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ok okay 1d
I live beyond the street lights that beckon in the midnight sky
Past the tar roads that turn to gravel when afar
Above the raging waterfalls that can turn your mind astray
Through the lovely meadows where lullabies lock your heart away
Above the empty mountains that call upon to be found
I live where nothing is
I exist within the clouds
ok okay Jun 25
He lay upon a bed of thorns
Soft words escaped his lips
'I wish to awake from this horrid abyss'

The moon allured his sight
Into the depths of night
Waiting for sleep
While darkness creeps
Slumber had never felt so warm
Sombre were the stars
The moon forever mourns
ok okay Jun 19
I think we are falling
Time has long since gone by
The clouds are all leaving
Blue has eluded the sky
This world is spinning
But I'm lost in your eyes
ok okay Jun 11
I saw her looking out the window
Searching for brighter days
It would be all so easy if it all just went away
The clouds have been complacent
They can not seem to decide
To rain or shine
Or to waste away in time
ok okay May 27
Lost in a hurricane
Her words were so torn
Distorted was her vision
She was growing horns
Her reflection found a puddle
But her likeness looked away
Ugly as the impending clouds
Life had never felt so grey

Eyes stranded in the center of the storm
Breath no longer warm
I could have sworn
She was dancing in the sun yesterday
Now she lives in between a storm
One final wish before she disintegrates
'I wish to be reborn'
ok okay May 15
Vivid green grass
A hollow day
I am stuck looking down
Her eyes await
Birds singing lullabies
Lost in a daze
This city is burning
We will become ash one day
Maybe I should look up
To see your face
ok okay Apr 19
I have not found peace for a while
Even when it rains
My hands still shake
I am not scared of the world
I am scared of myself
And the complexities my mind faces
Dreams are no longer my solitude
They are horrors that leave me no escape
I can find chaos anywhere
Even beyond your brightest smile
Below my feet from where I tread
The soil grounds me and consumes my  voice
Sometimes thoughts feel so close
Yet words feel so far away
And so silence becomes my misery
Freedom seems too abstract to be true
Maybe I am just too harsh on myself
Or too selfish to this world
There is beauty here
Beneath the stars
We do not have to look so far away
When my heart beats out of my chest
I must remember that everything will be okay
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