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Dom Bobek Feb 2018
What is this ?
Another week gone by ?
Through every low
and every high ?

Can I have a week,
just normal ?
Not start off in heaven
and end in **** ?
Or is this eternal ?

The rollercoaster of life,
never stopping.
Through joy and strife,
always rolling.

I've seen heaven
and I've seen ****.
Sadly, I'm stuck in this seat,
so finely tucked in..

I'll see it again,
week after week.
Always moving,
but stuck in one place.
Dom Bobek Feb 2018
No more order,
I've lost the reins,
losing control,
from all the pains.

External, internal,
it's all the same.
Doesn't matter on whom
you put the blame.

Giving in
to this madness,
'cause it feels
better than sadness.

Anger feels
better than pain.
Even if some
teeth have to rain...

Don't have a reason to live.
But don't have a reason to die.
Plus all these lows
Are making me high.
Dom Bobek Feb 2018
Overthinking, I love you so.
Overthinking, I won't let you go.
Overthinking, you're breaking my heart.

Overthinking, you're making it hard.

Would you kindly
leave my embrace.
I could use some

******* space.

Not freeze in time
everywhere I go.
Overthinking , I love you so...
Dom Bobek Feb 2018
The cycle forever renews.

Getting sick of being happy.
Getting ill of being sad.
Getting tired of being high.
Getting high off trying to die..

It's so weird.
I don't enjoy happiness anymore.
I enjoy it as much as sadness.
But sadness feels so horrible ?!
My mind descends into madness.

Just a short step,
it was never far.
Always on the edge.
how did my life get so far ?

I thought about death
and it thought about me.
Then I thought about life,
how I wish I was free..

Imagine a place that you've never seen.
Is it good ? Is it bad ?
Mine was terrible.
Is that where I'm going ?
Where my descend stops ?
Is this madness ? The death of mind ?
Or is it numbness, the death of heart ?
Could be both, could be neither.

Maybe I'm just tired.
Dom Bobek Feb 2018
Where there was pain, there is nothing.
All this struggle went into nothing.
In my future there is nothing.
What caused this nothing?
Heart? Just nothing.
I feel nothing.
I'm nothing.

Dom Bobek Feb 2018
Just another day,
wish ***** would
make it go away.

But ***** doesn't work this time,
guess I'll have to bear more time.

The time I've lost is a burden,
feel like a ghost, just passing through.

A ball and chain around my neck.
Ever closer to the edge of the deck.

Give me a sign,
not to **** time.
Just a little glint, 'cause
of hope I'm real skint.

A reason to live,
the smallest thing.
But please something !
Not much more to give..

There are reasons a plenty, all around you.
The birds, the songs, the sky so pretty,
be it blue or any hue.
The beautiful stars, there's so much to see,
feel and taste too, so go where you want to be,
but don't listen to me, you know it too,
not everyday is of the colour blue. :)
Dom Bobek Feb 2018
Time we ****,
for a little love.
Sacrifice friendships,
for a little love.
Money dies,
for a little love.

Distances traveled,
otherwise untraveled.
Things we'd never do
now seem terribly inviting.
Love makes the world go round.
Makes people seem blind.
It makes the strong weak
and the weak strong.
Lives destroyed, lives saved.
Lives created by love untamed.
Just a little love is all it takes...

Imma travel the world,
search for feelings untamed.
Hoping that in the end,
I won't remain a man unchanged.

But love's a jungle, I'm telling you.
At every corner, hides something new.

Beautiful but deadly,
with treasures a plenty.
Skeletons just the same.

Don't trust your eyes,
for it makes you blind.
Don't trust your heart,
for it, love is divine.

Only trust that quiet voice,
lost inside your head.
Never underestimate
the advice that you get.
IF a treasure you find,
still pay it mind.
The voice will say,
if your heart touch it may.

There are treasures a plenty,
for everyone to find,
but there's just one for you,
so pay the others no mind.

And that's why so many get lost in the jungle...

Its beauty unmatched,
its dangers horrendous.
And still I'd go through it
for an adventure endless.
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