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Jade 2d
I’m jealous of the way they have your attention
I’m jealous of the way they smile with you
I’m jealous of the way they laugh
I’m jealous of the happiness you give them
I’m jealous of they way people make you a person
I’m not jealous of someone
I’m jealous of something
Something they have
Jade 5d
I can feel it choking me
The plea for silence
The pain forced into my head
The the firey grip in my chest
A hand over my mouth
The constant swatting at my eyes
They go everywhere
The tears soak through my shirt
They run down my cheeks
I tilt my head
They create a new route to smother me
But what ever happens
Those quiet fears
I am allowed to cry
But only silent tears
Jade 6d
I feel like a blank canvas
And everytime I think of something to paint
I second guess it
Till I no longer like it
I feel empty
But everything that could make me feel whole
I shut out
I feel broken
But I can’t fix it
So I’ll just stare into the darkness
Hands over my mouth
Because no one is allowed to hear me cry
Jade Jan 14
Dark curly hair, swirling brown eyes, flawless face, perfect features.
It was beautiful.
But like all beautiful creatures it was caged and tormented.
Tested and abused.
Till finally it was internally broken and scared.
Now it’s considered normal.
Interpret as you will, feedback is greatly appreciated as I’m only just starting to write
Jade Jan 14
I’m not saying I want to die
I’m only saying that no one would care if I did
Jade Jan 14
Why do I feel the need to write
When I have no ideas
No inspiration
No thoughts
Jade Jan 14
I used to want to be a scientist
Now I maybe wanna make it to tomorrow
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