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Juverine Wan Oct 2018
You ask me why I left
well here's why.
It's because I realized that
my life is mine.

Maybe you think I'm selfish,
well aren't you too?
You said we would support each other
but nothing was ever true.

You had your dreams,
and I watched as they grew,
I guess I forgot,
that I had dreams too.

You said that I'm selfish,
but maybe it's because you didn't understand,
that in a relationship,
it's not about being in the upper hand.

You said that I'm selfish,
it's because you failed to see,
that even someone like me,
had things I wanted to achieve.

Maybe that's why I left you,
maybe I was wrong,
Maybe I should've told you,
that I wanted to be strong.

You say the past is in the past,
yet you want to start all over again,
I agree that the past is in the past,
but I'm sorry, this is the end.

I've found someone else,
and I hope you do too,
someone who wasn't as "selfish" as I was,
someone who can sacrifice for you.

We all have a soulmate,
I once thought it was you.
But the tides have passed,
the sun has set,
and nothing can be reset,
because I've found someone new.
Ouch. I hurt myself while writing this.
Juverine Wan Mar 2018
I don't know how many times I've used this word,
Not that I really care
Sometimes I use it too often
Sometimes I don't even dare

I don't understand it's complexity
I can't get around its simplicity
Saying it alone is odd enough
It makes me feel quite queasy
Juverine Wan Mar 2018
You say you love her,
But does love last a minute,
Stop lying through your teeth,
You know this is *******.

You say you need her,
Yet you "forget" to call her back,
Stop lying through your teeth,
It is a heart that you lack.

You say that you don't mean it,
Yet you do it again today,
Stop lying through your teeth,
I've stopped believing in what you say.

You say you're sorry for everything,
I see the sincerity in your eyes,
You've stopped lying through your teeth,
Yet my heart has already turned to ice.
Juverine Wan Mar 2018
of better things
of lovely things
of saddening things

of Him who I wondered
ever really loved me
or did it mean no more

of the life that was not mine
the life I left behind
the life I could not find

of something I do not deserve
yet yearn for
with no reserve

of things so harsh and deep
the ocean swallows me whole
and into quicksand I seep

of the life I thought I desired
of the life I was inspired
but never became reality

of better things
that became worser things
That became dangerous things

Of things I don't understand
Yet yearn for
What nonsense, I am.
Juverine Wan Mar 2018
Just last night Someone was feeling down
Someone came to me
Someone did not know me
Yet Someone trusted me

Someone told me her troubles
and though I did not know
the pain Someone was expressing
The pain Someone did not show

I carried on with Someone
I talked to Someone as a friend
I boosted Someone's confidence
I let Somone vent and rant

Someone thanked me with happiness
Someone called my words beautiful
So now I wonder
Who was it that consoled who?
Juverine Wan Mar 2018
I'm living for
all the love in the world
All the love you're giving me
All the love I'm receiving.

I'm living for
all the love in the world
The love they're looking for
The love they're needing.

I'm living for
all the love in the world
The love they're expecting
the love they're never receiving.

I'm looking for
all the love in the world
The love they're hoping for
the love they're living for.

I thank you for
all the love in the world
The ones I wasn't expecting
The ones when I wasn't looking.

I'm praying for
all the love in the world
The ones that are coming
and the ones that are hiding.
Juverine Wan Feb 2018
I believe that you're telling the truth,
I believe you when you say,
You're not talking to me,
Because you're busy today.

I believe you all the time,
even when we fight,
Because no matter what we went through,
I always believed you were right.

I believe you when you're smiling,
The background noise fades out,
Those eyes so calm and glistening,
But the voices continue to shout.

I believed you all this time,
and yet when I thought we were fine,
I look into the mirror,
And realise we've already lost our time.
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