you gotta

be better
don't turn the page NOW
the paper'd simply fly downwards into hell
with you

besides: the book of your life will end soon enough
welcome to the new world, tizzop. we just WON. love you, buddy.
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