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Tiana Lloyd Jun 4
Trace your thoughts slowly
Across the moon’s lit Primrose,
And ponder not on how she belongs to the
Linger not on the notions of Beauty’s
Of utter radiance amongst the Eventide—
Lest you crave her
The unworthy swoon on false intoxications of allure,
Betraying pheromones that lead only to
Breathe not in her presence and still your thoughts, which race ill-intended towards
Premature release of longings—
Dark Goddess of the Abyss
Siren of Shadows
Seeker of none, yet yearned by
Accursed Aphrodite
Preternatural Persephone
Devourer of Darkfall,
Merciless Maven of moon-drunk men
Who quake with trepidation
Under the pressure of your

Know that your fleeting fury fuels
Fiery passions.
Fulfills my need to know you
If only briefly.
Shall I caress legendary layered labyrinths
Of thou’s lucid lithe mind?
Soothe seared sacred chambers
Of thine frostbitten
Beautiful forlorn creature you are
To only be seen for Carnality’s
Know that I perceive you.
Past Ethereal Elegance
Beyond the bonds of
Crescent Shackles.
Embodiment of Evanescent Evenings
Impermanence intertwined in
Insufferable aching…
Understand that your
Acrimony is
This altruism

Allow me to detect deformities
Deep within
Defenses Deterred—
Hollow conclaves concealing
Corrugated corrupted
Humor my heartfelt hubris…
Humble yourself before this
Haunted man.
Entreat, Embrace, Entrust
This harrowed human husk
With an ounce of your Obsidian
I proclaim to pronounce you as my
Pessimistic Paramour.
To never underestimate
Our most unholy
To know that you belong to the
Night Sky
And must be unbound…
Understand my ululating plea,
To adore your admonishing
Yet never resign to its
A poem penned whilst in a haze of brilliant fury towards my everlasting yet vexing love.
andTilly Sep 2021
My ship has sailed, but has it really?
There’s too much, too many of uncertain feelings
And the storm in the robes of a lamb

What is missed, does wet mean pleased?
Four-leaved clover, it’s over

My ship has sailed, I’m lost at sea
Or am I the sea, too large to see me..?

I wanted to care but I cared way too much
The way to nowhere, the rays you can touch
Burning bright, burning, burned over with grace

Bear with me, I’ll carry thee

You’ll be the ship
And I’ll be the waves
The waves, the waves

The protector of the commotion
Humor me, human slow as the wide oceans
Blue in the face that never gets too green
Inhuman remains hidden behind screens

Protective smoke and the mirrors
Mirrored to never get clearer

I wanted to be there, I was way too much
Getting there, got nowhere, the whole world to watch
The bright star to follow to forget starts

But bear with me, I’ll carry thee

You’ll be the ship
And I’ll be the waves
The waves, the waves

The ship, the waves, the golden shore views
The ship, the waves, the forever cruise

I wanted to care but I cared way too much
The way to nowhere, the rays you can touch
Burning bright, burning, burned over with grace

Bear with me, I’ll carry thee

You’ll be the ship
And I’ll be the waves
The waves, the waves

Bear with me, I’ll carry thee

Until you’ll be the ship
Until I’ll be the waves
Carry me always
Lately, most of my poems turn to songs, songs to pictures, and pictures to dust :)
Purcy Flaherty Apr 2021
Success and contentment are symbiotic !

Life is pure potential; you are already the person you want to be, your perception is your reality, and all you need is self belief to exist with a sense of success.

Contentment is the key to happiness.
Man Nov 2020
above the tumid silence of our lives
where we might have a chance encounter
with the ill comforted;

removed from hope and desire
in the stale winds of impermanence
as pollen on the breeze

to look upon us, magnanimously
in eyes with tears
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
You are
As **** as
Your thoughts

He had said me once
Genre: Experimental
Theme: May be that's it
I never
Like this

Well then
Let there be art
Alok K Panda Jan 2019
I see your golden gown,
forming second skin,
enslavement to its master;

I see your bejeweled crown,
displaying majestic sheen,
thousand eyes from your suitors;

But do I see you naked down,
draped only in sunshine,
the modesty of your creator?
Iz Dec 2018
There are people who don’t know
The wrong things I have done
The lives I have disrupted
And I like it that way
I like knowing not eveyone needs to judge what I have reaped and sowed for many years
I have changed in unimaginable ways
I promise I am not who you once knew
And I’m sorry for the pain I have caused
I know there is much
But to the ones who love me
And know there’s more than meets the eye
But nonetheless admire who I am in present day
Thank you for the encouraging love and support you bring me
To be a new me each day and grow farther and farther from who I have been
Anthony Mayfield Jun 2018
I have nothing to say.
No words to write;
My brain is blank.
No rhythm to recite.
Why can’t I talk right now?
I’ve got so much to say.
And yet, I can’t say enough.
The old words have no meaning.
The new words have no value.
Words can’t say much;
Actions talk so much more.
And words today have no final say,
Actions stage the show.
But I know you’re too close.
You’re too close.
What can I say to make my heart stay?
I really don’t want to know.
Words can't say much...
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