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ok okay Sep 14
His eyes never lie
That's why he always looks at the sky
ok okay Sep 3
With absence in his mind
A ghost was stuck in time
Raindrops were his tears
The empty mirror was his fear
He was not dead
Nor alive
He had not lived
Nor had he died
ok okay Aug 30
Decaying and forgotten
The daffodils have turned rotten

His hollow mind
Too young to be left unseen
He sees the twisted horrors
That no one else seems to see
They exist where no one wants to look
In the corners of our smiles
And the coldness of our breath
The twisted horrors drive him insane
They push him to the edge

Decaying and forgotten
The daffodils have turned rotten
They lay
No life to display
One time they stood tall
And now they are one with their shadow
Maybe he will fall too
Becoming one with his shadow
Or maybe he just needs to dream..
havent posted on here in ages, been on insta a bit..
ok okay Aug 26
Words unlock the gateway
To the deepest thoughts of our mind
ok okay Jul 14
Fervent with every breath
I adorn the heart from which it led
Your sticky lipstick
A dream come true
I adore your fervent love
And I love you
ok okay Jul 6
Remember to breathe
There will be plenty of time to not breathe when you are dead
Tried to make a lil funny but try?
ok okay Jul 6
Sometimes all I have is thoughts
As if my soul had dissipated
And my body ceased to exist
No words can explain this feeling
This feeling of feeling nothing
But there must be something right?
It is just waiting to be found

For, I was found
By a smile bright as day
My nighttime eyes had to adjust
To realise love had come my way
The thoughts never used to leave
Recently things seemed to have changed
Not just the seasons
Or the tides
But the way that I express pain
Sometimes it is so hard to express yourself in a way that is both beautiful and true. But I tried.
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