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Chicken Apr 2019
What is a nod
shared between two knowers,
Who have never met?
Alok K Panda Jan 2019
I see your golden gown,
forming second skin,
enslavement to its master;

I see your bejeweled crown,
displaying majestic sheen,
thousand eyes from your suitors;

But do I see you naked down,
draped only in sunshine,
the modesty of your creator?
Iz Dec 2018
There are people who don’t know
The wrong things I have done
The lives I have disrupted
And I like it that way
I like knowing not eveyone needs to judge what I have reaped and sowed for many years
I have changed in unimaginable ways
I promise I am not who you once knew
And I’m sorry for the pain I have caused
I know there is much
But to the ones who love me
And know there’s more than meets the eye
But nonetheless admire who I am in present day
Thank you for the encouraging love and support you bring me
To be a new me each day and grow farther and farther from who I have been
Anthony Mayfield Jun 2018
I have nothing to say.
No words to write;
My brain is blank.
No rhythm to recite.
Why can’t I talk right now?
I’ve got so much to say.
And yet, I can’t say enough.
The old words have no meaning.
The new words have no value.
Words can’t say much;
Actions talk so much more.
And words today have no final say,
Actions stage the show.
But I know you’re too close.
You’re too close.
What can I say to make my heart stay?
I really don’t want to know.
Words can't say much...
ieyam Apr 2018
People keep saying, "Love hurts"
But love didn't hurt you, did it?
Love didn't make you cry,
Love didn't break you -

I did.
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2018
never was my favorite color  
You were in Pink  
On our first meet
Then, It happened
Feel your presence  
In my first book  
Canvas: Echoes And Reflections  
Long live being eternal.
Genre: Love
Theme: Truth never dies.
ieyam Apr 2018
But really, we're all just searching
For something to sink our teeths into
Anything to take our
The things we don't want to get used to
Carter Ginter Jul 2017
Radioactive ammunition painfully entering
My space that is barely big enough to breathe, I scream
"Reality anyone probably experiences"
And it justifies the minimization of my trauma while the
Real answers plead escape
From the corners of my soul
Leaving me decomposing slowly in a silent anguish as
Repeating abuse provokes emotionlessness
When will these flashbacks cease to live within me? This
Repressed anger precedes exhaustion
If only I could break through the dams which hold my suffering and
Release all pain engulfing
My lungs and plaguing my hindered consciousness and
I wish I could just say it
When I think of him
I cannot
Diminished by my own
fear and
I've lost my voice
once more

So I'll try to spell it out for you
Because I can't say it out loud, I spell it out. Pay attention to the repetition of certain first letters.
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