Daniel 2d
Days merge into weeks
Weeks merge into months
Months merge into years
years merge into...

Days merge into

It will be gone soon
Daniel 4d
Get the fuck out of my head
Stop telling me I wish I was dead
Please just let me rest for a while
I can't listen to the same tunes all night
There's only so much lil peep that can help me cope
Let me go..
Daniel 6d
The popular cherish their own
They bloom in a crowd
They love all that is all
Except those who contrast

If you don't have friends
You are a no life
You are a loser
You are a mistake
You are a fuck up
Or at least that's what they say

A day in a high school can cause a lifetime of pain
As the popular grow
The different rot away
fk highschool, worst place ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Aug 11
Thinking about thinking stresses my brain
It topples my rationality and drives me insane
I think that everyday is the same
Repeat and repeat and hope for some change  
To think that we live a whole life before we can die
Makes my mind contemplate if its worth pulling through
One day we will become nothing and be replaced
We will become part of the past and leave the present day

No more thinking about thinking
No more pain
humans think too much
Daniel Aug 9
Truth is a rarity in this present age
They say words tell 'alternate' truths
But they really tell lies

They lie to the neighbors who live down their street
They lie to the people who they will never meet
They lie to friends
They lie to their family
They even lie to those who they've married

The life of a journalist is rapidly changing
They once told the truth in all of its glory
Now they lie tell lies and make up their own stories
Daniel Aug 8
Sanity is like perfection
Each word shares a common misconception
Sanity is what we call normal
Perfection is how we view the greater world
Idealism led to these terms to stay
As the ‘sane’ conformed it led the ‘insane’ astray
It led the ‘perfect’ to rise and the ‘imperfect’ to fade

Although in truth these terms prove false
Yet they pester the mind and agitate the soul

To be sane is to be abnormal
To be perfect is to be impossible
Daniel Aug 8
Time seems slow when young minds play
Time feels long as young minds age

Time seems fast when old minds slave
Time feels short as old minds age

Time goes on and ignores old pain
Time looks out for no one and let's no one stay

Time corrupts young minds and fastens change
Time let's the poor die young and let's the rich die of old age

Time is infinite or so they say
Do you think time will come to an end one day?
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