Daniel 3h
I only smile when the drugs kick in
I'm not happy
I just think I am
Daniel 5d
If I **** myself
Does it make me a bad person?
Or does it make me a good person for realizing how bad the world is
just a thought, maybe i could help making the world better, but i don't believe in fairy tales.

I need an answer
Daniel 5d
For every breath you take
A flower blooms

In the day it opens its petals
At night it's blessed by the moon

Each flower
Trapped by its stem
Longs for a bee

True beauty comes not in the color of a flower
But its desire to be seen
Haven't written a poem like this before.
Daniel 6d
True beauty comes not in the redness of a rose
But its desire to be seen
Daniel Nov 30
If there was an off switch to life
Some people wouldn't hesitate to press it

When people tie a noose
We have time to think about the consequences
We all want to die sometimes. The idea is if we could switch our bodies off forever, in certain situations we might do it. If we use rope or go to a bridge, use a blade, etc, we have to think about what will happen to people around us as a consequence. We also fear the failure, whereas a switch would be instant and 100% successful. Contemplation is everything.
Daniel Nov 23
If every sin was counted
**** would be overcrowded
Daniel Nov 21
Do rhetorical questions serve a purpose?
A rhetorical question to explain its own meaning, make sense. Yes/no?
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