Daniel 13h
Come with me
I'll take you into the darkness
We can pretend we are happy
No more pain and anxiety
You can be the light
I'll be drawn to your attention
We can pretend we know whats real
And take turns coloring imaginary roses
You can have my heart
Attached to a chain
I'll never leave your side
Together we can go insane
Daniel 1d
Murky clouds laced with tears
Hollow hills from across the land
Empty fields left in the past
Lonely trees decay into the abyss
A happy world ceases to exist
The world is lonely
Daniel 3d
Sitting on the edge of reality
I sip my cup of tea
And observe humanity
  4d Daniel
The red rose on my chest
shows the life that I left.
So much love I wanted to give,
it was my reason to live.
But thorns were caressing me,
loving and hurting me,
leaving scars on my skin.
I covered them in darkness
and tried to smile
but kept screaming within.
Forgotten, unloved, broken...
a dying heart.
Now everything that's left of me
is this red rose on the chest
of a frostbitten soul.
Daniel 5d
Turn the lights out and I will pretend I am fine
Tell me you hate me and leave me to cry
Make the pain go so I won't go insane
Let me die young so I don't die of old age
Daniel Oct 4
Blank ink on the walls
In a house far away
In a room in the dark
He silently waits
No pen in his reach
He writes with his mind
Tells stories of his birth and the day that he died
Nobody listens
Nor do they care
He used to cry in the rain
Now he cries inside
Daniel Sep 29
Everyday he wandered a fragile path
A path Scarred and neglected
It ended abruptly
This was the type of path he knew best
The end of the path opened to a great escape
With no crossing for miles
The vast road offered an instant death
Cars sped past with no remorse
Everyday he watched but couldn’t pull through
He told himself ‘tomorrow I’ll be released’
If only he knew

Every night he dreamed of death
To live alone would be his only regret
His dreams were vivid and were soon to come
Just not in the way he once thought it would

One day it all changed
The boy found a true love
He smiled and forgot why he hated himself
A new path he followed
With a girl by his side
Finally he felt happy and no longer wanted to die

During the night
He no longer dreamed of death
He dreamed of his future
Too bad life is unfair

The following day offered many opportunities
The boy walked his new path with his utmost dignity
The path wasn’t neglected
It didn’t end abruptly
The path opened to a crossing which was new to his area
Who thought this would be the place where he got run over
Life is unfair
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