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The making of every man begins before the union of the cell of his mother with that of his father; one thing leading to another

This always lies on strings of varied decisions which needs to meet in one way or the other for destiny to balance on in order to get to her creating destination

Before mine, some ***** went down the drain with some pain; a sign of womanhood and fertility

Before mine, some sea of men only flowed in and out because there was none in the house to recieve any of those cells to grow and make it out alive
So they returned a waste

At all those times when pulses elevated beyond normal and hormones of the souls which brought about my existence went busily crisscrossing each other to get the job done,
Those fallen ones were expendable decoys sacrificed to achieve emotional satisfaction

It was so, many times but my time was not cos destiny had it all planned and that plan got my batch to come at the right time

Scientists say it's the fittest and quickest that makes it out as another human but my case was so different

On that day
In the council of those brothers and sisters
The floor was given to each to and everyone to make a case on the reason to be the one to go out in flesh

We all had the opportunity and everyone made a case

Each one of them presented intellectually satisfying arguments backed by illustrations that made decision making a difficult one

Finally the platform was given me and the room was so quiet you could hear the even the humans outside at the time

"I don't have a thing I can say I'm going out there to do in particular", I said

"I'm representing you all"

"The educators, I will be there for you
The health enthusiasts ,your job will be done
The other humanitarians, am going out for you"

"The intellectuals, trust me
The musicians, your songs would be heard
The artists, I will be there to uncover your insights
The spiritual ones, the work is going to be done
The poet's  your works will definitely see the light of the days
The athletes and sports personalities, I will put in my best to represent you"

After everything, the applause said it all and the rest is history

Therefore when the going gets tough and giving up seem the easiest option, I remember I'm not here for myself
I'm a representative of a batch of brothers and sisters who never made it out alive

Though scientists say it was a race, mine wasn't

I didn't race, I was chosen
What people don't say is already in their words
You either caught it or they flew like birds

Hearing is for any functioning ear but listening is not
The aroma is not that important but what is in the cooking ***
If we can listen careful enough, we can tell who people truly are, how they feel, how they think and what they are going through.
Praises and glory be unto the Lord of our praise by whose grace we also earn our little praise

The Lord who lords over every kind of lord such that he is referred to as the Lord of lords

He who puts sleep to sleep and stays awake to watch over men even while they sleep

He who is richer than our riches such that his riches are beyond where our imagination can ever reach

He whose plans overrides every plan such that our plans must align with His plans to have our days ending up as we've planned

Some doubt His existence but their existence is an evidence that there's a creator hence the creation got created

Knowing Him is a gain so I stick with and write about Him again and again because I know what gain
I owe everything I know have and can do to God Almighty because every step was authored by him and I want to reflect that in my writings as much as I can.
Standing on the coast of the oceans
Enjoying the breeze yet lonely
Young Joseph, pushed into the pit of single self
An ochestration of fear
The fear of betrayal and unfaithfulness

Wait did I
Call did I
Calling out for a help out there
Calling out with the voice of afability
Then I saw a light flashed in the pit
Searchlight it seemed and that was it
It was your love
Exactly what I need

Reminiscing the night u took my number
It was satisfaction that suddenly killed my hunger
I'll keep it a memory lasting much longer

You gave me a clothe of friendship in the cold wearther of loneliness
Oh my God am rescued
The days of loneliness seemed like of yore

Your smile like the rising sun brought a whole differnt light of mood
The joy of your presence is of beggars belief
While your absence like a broken bridge on the highway

My goals seem very very far then
But with your intelligence they seem like at an arm's length
Your voice, a courage to my down soul
And your assurance, the fuel to my weak bold

Accomplished dreams I see with you
And the awareness of your love keeps me going in the days of trouble

Your sadness like a dark cloud covers my joy
And your sorrow penetrates my tough soul
It wounds it
That saddens me
It makes me feel restless and helpless
For this, I will always make you happy

No matter what
Do remember
The relation is only a ship
The ship may sink before we get to the coast
But the love will always stay afloat
From my archives. Though a lot of editing was done to this, it was a message to my first love. Every line is true.
"What will people say" killed some dreams

"What will people say" quenched some burning desires

The reason some turned down people they like's proposal only to later regret

"What will people say" is the reason some poeple are dying in slence

That four word sentence is mostly the reason some **** themselves

It is the scarecrow that draws shiver down the spine of even a pastor


Will what people say matter if it does not matter to the one who is in the middle of the matter?
Quiet like baby asleep

Quiet like a broken hearted done with crying

Quiet like a clock with no energy to move on

Quiet like the grave in which we will lie one day

So it is as we sleep

We learn most nights how to lie in there

No arguments

No talk

Just quiet
My mind is full of questions
Questions that questions a lot of those questions even after they are done having me questioned

A lot of questions running through my mind till am feeling my state of mind is becoming questionable

Am I a fool called Wise or a wiseman who has just been fooled cos he thought his mind is full of wisdom while it is otherwise?

Still a lot of questions

Questions questioning some people's actions cos it seems my trust is now being questioned

But who said I can't be trusted?
If so, why put in my trust something which is in your trust but turn around to doubt my trust?

You asked how do I know?
No, why won't I know while I've got the spiritual nose to know this things long before it is physically known?

Still questions

Questions surfacing even while I write cos some parts I still wonder if they will be read right or if it is even right for me to have them written?

But why care about whether it is read right or wrong when I have the right to write what I wish to write?

Questions on what to title this piece with but my mind is not at peace with this questions so I won't give credit to questions till maybe when am totally at peace

So don't ask me why not "questions" but "state of mind", cos state of mind it is for now as that is my state of mind
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