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ok okay 1d
It was so utterly calm outside today
The weather was lacking
And the sky was grey
No rain or sun
Maybe the sky was feeling numb
Although sleep will come
Flickering lights
The TV knows night
Eyes seduced by its temperament
Out goes my light
ok okay Oct 7
She lay with roses and daffodils
With hair that grew wild
Each curl made me smile
But every cut made me tear
I did not think this day would be so near

Her wrists bled deep
And were as red as the roses
She was beautiful
But she was gone
Her deathbed was a flower bed
Now she hears all the birds songs
okay im kinda obsessed with flowers and death. its not that weird oke O.O also this will be part of my book, so yea if anyone is interested msg :)
ok okay Oct 4
We stood hand in hand by the meadow up the hill.
It was almost as if time stood still.
I wish this dream would never end.
So our love could flourish with our flower bed.
I said ‘please don’t leave, I love you so.’
She replied ‘I love you too, but now I must go’
this is part of a book i am writing
ok okay Sep 24
Pitter patter
Nothing matters
Each raindrop sounds the same
Pitter patter
You will not remember
In time everything will fade
rain rain don't go away, i wna sleep.
ok okay Sep 18
A meadow made for lovers
Between nowhere and forever
Beneath the fragile stars
We spot fireflies and share our most inner thoughts
Silence is the greatest sympathy the earth gives
I can only wonder what we will dream about
Tonight this flower bed will be ours
imagination is fun  !
ok okay Sep 15
Its not my scene
But it will be tonight
The vibe is buzzing
And the lights are alive
Yet everybody seems dead
Like zombies in the spotlight
ok okay Sep 11
Black boots
Black dress
Black eyes
Black hair
But you bleed forever red
Let us be forever..
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