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Jade Mar 2019
Step 1-wake up
Step 2-get up
Step 3-show up
Step 4- think about how no one will give a **** if you complete step 2 and 3 while struggling to accomplish step 1.
Jade Mar 2019
I don’t want to be dead
But dieing
would be less painful then existing
That’s what you don’t get.
I don’t want your attention
With all my scars
They are there because
I got to a point where
It was so painful
That it didn’t hurt
And life was just a mess of words
And you were not even a thought
Because I was empty
And those scars
They fill with red
To bring me back
I do no do this for you
I do not do this for attention
I do this because in the moment
I would rather be dead
And Every time I fall into this moment
They get deeper
And I fear that next time
I may not wake up
Jade Mar 2019
I’m really scared
Im loosing it
My fragile mind
Slowly bruising it
I think too much
Overusing it
it’s my fault
But I keep doing it
Jade Feb 2019
Do you love me?
The hand print on my arm say you do
Do you love me?
The bruises on my body say you do
Do you love me?
The loss of air as you squeeze my throat means that you truely love me, right?
The black eyes means you love me
The death threats do as well
The namecalling and insulting means you love me, right?

Which means you love her too
So when you touched her,
I didn’t move
As you hit her
I didn’t flinch
As she bled
I didn’t falter
As she choked through breaths
I stood still, stayed silent
And as the life from her eyes left
I walked away.

Because that’s just what love is...
Jade Jan 2019
Thy wind doth cause chaos
Thy brain doth cause it too
Thy sky dost do many things
Thy mind dost think them too
To be honest I’m not even sure what this is
Jade Jan 2019
I’m jealous of the way they have your attention
I’m jealous of the way they smile with you
I’m jealous of the way they laugh
I’m jealous of the happiness you give them
I’m jealous of they way people make you a person
I’m not jealous of someone
I’m jealous of something
Something they have
Jade Jan 2019
I can feel it choking me
The plea for silence
The pain forced into my head
The the firey grip in my chest
A hand over my mouth
The constant swatting at my eyes
They go everywhere
The tears soak through my shirt
They run down my cheeks
I tilt my head
They create a new route to smother me
But what ever happens
Those quiet fears
I am allowed to cry
But only silent tears
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