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archwolf-angel Feb 2022
approached the world
with all that was left of me
with the scars on my back
and the light within

in this little backpack
the lessons i learnt
the mistakes i've made
the promises of tomorrow

time flew by
and it's almost... longer scary

the scribbles in my book
i will hold dearly
so one day they may turn into art
for the world to see
archwolf-angel Nov 2020
Lost, exhausted and afraid
She was enticed with the idea of dancing with devils  
But they pulled her off the ledge
And now she is in her own spotlight
Ready to dance to her own rhythm of life
archwolf-angel Nov 2020
Give me a second
To take another look
For me to remember
That smile lit so beautifully under the moon

Give me a minute
To refresh another hug
For me to remember
That scent that makes me feel at home

Give me an hour
To hold your hand
For me to remember
That touch that wants me so much to be there

Give me a day
To create memories
For me to remember
The times we spent together, in thankful laughters

If you could give me a lifetime
To love you
I won't have to sit in this corner
Trying to remember
All the good things we had
Because we will always be able to stay
In those times
For it will be in our own hands

But now it is all too late.
Because now you are gone, and there is nothing I can do about it.
archwolf-angel Nov 2020
the words whispered
the walk done
the hope held, gone

the waiting
the anticipation
the wish upon a shooting star, faded

the moon stopped shining
and it stopped soothing
the sounds of the song
feathered away

my hands cold
no longer yours

from the day you left
all was gone

... i just took a little too long to believe it

so now it's time
to let go
because I should have known that you were never coming back.
archwolf-angel Nov 2020
The silence of the night
So calming and soothing
The company of the moon
Magnanimously comforting

The coffee goes cold
Under the strong wind from the fan
The movie plays
As my mind gears run

Trying to read
But I can't stop thinking
Many different scenarios
Playing out in my head

My life
Flashing before my eyes
My words
Rushing into my fingertips

My identity
My person
My love

Is this me?

I hope so.
When life runs too quickly when you least expect them too,
I forget how quiet nights like these can be so calming.

Even if I can't stop thinking.
archwolf-angel Nov 2020
In the inability to understand
Stands a thousand wishes
In the palms of one's hands

In the swift of fate
Stands a beautiful surprise
With no explanation

In the hands of warmth
Stands an overwhelming feeling
With emotions and smiles

In the hues of your eyes
Stands a place of comfort
With my hand in yours
Thank you for taking my hand in yours.
archwolf-angel Nov 2020
It's the calm after a storm
Yet afraid
Because of the breeze you are taking in
Oh so gently

It's the sigh of relief
The finger crossing
And the little wishes upon stars
That it stays this way

So that I could sail on this little boat
With this little wind
Cuddling me
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