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Joanna Jul 31
The river runs in a direct course, moving forward with gentle force. Its sparkling waters feed all that come near.

This river has a mysterious pathway that like a puzzle that is about to unfold. Moving with a determination that holds no fear, this river is full of pure, clear waters.

The eagle soars with a strength that is bold, through storm clouds and more.  While journeying daily to a hidden fountain, this bird of flight seeks refuge in the cleft of the mountain.

And to build its habitat where nothing can obstruct its plan to live freely in a place that is no longer a barren land.
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Chris Saitta Jul 19
Come home from eagle-throated distance,
The canoe-tip of the crescent moon scuds
Into the silted, mud-bed of heaven.
Her face-dream beside the pine trees
The mollusc of purpled wampum beads shining.  

Bury my hands, ninidji, in the eagle’s nest,
Carry my feeling words to her on wings.
Let her mix roots, berries, clay
and the feather of my hands
To paint her face with my words and these trees.

Or let my hands ripple like flat-fish
Above the silt-bed of her slim stomach,
Held there in radiant scaled warmth.
Lappihanne, the rapid water of our river heart,
Like an arrow that glides from the bow,
My people where the tide ebbs and flows.

To us both, the dark, golden edge of woods whispers, kuwumaras
And the water arrow will never land,
But carried in my eagle’s hands,
I say kuwumaras, my love, and pierce through all darkness
To the empty path made full with the ripples of all who have passed.
My nika, swan of the woods, let us dive into the dark, golden sea
Of forever in the hills.
All italicized words are Algonquin.
"Wampum" is well-known as the colorful beads made from whelk shells and later used as currency in trading with New World explorers.
"Lappihanne" was the basis for the word Rappahannock, which is also the name of the tribe known as the "people of the ebb and flow tide"
"Kuwumaras" means "I love you"
All other words are self-explained in the above.

Roots, berries, clay, and sometimes feathers were used for face paint.
Outside Words Jun 24
Deep in my soul
     I felt weak and weary
And knew that my end
     Hung silently near me
But on the wind
     And through the trees
A sound fluttered down
     A nearby breeze
It danced along
     A deviant path
Bending and phasing
     In a joy filled wrath
My hollow bones
     So light and enchanted
By that colorful tone
     Not evil nor slanted
Pushed ever onward
     And looked out below
The source of this song
     I was thirsty to know...

I came upon a white city
     Shining in the distance
If it weren’t for the music
     I would have missed it
Eagles soared above
     From mountaintop trees
They flew with grace
     Together on a breeze
I felt myself hopeful
     And drawn to their course
To that faraway city
     Far off to the north
With haste I dashed
     Down rocky plateaus
For I felt at home
     From my head to my toes
Like a child I raced
     As the sun finally set
Until I was caught
     By a rope-wound net!

It was forever as if
     I floated across those plains
My captors carried me
     With grace so strange
As the music got nearer
     Eagles sang with flutes
Piecing together a melody
     Known by trees and their roots...

I was placed in company
     Of a magnificent king
His crown was white
     And his robe, and his ring
He bid me welcome
     To live among his people
In his white city of courtyards
     Towers and steeples
As I opened my mouth
     And my heart to say yes
He stopped me before that
     With one lone request
I must dwell in this realm
     Until the end of my days
For in hiding, he said,
     We all must remain
Hidden from the darkness
     That dwells beyond the mountains
Hidden among fairies,
     Family, and fountains...

So there I dwelt
     Until the end of my life
In that shinning white city
     With my children and wife
I’ll never forget
     That most fortunate day
That by music and eagle
     I was once led astray...

6/25 - Fixed structure.
The little squirrel enjoyed its nutty meal
Happy it squealed
The preying bird perched high in the tree
Happy, enjoyed its meal
As the squirrel squealed its last
While the little squirrel lived its nutty fruity dream
I guess you once knew me,
Like a sparrow knows its song.
I guess I thought you knew me,
But I guess I was just wrong.

You believed I was too weak,
Too fragile like a feather.
So you danced around my feelings,
Predictable as the weather.

But oh how you were fooled,
For you are so mistaken.
Cause the things you think that make me weak are the things that have forced me to strengthen.

So, no, I am not a feather.
I am the whole ******* eagle!
I rise above the hardships,
While you run away like a weasel.

I guess you forgot you knew me,
But this bird has found her song.
So with this blow you now must know
That it only makes me fly strong.
Keiya Tasire Mar 7
Never cage The Eagle
If you want it to soar!
With a heart filled with sorrow
No amount of love
Can cure a passion lost, caged heart.

No amount of pleading
Will make room in The Eagle's cage
For it to fly and soar.
No matter how much you beg
On bended knee
It will never fly again.

It's qi will leak, from its very core.
It's will to live, will vanquish.
As It gives up It's Life Dream
Slipping silently into
A quiet numbness.
All desire to live passionately, gone.

The Eagle you love
Will turn into a hollow body
That still breathes
With a  resignation to a hopeless
passionless, dreamless caged life.
Growing beyond feeling, beyond caring.

Yet, one day when you die
Or your Eagle passes first
The Eagle will open to find what was lost.
Whether in this life or the next
It does not matter.
The Eagle will rejoice and fly again.

From the look on your face
I don't think  you liked what I just said.
You do have a choice.
You can choose to set The Eagle free.
In freedom, feed your Eagle with respect
Love, acceptance and care.

Be in awe as you watch
Your Eagle fly toward the heavens
Reflections within the gleaming sun.
Casting It's soaring shadow
Over  rivers, canyons and high mountain peaks.  

With gratitude your Eagle will return
Again to your loving arms.
Because you love your Eagle enough
To set It free.
I have seen this so much over the years, where a husband or wife put the other in a cage, restricting their thoughts, beliefs, mobility, and/or actions because they feel insecure in the relationship. The person caging the other person becomes afraid of losing their love. They try to do everything they can to keep their love there just for their-self. Eventually the other spouse does get out of the cage by death of the relationship, finding an addiction, and/or their own personal death. It is much easier to love in the emotional climate of freedom.
Kevin Hayes Dec 2018
Like a bird
We have a lot depending on
the right direction.

But Unlike it
We have too many doubts
and questions.

Spread your wings
but don’t span out nervously.

God gave moral compasses
to Guide us personally.

Never be afraid
to go and do your best.

Keeping pulling straws
until you’ve built your nest .
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