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Arianna 9h
Shadows of wings
Fall, a fleeting night,
Over the forest;
Winged phantom
Dancing circles before the Sun.

Prowling along the mountainside
Ablaze with light and snow,
The Eagle climbs still higher
Through the blinding Vastness,

And I follow.

A speck emerges
From the twisting kaleidoscope of Morning's blank brightness
Spiraling towards earth

A feather

Alights at my feet in answer
To questions festering unasked beneath the surface,
Warm with the omniscience
Of high-above things:

A sliver
Borne hither
On the breath of the Cosmos.
* = the last line refers to Abbess Hildegard von Bingen's metaphor of herself as "a feather on the breath of ***". The only reason it came to mind is because of the feather mentioned in this text.

Josiah Sim Nov 8
I was once on the ground
Flying only a few meters
Now I spread out my wings
Piercing through the sky
I wish I could fly,
like an eagle in a sky;
I wish I could use a hug,
like a warm coffee in a mug;
I wish I could swim like a fish,
and could also delete one of my bish;
I wish to see everybody clearly,
all those who treated me severely;
I wish to have Newton's mind,
So that I could do something good for mankind;
I wish to have a friend,
Who wont hesitate to share things till the end;
I wish to tell that girl how much I love her,
because I think we are just opposite of concur;
I wish to have a magic door,
So that I could run away whenever I'm abhor ;
I wish to live a peaceful life,
But it is not possible because everyday I have this new strife.
sunprincess Aug 13
Last night a vision of earth creatures numbering three
They all gathered around and knelt before father and me

A baldeagle with intense eyes that could see far and wide
A brown happy bear gifted with one brilliant mind,
And a grey wolf with power to detect friend or enemy
They came bearing grand gifts; salmon, berries, and honey,
Including their curiosity shining bright as a glowing star
They were very tired as they had traveled very far

Yet, they intrigued us with, "Who created us and why?"
"Why are we given the green earth and lovely sky?"
"Are we to spend our days wandering mile after mile?"
Standing silently father smiled a most pleasant smile,
Then replied with his arms open in a gesture mild,
"This is your home, our village tame and the jungle wild"

Then swiftly visions vanish when sunbeams arrive,
Like vanquishing a misty fog on a mountainside
Let's protect the environment
for our animal friends
and for future generations
white and black eagles,
one chasing the other;
til the end of the world!
white and black eagles,
each one chasing the other;
till end of the world!
Solitude Man Apr 26
In the darkest nights,
this, solitude man tilts the hour glass  
to the boy who built a cave
with the carnage of his sporadic mind

He holds his hands,
through his serene scars
though patiently misunderstood
over him this, solitude man watches
in the darkest nights

But as darkness dawns
to war solitude man must go
as this, solitude boy, tilts the hour glass
just in time, to hold his hands.

                                                   - Ola Bajo
Brooke P Mar 29
I had a panic attack in an American Eagle dressing room recently.
As I sobbed quietly
and begged my racing heart
to please slow the **** down,
I listened to the chatter in the adjacent stalls;
other girls proclaiming their depression because
that top did not come in their size.
My mother stood
on the other side
of the locked door, suggesting
that I just

While I struggled to catch my breath,
my mother went out to the floor,
feeling the need to tell the tale
of her poor daughter who lost everything
to the sales clerks and managerial staff.
They brought me water
and a cookie
and cleared out
the dressing room.
It's too bad that my demons didn't really give a ****
about their kind gestures.

Eventually, I was able to **** in air long enough
to call out to my mother and tell her
I needed to go home now, please.
I hid my face from the customers in the store
casting condemning looks in my direction.
I was ashamed, because I knew
everyone else knew
and I never want
people seeing me
like that.
at least we got
a 50% discount.
sunprincess Feb 17
Hello Mr. Eagle way up there in the sky
Oh, Hi Mr. Hawk, I love to see you fly,
and yes,  I love to see you glide
Way up high in the sky

Just wondering do you feel adrenaline,
when your wings catch the wind,
and how much energy do you spend
flying to the river's end
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