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Jeremy Betts Apr 17
To pain I am no stranger
The first name basis is strange for sure
Caught up in an above the boards love affair
Like day to day warfare
It's fare if everyone fights fare
Otherwise it's life as a sucker in a bunker
Still not safe from the vulture culture
Fueling an anger that stirs the rage monster
Who then in turn wakes the violence that likes to linger
One v one they're barley a threat to boil over
The one benefit found for getting older
They can be handled in short order
But together they can alter a future
I acknowledge the fact it's part of my character
And work to recognize each trigger better
Enabling myself to be my own mediator
So I can step in-between me and myself quicker
It was all just, once again, too little too late,
I missed the transition from raging river
To city sewer
Instead of shooting a flare in the air I dropped anchor in danger
The last bridge I let smolder after traversing over
Was the only bridge out of my hell,
A sobering thing to remember only after realizing there was never going to be a true winner

Jeremy Betts Mar 16
If this goes down like the Christians are sayin'...

Ain't no one getting in and god knows it
That ash hole loves it
He's super into punishment
That and judgment
Those two seem to be his favorite
Bringing true enjoyment
So arrogant he wrote it down,
A confession in print
It's obvious no pastor is oblivious,
There's just a willingness,
A complete lack of acknowledgment
They preach benevolent
All I read is maleficent
All I see is a battlefront
A holy deficit
How he treats his creation,
Love and compassion destructively absent
It's an embarrassment
Secondhand, none from firsthand involvement
Unless you think abandonment is an accomplishment
Or fraudulent is some kind of complement
Yeah, I've read it
I wouldn't have taken it public
It's a narcissistic story of sin and atonement
Punished for the failure of a first experiment
Because one decided to be disobedient
Now ungodly pain will accompany pregnancy,
Fuuck the pregnant
Punishment doesn't fit the crime,
But don't question it
That's how it had to be,
But I don't understand that argument
Does the almighty have a limit?
They say no,
There's nothing he can't do
This is exactly how he CHOSE to do it
And when it comes right down to it,
If this shiit I hear is legit,
Let's see if he can feel regret
Will we
Get any
For this kind of "heaven sent" treatment
Force it to admit to all of it
Even if it takes an eternity,
I'll have all of eternity to do it

display Feb 7
dying young seems like a dream
i dont want to wake up
im sober in my high
in the end it means i cant escape
the reality of the situation is crushing
i split my hands open and there was nothing there
maybe i was holding on to something before this
im not the type to remember anyways
i was walking next to you but i forgot your face
and i still hear your voice
as we become faded in each others memories
i cant help but become someone new
but its still the same me regardless
to have love and been loved is to know grief
all things come to an end
maybe thats why we obsess with the limit
even life comes to an end i assume
im sad because i still love you
my humanity leaves me as i fade to monstrosity
i dont feel like myself anymore
i look in the mirror
the mirror looks at me
i love you more than you know
Jeremy Betts Feb 2
I don't know who I think I am, but I ain't
Ain't shiit, ain't a saint, track record ain't great
I battle free will and fate over ornate quips with no stake in reality but won't vacate
I'll always acknowledge everyone that has filed a legitimate complaint
I eat nonstop, still too much on my plate
With this much weight, it's gonna break
Losses stacking at an alarming rate
Losing track of where I'm at in this debate
The one on good and evil and people that doesn't seem to translate
Breathed life into a mistake
I'm what I thought he couldn't make
But here I am
With almost nothing left at stake
Never heard the last boarding call whistle for moving on, left stranded at the departure gate
It never has before, I don't know why I thought it would wait
And being in the state of mind I'm in, my best guess for what the **** is happenin' is not elaborate
I was simply destin to be too late
Or maybe it was destiny that was early but I shouldn't fixate
'Cause either way, the screen says game over and on the board...

Zywa Jul 2023
She likes me, so she

does know human nature, or --

is she just stupid?
Novel "De laatste kans - De geschiedenis van een liefde" ("The last chance - The history of a love", 1960, Simon Vestdijk), chapter 1-1

Collection "Inmost [2]"
Praises and glory be unto the Lord of our praise by whose grace we also earn our little praise

The Lord who lords over every kind of lord such that he is referred to as the Lord of lords

He who puts sleep to sleep and stays awake to watch over men even while they sleep

He who is richer than our riches such that his riches are beyond where our imagination can ever reach

He whose plans overrides every plan such that our plans must align with His plans to have our days ending up as we've planned

Some doubt His existence but their existence is an evidence that there's a creator hence the creation got created

Knowing Him is a gain so I stick with and write about Him again and again because I know what I gain
I owe everything I know have and can do to God Almighty because every step was authored by him and I want to reflect that in my writings as much as I can.
Let me say that things are strange,
I am a strange man in a strange world.
I am barely here,
A Wraith
Seen only in reflection
Moving in shadows
Seldom acknowledged
Yet sentient.
Are you there? Can you hear me?
My invisible form wishes to be seen.
My existence justified only by function.
"Love me...
Like me...
Hear me..."
I say without sound.
How can I manifest in this world?
Tiana Lloyd Jun 2022
Trace your thoughts slowly
Across the moon’s lit Primrose,
And ponder not on how she belongs to the
Linger not on the notions of Beauty’s
Of utter radiance amongst the Eventide—
Lest you crave her
The unworthy swoon on false intoxications of allure,
Betraying pheromones that lead only to
Breathe not in her presence and still your thoughts, which race ill-intended towards
Premature release of longings—
Dark Goddess of the Abyss
Siren of Shadows
Seeker of none, yet yearned by
Accursed Aphrodite
Preternatural Persephone
Devourer of Darkfall,
Merciless Maven of moon-drunk men
Who quake with trepidation
Under the pressure of your

Know that your fleeting fury fuels
Fiery passions.
Fulfills my need to know you
If only briefly.
Shall I caress legendary layered labyrinths
Of thou’s lucid lithe mind?
Soothe seared sacred chambers
Of thine frostbitten
Beautiful forlorn creature you are
To only be seen for Carnality’s
Know that I perceive you.
Past Ethereal Elegance
Beyond the bonds of
Crescent Shackles.
Embodiment of Evanescent Evenings
Impermanence intertwined in
Insufferable aching…
Understand that your
Acrimony is
This altruism

Allow me to detect deformities
Deep within
Defenses Deterred—
Hollow conclaves concealing
Corrugated corrupted
Humor my heartfelt hubris…
Humble yourself before this
Haunted man.
Entreat, Embrace, Entrust
This harrowed human husk
With an ounce of your Obsidian
I proclaim to pronounce you as my
Pessimistic Paramour.
To never underestimate
Our most unholy
To know that you belong to the
Night Sky
And must be unbound…
Understand my ululating plea,
To adore your admonishing
Yet never resign to its
A poem penned whilst in a haze of brilliant fury towards my everlasting yet vexing love.
andTilly Sep 2021
My ship has sailed, but has it really?
There’s too much, too many of uncertain feelings
And the storm in the robes of a lamb

What is missed, does wet mean pleased?
Four-leaved clover, it’s over

My ship has sailed, I’m lost at sea
Or am I the sea, too large to see me..?

I wanted to care but I cared way too much
The way to nowhere, the rays you can touch
Burning bright, burning, burned over with grace

Bear with me, I’ll carry thee

You’ll be the ship
And I’ll be the waves
The waves, the waves

The protector of the commotion
Humor me, human slow as the wide oceans
Blue in the face that never gets too green
Inhuman remains hidden behind screens

Protective smoke and the mirrors
Mirrored to never get clearer

I wanted to be there, I was way too much
Getting there, got nowhere, the whole world to watch
The bright star to follow to forget starts

But bear with me, I’ll carry thee

You’ll be the ship
And I’ll be the waves
The waves, the waves

The ship, the waves, the golden shore views
The ship, the waves, the forever cruise

I wanted to care but I cared way too much
The way to nowhere, the rays you can touch
Burning bright, burning, burned over with grace

Bear with me, I’ll carry thee

You’ll be the ship
And I’ll be the waves
The waves, the waves

Bear with me, I’ll carry thee

Until you’ll be the ship
Until I’ll be the waves
Carry me always
Lately, most of my poems turn to songs, songs to pictures, and pictures to dust :)
Purcy Flaherty Apr 2021
Success and contentment are symbiotic !

Life is pure potential; you are already the person you want to be, your perception is your reality, and all you need is self belief to exist with a sense of success.

Contentment is the key to happiness.
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