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Nisha 3d
Constantly repeating myself
Having the same conversations over again
Listening to every word they say
Knowing they won't be listening to me
Talking to walls
Wishing for someone to hear me
Waiting to be acknowledged
Hoping to finally speak to people again
When talking to my family it never feels like a real conversation. Talking to them is like talking to a wall.
Nisha 3d
Waking up coughing
Not breathing
Throat closing
Choking as I gasped for air
Here I am again...
Another restless night
Not being able to breathe
Just thankful that I'm still here
I hope one day that it doesn't happen again.
  Nov 22 Nisha
We see life as we were told,
Obstacles in our path may be fiery or cold!
We don't know, what the future holds?
We just write as the moments unfold,
Taking leads from new and old,
We keep writing until our eyes get closed,
Because we never know, when the writings are going to turn into gold...
Fiery here refers to hot...
Tried another flow of rhymes... And some thoughts of mine too😅
  Nov 9 Nisha
She is an ocean of all her emotions
so quiet and peaceful from above ;
her feelings so deep
but no one knows when she weeps.

She flood others with love ,
and never let other sink.
Her tears make her salty ;
and still she makes others happy .

She always bounce back like the wave
and wipes out her all problems
just like the waves do .
She is an ocean , no one can make  her finite .
Nisha Nov 5
A roof over my head
My own room with privacy
A job to keep me afloat
Money to remain stable
A bed that keeps me warm
Clothes that cover me
A family to go grow with
Food that leaves me full
A neighborhood to explore
The world to travel
An educational institution that challenges me
New knowledge to absorb
A healthy lifestyle
Free from sickness
A full life ahead of me
Time to fulfill my dreams
define a what a good life is to you...
Nisha Nov 3
I feel you fading away
Your presence drifting further away from me
Leaving a void behind where you used to be
Reminiscing about all of our time together
Wondering how we've strayed from one another
Losing hope that we could ever get back the time we lost
Never saying the words that I really wanted to tell you
I felt you fade away
My bestfriend and I haven't spoken in so long but I knew that are time was over. We were growing older and growing apart.
Nisha Oct 28
Feet huring but it will all be worth it
Telling white lies because I refuse to forfeit
Not ashamed of what I've done, we're all imperfect
Saving up cash for my family so they can be sorted
I hope this rhyme will be easy for you to interpret
Started being selfish because I deserve it
Short and simple :]
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