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ok okay Nov 10
I'm no longer falling
Now I'm falling in love
ok okay Nov 9
Stone cold
The words you spoke
But you didn't even know
And no one else seemed to either
Is where my mind was
But no one ever asked
And now it continues to drift





Into the depths of my favorite fantasies
And the border of my dullest nightmares

I fear myself like I fear the empty midnight sky
No stars to connect
No friends to create
Just an empty abyss
Its nice at first
The peace
And the quiet
But the quiet never leaves
Until its too loud to bare

I don't write disorderly
I just write how I feel
And right now I feel messy
My mind is as messy as the words before me
But they are words nonetheless

I want to impress people
I want to show how great I can be
I want to love myself like how others love me
Through all this pain and hurt
It will shape who I am
And I will be better for it
ok okay Oct 16
My thoughts get lost when we kiss
Let us travel to infinity
We can hold hands through the mist
I will write you
And hold you
We can pretend time does not exist
When the stars appear in the sky
Just know I'm thinking of you
Because I'll never forget the night
We held hands under the perfect starry view
ok okay Sep 23
Sometimes my mind wanders
Into the depths of your eyes
I feel my heart quicken
As if I have come back to life

With lips like yours
Who couldn't resist
Not a thought on my mind
Except I think we should kiss

When you smile
And laugh
For not a reason at all
I know I could stay with you through all day and nightfall

The way you look at me
With such beautiful eyes
Makes me so happy
To be alive
ok okay Sep 1
Long ago my teacher said
'You a daydreamer'
My mind would leave this land
However, not long after my mind found it all too much

For many years
I would pretend
As if it was all okay
As If I never cared
But hatred grew
And love fell apart
A shallow mindset
Made an empty heart
I'd wish that life would come to an end
It would hurt too much to think again
Overtime my mind started to change
I started to smile
I cried again

When I look back at what my teacher said
I think maybe that's not so bad
To travel through time
To be famous
And loved
To never have to leave

My ink will tell you stories you would never believe
ok okay Aug 28
As somber as a faulty street light
This chill has never felt so numb
I walk at nighttime through empty streets
And daydream about days yet to come
The stars prove that although lonely
We are truly not alone
With lights like these to watch over me
I can easily say 'I am home'
ok okay Aug 23
I think so much
But I have dreams too
Of beautiful romance
And skies made of infinite blue
Times unknown become gradually new
The clustered thoughts fade
Until they are just about you
I can be the words to your smile
Together we can make our dreams come true
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