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Nisha Jan 2023
A world of lies and pretend
Adults who act like children
Children being more mature than adults
Being told driving is a necessity when it kills the most
Having to build credit because the money we earn is useless without it
Money being the root to all our problems but it can't make us happy
We're all going to die one day and we're told to work for the rest of our lives instead of enjoying it
We live in a world of hopelessness
Still recovering from writers block but here I am
Nisha Oct 2022
A block in the mind

A wall blocking all creativity

A blockage interfering one's thoughts

A writer of soul and passion

A holder of the pen that creates

A person with a unique way of combining words

A blocked writer...

Nisha Oct 2022
Enjoying your company despite my distaste for other people

Smiling and giggling even when I just had a bad day

Smelling your scent on me keeps reminding me of you

Feeling scared that one day you'll disappear and I'll lose this bond between me and you

Thinking that hopefully we can make this work because I always think the worst

Loving someone is foreign to me but deep down I know I've always loved you

Admitting that is stretch for me however I hope you can see my sincerity

Coming to you in all transparency and hopefully in your heart there's love for me
Someone told me that "love is around the corner" and hopefully their right.
Nisha Oct 2022
Forbidden fruit left untouched
Longing to be tasted
Casted aside, undevoured

Wishing it will soon be desired
Ripe and prepped
Waiting to be feasted upon

It's efforts are forsaken
Neglected and yearning
Unsatisfied with insatiable thirst...

Nisha Sep 2022
Picking up the pieces
To put myself back together
My worth just the same
But my spirit is fractured
The pain can't be measured
But my suffering will never be forgotten
Lonely yet surrounded by people
So many options nonetheless I remain lifeless
The whole world in my hands and still I feel so empty
Left to pickup the pieces
Nisha Sep 2022
My thoughts tormenting me
Thinking of the worst to come
How long until I fall apart
Slowly losing myself
Discarding my hopes and dreams
Succumbing to the numbness
My worst fears tearing me apart
Soul crushed and mind bruised
Pondering on what I should do
Stuck in the void that is my mind

Wandering thoughts to pass the time
it hurts to know that my thoughts are what hurts me the most
Nisha Aug 2022
Thought of but never spoken
Hushed voice losing focus
Thinking back to the words not said
The effect of those words whether good or bad
They were meant to be heard and never forgotten
Speak your truth and voice your concerns
Not many get another chance to be heard
Lift your head, face your fears, and let your conscience set you free
Speak those unspoken words...
RIP those unspoken words
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