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Where life exists, there hope is found
So we are down but still around
With enough strength, we're off the ground
Dennis Rodman; we will rebound
In solidarity with all who are cheated in one way or the other. It's frustrating knowing that you have passed yet you're told you have failed and the evidence to prove you're right is with the accuser.
But you're rebounding anyway come what may.
Nana Alli Apr 2021
I don't hate you
Nor love you
I just want to  feel loved
Would you be my rebound?

Let's make out
Roll around in our sweat,
Passionately examine each other's body,
Sharing no emotions.
Would you be my rebound?

Get me gifts,
Shower me love,
Make me your numero uno,
So, I asked would you be mine?
My rebound replied " we are just friends"

My rebound cheated me
I am my rebound's rebound,
I fell in love with my rebound,
My rebound is betroth,
He left me like my love did.
Now, I need a rebound for my rebound.
Would you be my new rebound?

Haley Protega Jan 2021
You are my anchor in the roaring storm,
A comforting presence, like a candle warm.
The winds still howl, waves cruel in their force,
But you help me not to stray too far off course.
And sometimes I fear I'll be ripped apart,
Between you, my dear, and the storm in my heart.
When the whirlwind's embrace, like a siren call
Lures me overboard, to the weightless fall.
But other times it screams, the Scylla rears its head,
And I cling to my anchor, the safety of lead.
What insane captain is tempted by the waves?
Sees beauty in chaos, and a shipwreck craves?
You keep me grounded, and centred, and sane,
Lying on the deck, despite the chill of rain.
Breathing through the night, not to wake my crew,
I think I might, might even love you.

But what of the journey the charts laid ahead?
No continents discovered by staying in bed.
"A ship is safest in its port, but it wasn't made for that",
Am I a captain, or a cowardly rat?
And when the big blue calms at last,
Will I leave this port in memory and past?

The sapphire depths beckon, now mild and tame,
Quiet for a time, they whisper my name.
Oh I am rotten, to prefer the fickle sea
To the static safety that does love me;
But staying put was never my path,
Even if it leads to another storm's wrath.
I dream of isles, new and uncharted,
Onwards again, it's time we parted.
Oh but it stings to leave your embrace;
How gently it sings, a lullaby of grace.
I don't deserve it in part, let alone the whole,
With my treacherous heart, my ever marred soul.
Stay safe, stay well, spare me a thought,
But don't dwell on this wretch that's worth naught;
Ours paths diverge, but you must know,
Without you I wouldn't have come up from below.
Thank you, my solace, for being there,
And as much as I can, I swear, I care.
But some flags are too damaged to let go of the past,
Ever condemned to fly at half-mast.
And you, you're of more value than a whole fleet,
Stay safe, my darling, my comfort so sweet.
(for P.)
Ciel De Verre Nov 2020
I kiss you with her lips
And you kiss me with his
Our empty hearts
Born out of solitude
Reminisce within the shadows of
Old lovers.
and you can't find her in mine
Carmella Rose Mar 2020
you can’t just be a safe haven
to those with broken hearts and souls
you can’t just be.
stop taking broken hearts then giving them love just to break you, stop being a rebound to people without *****.
Jade Baguhin Feb 2020
Truth is that there were parts of you I could never hold. Parts where she touched and her presence stayed for quite long. I know she had you in your solitude, when you're drowning, she was your savior. And when you're drunk in poison, collapsed down to the floor, alone and suffocated on your own thoughts--you had me.

She had you when you were sane, every Sundays, you would kneel to her as if she was a church. Every gospel, she was your every word. And I had you when you were singing mindlessly, lost and desperate of light and love.

I caught you when you fell.

But no matter, how much I give my mark it won't stay, it won't linger as much as hers, my embrace were lukewarm, and my kisses are just to patch your loneliness during weekdays. She was your favorite warmth; she was meant to stay forever.

And me? I was merely a draft.
reminiscing the time when the person I kept choosing chose someone else instead.
Nina Jul 2019
I used you as a rebound
Not to replace someone else
But a rebound for death
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