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Victoria Ruth Apr 2018
We met in the trees
Dappled with sunlight
Our own little world
Not another soul in sight

This mysterious forest
Our own little world
Whistling wind whispered
Silent leaves swirled

Our own little world
Like a castle to a queen
All it’s enchanting promises
Only by us could be seen

Illuminated by the sun
Reflecting my pearled
Wondrously exciting is
Our own little world.
Victoria Ruth Apr 2018
Twinkle twinkle little bar
How I wonder, where you are?
Make me feel oh so high
Like a planet in the sky

Twinkle twinkle little bar
How I wonder, where we are?

When the feeling goes away
When I beg for you to stay
Then all I can see is black
Twinkle Twinkle, take me back
Twinkle Twinkle little bar
How I wonder, where you are?
Victoria Ruth Mar 2017
A conversation with my love on my anxiety:

"I'm afraid of everything"
"There's nothing to be afraid of"
"Even my fears have fears"
"Your only enemy is you my love"
"I cannot help but shake"
"I'll catch anything you drop"
"I cannot help but cry"
"Each tear that falls I will stop"

I look down.

"I know you're rehearsing replies"
"But my thoughts are all over"
"You must lighten your mind"
"You've got great composure"
"Baby quit being so insecure"
"I can feel their eyes on mine"
"They're only admiring you"
"It sends chills to my spine"

He tilts my head up.

*"There's nothing to be afraid of"
"But darling I'm so afraid"
"They're people not monsters"
"It's my instinct to evade"
"Soon this will be behind you"
"My heart is beating fast"
"Inhale, exhale, breathe slow"
"It's no use I'm an outcast"
Victoria Ruth Nov 2016
I lay in bed listening to the rain
Falling against my windowpane
Soothing but still I cannot sleep
All I can do is think and weep

I wonder when did I get like this
Constantly thinking of those I miss
Worrying about how I’ll end up
Draining the coffee from my cup

It’s 2 AM now I think think think
Further into myself I sink sink sink
My bed is cold and filled with tears
I Feel like I’ve been awake for years

Insomnia has gotten the best of me
My eyes are open, but I barley see
The world is fuzzy through my eyes
Each night another piece of me dies
Victoria Ruth Aug 2016
another night has passed me by
another boy to write about in ink
this stories not unique although
we did **** on the bathroom sink
as for talking we did none of that
just locked eyes until we knew
that within the next few moments
you were for me and I was for you
hand wrapped around my neck
forcing me to beg and pled for air
hand caressing down my back
reaching to the end to pull my hair
your lips kissing me slow then fast
as if they taunted me like a dare
and those ******* wide eyes
made me weaker with each stare
when I finally came to my senses
get dressed and lit my cigarette
your eyes no longer matched mine
instead they filled quick with regret
I knew then this night would pass
you'd be the boy I write about in ink
because I never got the courage
to ask you what you really think
Victoria Ruth Jun 2016
your hand around my neck
tries to keep me from breathing
pushes my heartbeat to slow
leaving me begging & pleading

your lips caress my body here
makes me feel like screaming
tingles being sent all over  
finding it all quite pleasing

your eyes lock with mine
creates the feeling of dreaming
staring at the sweat drip down
feeling the breeze of freezing

your mouth says sweet words
thought up with out meaning
they disappear in the morning
and you leave my heart bleeding

your looks send dopamine
through my body while believing
at first you'd want to stay
but looks can be deceiving

your memories teach me lessons
of a love I won't be receiving
I'll remember you like the others
but know all poisin is miss leading
Victoria Ruth May 2016
You’re in love with danger
I could see it in your eyes
It’s your underlying charm
That took me by surprise
Five minutes is all it took to
Move my glance to your lips
Your hand had already drawn
Closer and closer to my hips
They wrapped around slowly
Then quickly pulled me in
I reach toward your collar
Touch my fingers to your skin
You dove in and kissed me
Making me feel so pure
I wanted every part of you
And of that I was sure
You backed your head away
Flashed a devilish grin
Grabbed my hand tightly
Forcing an angel to sin
I followed you into the street
We dodged the passing cars
I held you as you stumbled
You had taken too many bars
When we got to the car
You had your hand on my lap
Whispering sweet in my ear
I always knew it was a trap
But it was your temptation
That dragged me inside
As a prisoner you held me
Not freeing me unsatisfied
So I let go of everything
Gave it all up to you
But you had an agenda
I was just something to do
When I woke in the morning
And turned my head
You were smiling asleep
Next to me in bed
I escaped your arms hold
Walked to the window pane
Found it to be sprinkled
With lines of your *******
I reached across for my pack
Lit myself a cigarette
Stared out at the sunrise
Full of sadness and regret
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