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Awaiting us in the heavenly places is a joy like a river which knows no bounds

O what a peace it shall be to our souls cos tasting this we shall weep no more

Weep no more
We shall weep no more
Weep no more
We shall weep no more

Just keep this faith which can never fail
And weep no more
For we shall weep no more
A song in times of trials to keep the faith.
  Apr 23 Wise Makafui Afun
Be like the rain
unafraid to fall

Be like the sun
shining light upon all

Be like the wind
helping others take flight

Be the brave new dawn
after the dark stormy night
Be all you can be
See all you can see
D all you can D ;)
If you're right, write
Even if you're wrong, write
If you're free, write
Even if you're  busy, find time to write

Write cos it's your right
Write cos you need no rite to write
Write cos you have the ability to write
And that's enough to begin to write

Write when it's boring
Write when it's interesting
Write when it's indescribable
So in any situation, just write

Write the past
Write the future
Write the real
Write your imagination

What you write will remind you
What you write may inspire you

So I write...
Just write
Wrote this for a poet friend who waits for the right moment to write a piece though having a lot of beautiful ideas but a little number of pieces.
I say, just write any idea that comes to mind as far as it hurts no one or is criminal. At times, by that moment you call the "right time" comes, you may even forget what you wish to write about.
Till the day man goes to his eternal home,
Up and down this world he continues to roam
Frozen by the cold rain in the night
And warmed in a sunny day
Till the day air can no more seesaw in and out his lungs
He remains in the battlefield to make a way
A path his successors should find easier than he had
The bruises of a pathmaker must he incure because of a desirable future for his descendants he fights to secure

For the visionary man knows that
To make a better tomorrow
He must live like today is a borrow
A stuff not t spend on luxuries but to be invested in order to look back at and use as the foundation of his success storeys

Let the torn have her pound of flesh
Let the stones have their own next
As far as the skin is not taken away
The scars will only be the witness of the way

On and on he moves the success road till he sees that something improves

If our father's had remained in Babel till our days
The rest of the world would have been left a thick forest
A place crying to be discovered
So as life remains in the body of man
The task of getting the day's job done must he man
And that remains the plan
Actually wrote this some time ago but decided to unveil it now
Where life exists, there hope is found
So we are down but still around
With enough strength, we're off the ground
Dennis Rodman; we will rebound
In solidarity with all who are cheated in one way or the other. It's frustrating knowing that you have passed yet you're told you have failed and the evidence to prove you're right is with the accuser.
But you're rebounding anyway come what may.
You quitter!
What have you achieved so far?
You bow out before the finishing line
You throw in the towel before the bell
What trophy have you to show now?

You quitter!
What have you left in your quiver?
Nothing more than excuses that makes you feel fine
The very reason you cannot gel
What achivement have you to show now?

You quitter!
When are you becoming a believer?
You have all the qualities to shine
It is like an overflowing well
Are you quitting or believing now?
Been through tough times
Toughest I pray they ever will be.

They are not to compare with youthful years in Robben Island - Locked away
Yet the hearts that felt the pounding can measure it so.

Been broken beyond repairs.

Been rediculed far more than the storm which rides my disaster
But in all
I pursue at glory
Cos hope got me still sticking in there
Since the flesh that embodies the phoenix still holds.
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