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Through her I can see
She looks resilient
But she has a heart of glass

I'm thinking of my tomorrow
Yet being aware of her imminent sorrow
Because of the path I'm now to follow

Caught up in a catch 22;
A necessary evil
A broken dream or a broken heart

Life is unfair
But let me make this clear
That I am not a heartbreaker
Heartbreak Love
They say I cannot
That is because I do not
Not because I have done not
They know not
Because they've seen not
They don't know...
It's a beast in chains
Chains of experience
Experience Beast Morality
The emptiness in my eyes,
The truth behind my lies,
The fall before my rise,
And the goodbyes;

It scares me.

The dark beneath my skin,
The light within my sins,
The voice that loudly sings,
And my broken wings;

It scares me.

The wounds I can't heal,
The pain I can't feel,
The loss I can't deal,
And when I am real;

It scares me.

The silence in my little talks,
The stillness in my moonlit walks,
The thought of separate ways,
And my numbered days;

It scares me.

The demons under my bed,
The words spinning in my head,
The blood in my sweat,
And my cold breath;

It scares me.

-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
I met this beauty on duty.
An epitome of God's creativity.
A real deal.

For her, the whole barn of my gut fell.
The very cells of my being got drunk with her hypnotic self.

Guess where this is going is clear
But the reality is stronger than fear
Yeah it's true!

I love her but I can't say it...
Because she belongs to another.
The arms that gives her what she deserves.
Such a peace falling as the clouds melt in a wonderful nature.

The whole of the living creation of God is coolly enjoy the moment.

Piecing through the the drumming sounds of raindrops on the covering of our abode, the trees and floor of the earth is the sound produced by the activities of men.

How enjoyable the weather as some may say; expressing satisfaction in the situation which supports their rest from routine activities.

In the other hand, the heart of others ache at the risk the force of nature pose to their point of joy.

In either way, the Supreme Divine knows the perfection of His art.

Even somewhere, someone lies beneath sheets of cotton or wool instead of the four walls of a lecture hall.

How amazing the differences in reaction to the same fall?
Finally, when all is said and done
When tomorrow can no more have us in her plan
Laid shall we be in the catacombs of living memory,
Waiting to be exhumed in a clash of relative fate
While our solid remains are shared by the closer companions;
If heat does not completely turn us into ashes,
Then our flesh shall bid farewell to the bones
What is man that he boasts of what he owns?
©Wise Makafui Afun
You two look good together
Never imagined you'll look this better
Though a little jealous,
Wishing you the best

With your smiles now broader
And your laughter a bit louder,
Can't help it being jealous
But still wishing you the best
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