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Mark Wanless Mar 2022
the eagle high flys
among us in sky mind
you see what you see
Rama Krsna Jan 2022
the monstrosities
of glass, concrete and steel,
i spy
an infinite expanse of Mediterranean blue sky,
transporting me to a spiritual high.

way up there,
a self absorbed lonely eagle
soars in ecstasy,
by the noise and suffering
going on down here.

© 2022
Mark Wanless Oct 2021

Eagle flying up above
wings of majesty
Floating high up in the sky
a dream   of mind

Glide up into atmosphere
without a downward glance
No need for a such a tiny bit
of you   and me

An eagle being what it is
flying fast for love
An eagle in the sky is free
being   what it is

Heard a story long ago
a distant melody
All thoughts and thinking but a dream
vacant to and fro

Now i know there's nothing new
this here and time is free
I give up all i ever want
for eagle majesty
Tumbling down a hole in the earth:
Alice and her wonderland

(but that was just a mistake
of writing)

I was talking about the bushes in my garden
And the open skies
Of the lowlands;
What of it?

There is a colourful little finch
in the shrubs of my garden

There is a majestic eagle
(they that live here call Chipungu)
A self-contained buttress against
The blue heavens
A flight of freedom
Wings spread wide
The eagle soars
Its shadow on the promenade
Clear and bright
In the offing
The skyline soars
Am not sure when again to soar,
but to soar again, definitely am sure.
A wound to the chest but not enough to prevent my best.
The heart I still have, I shall again chest the open air and pull up my best cos my best yet is to step its foot on the last stair.
Though the wound is living behind a scar, the ground I won't stay because I am a star.
Deriving motivation from the vibration in and around, I'll have to put luggage of the past in the thrash very fast.
Yes, It is impossible to wash away the leopards spots, yet it has nothing to do with its hunting course.
This is staying around for long
but am assuring the world am strong.
Am still the eagle,
refusing to be depressed and forever remain single.
If a story is to be told of a broken person, it wont be of me, cos mine is going to be a courageous lesson.
Vivian Zems Jul 2020
Awakened by the scent of angry winds...

her heart thrills in anticipation

Others flee

but not she

Instead...rising to

greet the hysterical storm below

Spreading  her wings

welcoming the screams
closing her eyes

as she’s lifted

by raging winds

to soar with grace

across bemused skies
Fheyra May 2020
Farewell, no—
Not a crow,—
But a lapse of lightning,
Flashes in films— with rocks thrown on a brim—
Creating verges on waters,
As it expands,— a mirror was formed
But shrubs are sobbing,— As the fog meddles with the river— So blinding; Then the mirror disappears
When droplets keep dripping,—
I could not see anymore..

"Find me..find me.."
Who are you?— "Find me.."
Are you a wolf from another pack?—"find me.."— Were you buried? — A breath? Or only pieces?— "find me.."
To be revived below the tree is a befuddling been..
"Find me.."
Somewhere, you are;
Somewhere, you will be—
I will find you..

In the misty voids, I followed you— and submerged to your world
The assuage of none,— oh, 'tis an eerie coldness—
Of belabouring sorrows and haunted dreams
The maze of narration leads to this path—
Summons the whispers of bushes that kept breathing and moving..—
Closer and closer..

In the silence— I sneak;
Someone screams,
—Run and run; Never look back— For shadows are treacherous trolls,— Seducing temples—
Enshroud the wilderness to frighten the all grown..
—"I shall call you once more."

Suddenly, I tripped to the quarry
Serpents hissing; The Arachnids are stalking—
"Where is my fire?!"— I rattled to tend
One foot back— Murmurs chanting rituals to this goose
Spill embers! Spill embers!
Fiery torches cast my foes!
Now, I could escape.

No!— The ravens,
I shall not be abducted
Hastily, I blew my feet—To leap in sleek,— As to surpass the endless drear—
I am not a kin to your lair..

Hence, I was a fool
Befallen is me,—
When I stepped to the end side of knoll
This rebel is a victim of sheer torn scheme
Help me..
I need to find you..
Help me.. Please, help me..

A nowhere eagle swooped me from my lore
Bounce away from this pity storm,—
And let these wings fly to the morn
The lenient Stratus Clouds— Bolstering my spirit— Up here, there are no hostiles and skulls
That it declared to me, as well,— "Away from your madness— Perpetrators are attracted by insane vigor. Cease grubbling illusions!
You must seek to believe that it is there, and not unknown."
I conformed to my Savior.

"Find me..find me.."
It was more vivid and louder..
The glimpse of gables, I see now— with a Cross at its top
"My eagle, nest me here"
—"You are here..Enter within."

Where am I?— I remember there were smoke and mounds;— Above me were clouds..
Wait, why are you smiling?
I shall pant— for I am petrified by all those obscured hollows,— Quite absurd?— Shake me instead
Now I ask you,—
"Who are you?"

—You found Me!—
Nightmares can devour the soul, and make ourselves lost forever..
This is overcoming death in the representation of dream sequence.
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