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Aaron Anciano Nov 2016
A toxic in me.
It paralyzes me.    
Brings nothing but ****.
Is a **** thing.
Worse of things.
No good it'll bring.
Dom Bobek Feb 2018
Overthinking, I love you so.
Overthinking, I won't let you go.
Overthinking, you're breaking my heart.

Overthinking, you're making it hard.

Would you kindly
leave my embrace.
I could use some

******* space.

Not freeze in time
everywhere I go.
Overthinking , I love you so...
Overthinking is toxic
A torturous endeavor
To find all the pieces
That will solve the puzzle.

"What's wrong with you?"
I try to control my thoughts
Talk myself off the ledge
Convince myself it's unreasonable.

It's not rationale
Not based in facts
Because the facts are missing
Gaps in a story not communicated.

What cures overthinking?

"What's wrong with me?"
I am simply searching
for the puzzle pieces
that you have decided to hide.
Victoria Ruth May 2014
Not quite sure yet
What I want to be
But so much pressure
Just to get my degree

I’m young and free
Even crazy and wild
Don’t you even dare
To treat me like a child

Though I can’t help but think
Where will I be in 10 years?
Will I finally have courage,
to face my worst fears?

Will I still have my boyfriend,
who I’ve been with?
Do high school sweethearts
exist, or is that just a myth?

Should I go get drunk,
this weekend with my friends?
I got invited to another party
The fun never ends

Wait I’m kind of insecure
About my body and weight
Why am I still awake?
It’s getting pretty late

Yet I still haven’t started
Any of my homework
Who cares anyway though
I mean my teacher’s a ****

I’m under so much pressure
Because I’ve got to graduate
But you try being a teenager
In a world filled with hate

Overthinking killed the teenager
And that teenager is I
Overthinking every thought
And I don’t know *why
"Teenagers"-People who are treated like children but expected to act like adults.
Melody W Nov 2012
Do not attempt to deconstruct
the hierarchical structure
of all your mind holds dear

Linger in silence, or its absence,
taking tiny pained
sips of organic genmaicha

Let your words slither
freely, prying your lips open
even as they burn in their escape

Look for answers beyond gadgets;
no technological craze can even begin
to emulate the complexity of the human brain
ok okay Jul 2018
The lull of a restless night relieves my senses
It's monotone silence maintains my breath
The cold night breeze enters through an open window
It whispers soft tunes and attempts to put me to sleep
The humming of an exhausted laptop helps me decompress
It distracts me from overthinking and blocks out my stress
As the night goes on it starts to rain
It comforts my senses and cleanses my pain
This time-worn house cracks and creaks
It talks of troubled times and how it came to be
This place I call home proves i’m never alone
And it's always there to support me
3rd poem. Enjoy :)
Kenji Nov 2016
The drug
The high
The confusion
The craving
The withdrawal

The brain feels overwhelmed
The noise creates chaos in my mind
The silence I seek
The alone time I need

The anxiety kicks in
Struggling to breathe...
Overthinking creates an addiction, to the things that cause mind suppression.

My mind is noisy, with thoughts of occurrences that have happened, and some not.
I try not to depress myself, but mistakenly think too far in the future, then get disappointed because expectations have not been reached.
Busy, distracted, chaotic, and unfocused.

I reach no end to where my mind goes...
A path of little thoughts that creates an explosion and downfall.

I crave the drugs to give my mind a rest.
To give it a sense of peacefulness...
I have failed lifes tests.

Tense, tight, my mind implodes.
Burn my thoughts and bury them in ashed coal.

Cannot sleep
Cannot close my eyes
Always in a state of overthinking...
Like my brain is constantly blinking
Rachael Judd Dec 2014
Overthinking is a misconception
We think that we are overthinking everything
In reality we aren't.
We are just normal minded people
Thinking normal things
Because we have feelings that need to be thought about
We have people **** on us and walk on us
We have people bring us to our knees
And step on our faces
So how are we to know who to trust when so many people let us down.
We are not overthinking every possible situation, we are just thinking because maybe they will turn around and watch us drown.
Clair Apr 2018
Overthinking is like waking up in a labyrinth.
Its like mental war.
Its a sea where, you cant float on your own,
its getting lost in a foggy path
Overthinking made you a killer of your own mind.
You are now wanted.
Questions like when, how, and why ?
Becomes a rope around you neck.
Whats your escape plan?
Do you got one?
How many walls do you got to hit,
Till you meet a solution.
Maybe another position will perhaps
Give you a new perspective of life
You not a bartender
Don’t make martinis with all these lemons thrown at you
You’ll realize
The twisting part of it all is that the only way out, is to overthink.
John Tan Oct 2018
Overthinking kills
I am very aware of it,
Yet I still indulge myself in it,
Every bit of it.
Sometimes so caught up in it, I lose my breath
But then I remind myself
That overthinking brings no benefits,
Only more troubles,
Because that is the art of overthinking.
Aby Alvarez May 2014
it's 12:39 am
and here i am,busy overthinking
if only i can go somewhere far away
far enough to make these thoughts go away

while half-listening to my old folks,
my mind is clouded with thoughts
thoughts that makes my bones ache
thoughts that question the love I'd received and gave

it's nights like these when i realize
that my favorite author is right
you can't be happy,
unless you're sometimes unhappy

**** this stupid reality
i just wanna go to sleep
so i'm gonna leave the time behind
and let the world fade into obscurity

the nights were for overthinking, and the days are for oversleeping
Michael Smit Oct 2018
I always overthink
Leaving permanent ink
One thought
Next another
Each and every other
The constant annoying utter
Brittani Jul 2014
Maybe I'll wake up happy if I go to bed
Instead of sitting here overthinking everything you've ever said
wraiths Oct 2015
you're starting to slip right through my fingertips like i'm some sort of apparation and i hate it i hate it hate it hate it hate it. soon the thin spiderweb of hope that i was clinging onto will snapsnapsnap so quickly and briskly that you'll forget me and i'll be left to fall and crash and burn and tumble and rot and meet my fate in hell all alone.
Dougie Simps Oct 2016
Dear insecure, emotional, overthinking young man

you've came a long way from way back then

you've lost a lot - but had to realize "who hasn't?"

your strong will seemed to be mistaken a lot from your passion

you've missed out on a lot of love by second guessing & never unmasking

why weren't you truly ever satisfied... nah, that's the question that I'm asking...

your abandonment issues pushed away the potential of something ever lasting

constantly fighting the man in the mirror

hopefully with your new life - you see things clearer

no one ever knew, with you...who they were gonna get

you've missed out on a lot of good times wanting to talk

instead of just letting it go and enjoying the time you had left.

Your favorite pills were self pity, self indulgence, ignorance and regret

you never stopped to listen - stopped talking - hopefully now you allow others words to be said

no woman stood a chance... you purposely acted a certain way to avoid the possibility of true love

discretely pushing them away until they saw nothing and had enough.

don't get me started on your lack of living

missed out on a lot of trips, chances and opportunities

I hope now you've filled that void that is missing

you swore happiness was wealth... power...a line of respect

little did you know it was the little things; the calm, the moments
the people and things in life worth it and willing to invest.

you gave up on a few dreams... figured why fight?

countless times your mind would just run... keep you up all night

you were so afraid of success... honestly, I never knew why

you never freed that little boy trapped - stuck in his father's grasp

he was begging for freedom, you left him struck inside

everyday was another day you thought was your time.

I hope you live now

I hope you see the beauty life truly is

I hope you found love

I hope you found this

I needed to write this letter to you - so you can see how far you have come

you can see that change is real

you can see all that you have become

Bland Douglas Simpkins,

that's the man you should be proud to be

no matter what challenges you were faced with

those obstacles were needed, needed to make it to this me

thank those who've came into your life - not all were meant to last

some forced you left - others showed you right

no matter what, some were needed in your past.


Dear future self,

please understand - I'm sorry. For all that I put you through

the truth remains - that without me - just know...

there would be no you.
to the future
Sarah Sep 2014
I'm dwelling
on things that need not
more than five –
no, two

Spinning, looping
So unnecessarily lingering.
My mind is a bubble,
with a delicate membrane between my world
and sanity,
that houses liquid danger
Evaporated and pressing
outward against the walls
I constructed to keep others out,
and that instead poison me
with the toxic gas of these
Vale Luna Aug 2017
Do you ever write something
So good
That you feel like you've peaked
As a writer?
And everything from then on
Is a question in your head?

Maybe you should never
Pick up a pencil again
Because your writing career
Has already been wrapped up
Tightly with a bow

Maybe you planned to be a poet
Get a proper creative writing degree
And forever make a living
Off the rhythm of words
But every idea now
Seems like a steaming pile of ****
Compared to your last masterpiece
So it just sits
Rotting in your brain
Until you stink
With a lack of genuine creativity

Maybe you've written so much
That your rhymes
Begin to sound tired
And overused
But if you don't rhyme
It sounds as if you've gotten lazy
So no matter what you put down
The effort doesn't show

Maybe writing about the ordinary
Seems boring
But writing the extraordinary
Has already been done
And every option in between
Seems like a cheap plagiarism

Maybe your standards got too high
And people expect more from you
So every ounce of energy you have
Is wasted on doubting yourself
Until you're too exhausted
To write at all

Maybe you dreamt too big

Maybe quitting while you're ahead
Sounds better than actually trying

Maybe the emptiness you feel
When you don't write
Is worth not risking failure

Maybe saying goodbye
To your dreams now
Will be easier
Than a downward spiral
From the inability
To write something better than before

Or maybe
You're just overthinking it.
Wow, the feedback I'm getting from this poem is amazing. Tbh, THIS was one of the poems I had written that I doubted and almost didn't publish cuz I thought it wasn't good enough.

Moral of the story. Keep writing no matter what. Some things will suprise you.
Jade Apr 2014
Stuck in the land of perplexity
Untying labyrinthine cherry  knot on
Thorny mountains and alleys
I've got a war in my mind
Throwing dice flipping coins
Madisen Kuhn Oct 2014
he’s telling me about the girl at school
he can’t get out of his head,
and how he feels like
it’s always this chain of
"i don’t want all these people that want me,"
(i winced)
“and the one person i want doesn’t want me
in the same way.”
(i inhaled sharply)

i told him he’s overthinking it,
and when he asked, “how do you not?”
(i forgot to breathe)

my eyes got watery, but i blinked quickly
before they could settle
(i exhaled)

and replied,
“i'll let you know.”
thelemonpolice Jul 2018
You are you.
And I am me.
if I'm not enough
Please just leave me be
You'll always find
A lack within me
You'll always hate
What you can't be
And all these words
Relate to me
Relate to you
Like family
But you don't know
How much I do
Every day
all you see is you

And I wish I were simple
I wish I did less
I wish I could come home
And lie on my bed
But I have to be moving
It's a kind of stress
But I use it to motivate,
not get depressed
And I know explanations
Don't ever quite fit it
I am late, I am messy
For no obvious reasons
Maybe I can't pinpoint
Where I was in thought
Delirious messages
Translate too fast
I can think very clearly
I can't think at all
I have a million lists
Hanging on my wall
Priority one, two
How can you subject
My mind to choose
What I should do best
it's important to me
I'm passionate now
But it tires me greatly
I can't even bow
I can't accept praise
I'd rather your hate
But no that is wrong
I deserve something great
I keep telling myself
That the worst of it's over
But I think the worst part
Will continue moreover
Not specific things
A patient, a feeling
Collecting ideas
And thoughts
and breathing.
George Anthony Apr 2016
00:31 and it's been about an hour since i saw you'd removed the word "happiness" from your caption
and ever since then it's been all i can do to
overthink; it's all i can ever do
wondering if, maybe, just maybe, you'd finally seen what i see
how i am not good enough for you

i lose myself inside these thoughts at night when loneliness is my only company
and darkness is my only right hand man, doing me no wrong
i think about the times i've held your hand and then suddenly
he hugs me tighter than anybody ever has, darkness, that old friend of
mine - something which you are yet to be... hopefully
i'd be yours, too, if you'd have me

but i'm overthinking again, just always overthinking
you said you needed time before we could begin now i'm starting to think we never will
i get the need for space, i really do
i'm just so insecure i feel like i'll be replaced by you


you give me panic attacks

and i think about you, your smile, your laugh
how you removed "happiness" from your caption on that photo of us
and now i'm wondering if i was the one that did it somehow, thinking maybe i ****** up already
how is it that we're not even together and i can already feel myself rattling
my nerves responding to a break-up that hasn't even happened
i guess that's just part of how broken i really am

i closed my eyes and let my head hit the pillow three hours ago
how is it that i'm more wide awake now than i was then?
all i want to do is sleep yet here i am
my mind a merciless prison - i tell you: thinking murders me
i'm begging you to figure yourself out before my paranoid anxiety does it for you

i'm such an impatient man
patience is a virtue, they say, and i guess i have neither
patience nor virtue
just another of the many ways that
i'm not good enough
for you.
dvalentines Mar 2016
Is love a lie?
What's the definition of it?
Asking myself time and time again
If it could ever be worth it

Giving your all for someone else
For the people you deem worthy
Pushing it all for the hope of a pretty memory
Is it really going to be pretty?

Tonight I douse myself in tears and lies
Yelling to myself it's all well
Tonight I continue whispering
The quiet screams of an emergency

What could ever be worth it?
Someone please show me
Whilst I try to convince that this
Will actually all be just my...
I'm overthinking. Am I really?
Morgan Mercury Oct 2018
I did my best to show love to you,
but I guess I'm just too much of an amateur to figure it out.
During our golden hour,
I thought that I had you locked in my heart.
But in my darkest hours,
I felt you fading from my fingertips.
I know I can't make you love me,
but you didn't have to waste my time.
You really hurt me,
leaving me to overthink.
If you have other plans, I would understand,
but you didn't have to leave my messages with no reply.
You really hurt me,
making me believe that you really loved me.
Juverine Wan Nov 2017
I overthink,
It's a regular process,
I overthink,
Is it more than just a regular process?

I overthink,
That it is common,
I overthink,
Too much for myself.

I overthink,
I can barely help,
The wounds on my hands,
prove me wrong.

I overthink,
yet this is not mirage,
This is reality,
So this is not thought.

This is not overthinking,
this is true,
It's not me who is overthinking,
It's you.
The Bleak Poet Dec 2015
I can manage to think myself into a bad mood,
And not just any bad mood
The kind of bad mood that makes you question life,
The kind of bad mood that causes a strife.

I get these gut wrenching feelings,
My chest tightens,
I can barely breathe,
And I cry without any real reason.

“What’s wrong with me?”
I ask myself as my hands begin to tremble
‘I’m insane’ I think
As my breathing hitches in my throat.

I was fine two minutes ago
And now I’m lying on the bathroom floor
Trying to silence my sobs,
So nobody else will hear.

The part that bothers me most,
Is I don’t have an explanation for why I’m crying
Oh no, please don’t ask
You’ll only make things worse.

I can’t explain it to myself
How am I supposed to explain it to you?
This is helpless, I’m hopeless
I even write this with tear-stained cheeks.

Nobody can help me,
I don’t even know what’s wrong with me
And that’s why my dear,
Overthinking will be the death of me.

– Overthinking will be my Demise // F.C.
Denny Crow Dec 2019
Wanna be here
I wanna be there
Im overthinking it.

You wanna do this
You wanna do that
You’re overthinking it.

You just need to chill now..
Everything is going to be alright.
Aby Alvarez Jul 2014
I love how you say my name without even blinking
the way you scold me every time I am overthinking
I'll never forget the way you cover your mouth while we're both laughing
and lastly, the way you traces me every time we're kissing

I love the way you eat your meal together with an extra cup of rice
Thank you cos you show me love without any price
Your tight hugs and warm kisses will always suffice
These memories will always be in my heart til one of us dies

I love how your long lashes flutter
and how you ask me question that makes me wonder
Thank you because we figure things out together
and this is something I'll always remember

I love how you stay awake with me during wee hours
and how you hold and lock me tightly in your arms
I love the way we do things without any force
and this is what I love about you the most.

Hi Babe, this is why I love you
K Apr 2015
Once I dived into a black sea
I thought it would be clear
I though I would find answers
I thought I could disembark that easy
but a chain on my foot named thoughts
keeps on pulling me against the current
I thought I can float on my own
I thought the sea was part of me
but it wasnt, it was not what it turned out.
Julie Grenness Apr 2017
Does everyone else overthink?
I over-analyse everything,
Every little thing that people say,
As  we proceed through each day,
Horrors! I gained an ounce!
And you look full of bounce!
FU** we're going to die fat and alone!
And we'll all get gallstones,
Listen to all my inner moans,
I'm overthinking again, you see,
There should be an overthinkers' society!!
Feedback welcome.
1.  My mind is a 20/20 vision pair of eyes.
I can see the specks
and seeds of irritation before they grow.
They were never really good for these eyes.

2.  Let's go to the moon.
And I assure you,
While you sink your feet in moon dust
And swim in empty craters,
While I worry about how dark it is out here,
I get to enjoy the simultaneous twinkle of the stars.

3.  And because I'm paying too much attention,
I might even get to see one fly.

4.  You're thinking about how delicious this lunch is.
I'm counting calories.

5.  So,
what's for dinner?

6.  Hey, if she is
Stabbing my back
With word weapons,
My 561-letter comeback speech
Is always ready
in the front pocket
Of my school bag.

7.  Its always  just a headache,
Never brain cancer.

8.  I love the newly opened eyelids,
In the mornings,
My first breath is a sigh of relief,
I didn't die in my sleep.

9.  She's got a great body.
Her bones read,
No food and a ton of gym time,
I'm sure it's to make you smile.
And I hate to brag,
But I'm mentally fit.
I get to exercise
Analyzing every single detail
Of the twinkle in your eye
Of the flick of your lips
Of the depth of that frown
When you said
you were leaving.

10.  I think I've figured out why.
Anna Jan 2013
The noise inside my head
doesn't seem to have an end
the words that hurt,
the feeling of neglect.
slowly kills me.

Everyday I live in my mind
the sounds of the world i couldn't find
overthinking, overthinking..
still thinking..
until a teardrop falls.

Every heart beat that aches
is so hard to fake
The longer it takes, the more painful it becomes
the quieter it is,
the more sensitive you are to pain.
Gwen Pimentel May 2015
A slow and gradual movement or change from one place, condition, etc. to another
The ******* feeling in the world
It’s like, were still friends but we’re transitioning into acquaintances,
maybe even strangers in the near future
Daily conversations start to get rusty
And every word said feels like so much effort
Real talk, becomes small talk, and soon, maybe even no talk
Maybe we’ve just exhausted the list of things to talk about
And you know everything you wanted to know about me and I know everything I wanted to know about you
Or maybe you’ve reached your word limit or something, I don’t really know

But what most people don’t know about drifting is that
Drifting can be a one sided process
Like I’m here freaking out about our friendship and how we haven’t talked in days
And you're just there, probably not even noticing that we haven’t had a single conversation
If our friendship was a group work
I’d be that person doing everything, trying to fix things, putting so much effort
And you’re the one who seenzones the facebook group chat
It’s like we were on boats and suddenly a current rips us apart and if you just pull me in your boat everything will be okay
But no, the current is pulling me away from you and I am using all my strength to paddle back to you
And you don’t even notice and you even find the time to take a swim
Our friendship was a rubberband
You were holding one end, I was holding the other,
The rubberband stretched as the friendship grew, it got tighter and tighter
and suddenly, you decided that rubber bands weren't cool so you let go and i got slapped in the face by our friendship
It’s like wanting to chase you, but not wanting to chase you
Because it can come off as clingy
It’s like wanting to talk to you but I don’t
because I don’t want to disturb you
and that ***** cos you're the only one I want to talk to
but I'm probably not the one you want to talk to
so I just scratch the idea out of my head
and think of another way to talk to the person I once had endless conversations with

the hardest part in drifting is deciding what to do
should I let go?
Because they say that drifting is just a sign from God that you’ve learned everything you can from that person, right
And if I do let you go and we’re meant to stay friends aren’t we eventually going to find our way back to each other?
Or should I hold on, on this one-sided stretched rubberband of ours
and try to fix something that might not even be broken in your eyes
Chris Lazzaro Feb 2019
Wandering under
woodland leaves,
my mind confined
to winding suture lines.
Paths of pink nerve tissue
cherry blossom trees,
dendrite branches wave
in a heavy breeze.
Myline bark, an axon stump,
rooted contents of my skull
continuously growing,
a tangled plexus of
neural connections.
Twisting, turning,
a knotted blockage.
Pathways, rippled in roots,
a crossing synaptic stoppage.
A suffocating strangle,
choking corpus callosum
decaying mangle.
Branches atrophy,
shrivel and scar.
Root terminals suffer
hormonal harm.
Forest trails quick fainting
when lost in overthinking.
Haikel Azizie Jun 2015
I care for you,
Because i love you.
I care for you,
Because i dont want anything bad to happen to you.
I care for you,
Because you are very essential to me.
I care for you,
Because i dont want to lose you.

But being too caring,
Becomes controling.
Becomes overprotective.
Becomes overthinking.
Becomes overreacting.

But be worried.
When they start to not give a **** about you,
Everything is gone.
Because i did.
Nisha Mar 2019
Words have a lot of combinations
Combinations that can be translated differently
A compliment could turn into an insult
Words hurt but only mentally

Conversations seem like routines
Questions racing though my mind
The answers making me more anxious
Overthinking the scenarios that could cost me a friend...
NM Mar 2019
The art of creating problems that do not exist.
Been doing this a lot lately. ):
Deb Jones Sep 2017
Don't overthink me
You were lonely for a companion,
To share your hopes and dreams

And you thought of me
Because you liked me well enough

You wanted a woman to sleep beside
You wanted a mate for the rest of your life

And you thought of me
Because you liked me well enough

You were worried I would pick someone else soon
That your time would have passed

You were anxious about who
Was going to be there for you

And you thought of me
Because you liked me well enough

You were troubled
You didn’t even know why.

I could see you clearly.
It didn’t take much insight

You have talked yourself
Into thinking of me as yours

Just because I have been here for years
Because I have been here for you

Doesn’t mean I want you inside me
Doesn’t mean I want to lay underneath you

It just means I love you
And I am your friend.

I made you feel like a man
When the world was trying to unman you

Please don’t make me want to hide from you now.

Don’t pour unto me all that you need
I can't be that person for you

I am your friend
Just let me be a good friend again.

Your feelings for me haven’t changed.
What you feel is the same caring you have always had

Don’t overthink me…..please.

Let me be your friend again
To a friend that I love
Travis Green Dec 2018
She says that I'm overthinking small
situations and turning them into complex
equations, a mountain of igniting dungeons
beyond infinities, a labyrinth of swelling
light flickering without energy.

I gaze at the unfiltered alliteration in her
one-dimensional shape, the split derivatives
diverging towards a square of stained

My mind is the light source that transcends
destiny, a wall of mirrored depictions
aligning with my soul.  I am a critical thinker,
and I shall live in this realm forever.

— The End —