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K Apr 2020
oh baby,
the thing between your legs
is a honey dripping factory
K Mar 2020
if water is referred as beauty
then you are an ocean
K Mar 2020
i guess i will never have coffee without thinking of you,
for every time you will make one you would make sure to ask me if I want a cup of it too
K Mar 2020
she kept on haunting my 3am thoughts
and my 3pm daydreams
K Mar 2020
sure, there are a lot of infinite dimensions
but i am with you in this one
so why would I try to find them?
K Mar 2020
you are the stillness amidst my madness,
the one who cease my storms.
K Mar 2020
you are a mix of witty and serious,
and of laughter and opinions.
you are mostly calm but sometimes an over thinker,
like a spoonful of sugar with a dash of salt.
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