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Jade Nov 2016
It's transcendental on another level,
You're my lucky star,
Want to walk on your wavelength,
and be there when you vibrate,
For you I'll risk it all
Jade Jun 2016
You walked pass me
In every brilliant corner
In every beautiful manner

Every step is diamond,
Pouring compassion,
To the skinny hearted humans,

Treasure is the thing,
The new kindness that you bring,
Hope is in every morning,
To be as good as you, charming
Jade Jun 2016
Such a beautiful dance,
Make it through my windows,
Windows to hearts and flowers,
Until I realised,
It's just a theatre
Jade Aug 2015
If making you understand is the only way out,
I'd rather just blast off my head with a rubber balloon bazooka,
I  wonder  if  it's  ever  existed
It will be a never ending story.
I wonder if this even a poem :p
Jade Aug 2015
I use a tracing paper on your face,
I trace it with my heart,
I portray it with my eyes,
I looked upon every angle,
With glittering patience,
Those intense inclination,

Just to make sure,
My tiny brain wouldn't ever,
Ever forget you.
Jade May 2014
stops at the isle of gold lane and haze
holding her head up whine and gaze
that haughty look wander in space

on a bench across the street
intense perplexity
under her clouds
in a dark city

pouring arrogance
egocentric maiden
fear her own imperfection

"She's in manufacturing business"

"What does she manufacture?"

Jade May 2014
get to hold onto this
Lit up the summer
till the glory in winter
woke up
on the same bed
teeth was dry
music was my guy
heart and klef treble floats
moods and rhythm
unite in throat
vague to obvious
words and biases
heart potion
Embrace me
quell the flare
harmony in the air
bliss in my day
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