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ok okay May 7
Lonely little leaf
Flying alone in an autumn breeze 

Amber where it was once green
Its changed in ways that can't be seen

Will it be let to lay 
Or fly away

I hope it will be with the stars one day
But most likely it will just fade away

Just like everything else
We all decay
Fly away
ok okay May 7
Under the shelter of the bewitching midnight sky
I lie in bed and wait
No colour is here
Only the light from the moon
It seeps through the blinds and the curtains in my room
Sleep waits for my guard to let down
Only problem is I never want to let anyone down
So, instead I let my thoughts consume
Who else let's there mind consume.
ok okay Feb 22
Where did the colour go
The words on this paper just show black and white

All I see is outlines on this path that I walk
Without you
The colour has faded
It feels endless
Until it is no longer
The beauty of life
Is that nothing can stay
One day I will be breathing
And the next my body will decay
ok okay Feb 3
Over the ocean
Miles away
By the stiff jagged rocks
Where the wind never stays
Stands a beautiful woman
Who looks out by the sea
With bright gleaming eyes
I wonder what beauty she see's

Over the ocean
Miles away
I will be with you shortly
To share a wonderful day
ok okay Jan 27
And when your brain starts to falter
Just sit by your altar
I like to alternate between something missing and
My heart seeps through
No blood is enough to do
What should I do
Im so confused
I hear words that were never used
I see thoughts that I wish I could not view
What is life
If life is always blue
ok okay Jan 23
The only thing worse than silence
Is being utterly alone
ok okay Jan 9
Those perilous gleaming eyes
Left me stranded staring back
As if I were soon to drift away
In a dream where we lay hand in hand
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